Sun in Aries in all houses

In vedic astrology Sun is exalted at 10 degree in the sign of Aries. Sun is powerful between 5 to 15 degree in aries. Beyond 15 degree sun is still strong as it is the sign of exaltation of sun.

Sun in Aries makes a person hardworking and goal oriented to reach the authoritative position. It also shows that father of the native is also in a high position or in an authoritative position. The native loves to take leadership roles and have great leadership qualities. The native gain confidence by leading other people. They do not like mediocre success. They are confident and self motivated to take their role. The native should not be too much authoritative about his position. The father of the native instill good virtues in the person. These people can get benefit from government and politician. The native loves politics.

The position of Mars impact the sun as the sign Aries is ruled by Mars. If Mars is debilitated the person may lack confidence and self esteem . The nakshatra on which sun is placed will also impact the influence of sun on the native. The result of sun will be impacted by position of ketu if sun is in ashwini nakshatra which is ruled by ketu. In Kritika nakshatra sun will be in its own nakshatra and in bharani nakshatra position of sun will be controlled by the position of Venus.

Now let’s study sun in aries in all houses:

Sun in Aries in first house/ Sun in Aries in 1st house:

Sun does very well between 8 to 12 degree. It creates a rajyoga and panchmahapurush yoga as trikona lord is in ascendant. The self confidence and leadership qualities of the person develops too quickly. The relationship and reputation of father rises after birth of the native. The person always tries to develop, understand or improve themselves through education, children. As a father , they get recognized and their status rises. The person takes leadership roles in life and extremely creative. The person will be recognized for achievement and leadership roles. The person becomes too satvic if Sun is at exact 10 degree , the highest point of exaltation . They want to develop ego through public service. They will always do the right things in life. They love praises from romantic partner. Their aspect on 7th house shows dominating relationship with others, spouse and business partner. They can dominate through children, education or they can us their childlike charming personality to dominate others.

Sun in Aries in second house/ Sun in Aries in 2nd house:

There can be ego battle with father or one may be separated from family at early age. The person can be a good officer.The right eyes of the person is weak but if saturn conjunct or aspect sun than both eyes of the native are weak. Paying off father debt, the career of native will rise. The native wealth increases while dealing with government. They can be great eye doctor/ healer/surgeon. The source of income/gains comes by defeating enemies. The person will start saving money from age 25 or they start increasing debt. Your father earning comes from foreign or distant place. Father loves fire rituals or sell candles. It is a great placement for service/ loaning money. They can be high tax payer. There can be issues with father and government.

Sun in Aries in third house/ Sun in Aries in 3rd house:

The person can have a lot of ego in marriage. The communication with spouse is aggressive. The spouse and native has ability to inspire and motivate each others. Generally they don’t have younger sibling but if they have, communication with siblings suffer. With age communication gets better as Sun is in third house which is a upachya house. The father in law can be in government or in authoritative position, and can be a father figure in native’s life. Father may love cars. Father in law can be connected to authoritative figures , politics or government. Father in law can be a shaman too.They can be well skilled in mechanical things, civil engineers, medicines. The person can have a great skill to be historian as they can bring a lot of information to others. They have a confident speech.

Sun in Aries in fourth house/ Sun in Aries in 4th house:

As sun is exalted, the person attains wealth of mother and mother also attains a lot of land/ asset. Mother can have tremendous ego. You can be home sick or dependent on mother. Home can be made of wood or home can be surrounded by wood. There can be a well in house. The person can be very much fascinated by vastu shastra or feng shui. There can be ego clashes between parents in terms of responsibility. The person can collect gold and mother can be a healer. The person can have affair with married people. But sun looses directional strength here that shows that early part of life especially till 40 the parents may control the native.

Sun in Aries in fifth house/ Sun in Aries in 5th house:

It forms a lakshmi yoga which is a yoga of knowledge, wealth of knowledge. It shows their first or third children can be from their own ancestral lineage. The person learns spirituality and wisdom through children. The guru can be a father-like to the person. The person can travel for higher education especially technology sector. The person can get strongly involved with government . It can shows a good character of the person. Father can be in government or in the field of law administration or father can be principle of school. The person can get favor from government . The person can be good at speculative business like stock market. The person gets technical education. The person can be an expert in mantras or create their own mantras. It can delay the significance of children may be after 30.

Sun in Aries in sixth house/ Sun in Aries in 6th house:

The person loves to serve others through leadership or humanitarian activities. The person can work for long hours. They can be part of politics. Father can instill highest qualities and advise to have balanced ego. Father can be in authoritative position or serves the society.

Sun in Aries in seventh house/ Sun in Aries in 7th house:

The person loves to do business with authoritative people. The native gains from spouse and spouse can overpower the native. Spouse can be very ambitious. Spouse can be very opposite to you and the spouse can always be about himself/herself and less about sharing and compromise. There can be ego battles with spouse and spouse can be a manager or in authoritative position. The spouse can have highest ambition and ego of the individual depends on other people. The person can have late marriage. The person enters in relationship when they are 25.

Sun in Aries in eighth house/ Sun in Aries in 8th house:

The person can find vitality and confidence in the most dramatic or harsh places. One can rise in life suddenly with their own support. The person is self aware of their weakness. The native can be extremely intelligent and can come out of problems or obstacles of life. They can travel suddenly to foreign places. They like to be alone or isolated. The person is secretive and can have secret relationship. They can be hard to figure out these people. The father can be a government spy or travel to foreign land for work purposes.

Sun in Aries in ninth house/ Sun in Aries in 9th house:

The person can travel to experience different culture through teacher and father, their personality develops through higher education. The person wants to take over the legacy of father. The person can find himself in higher institution in authoritative position. The person wants to fight for the righteous path. The person feels like guiding people. The person can have ego battle and conflicts with father or teacher and they always feel themselves most deserving than others. They want to compete with their gurus and always want to supersede them.

Sun in Aries in tenth house/ Sun in Aries in 10th house:

The person is born in family of politics or father can be in respectable position. The values of the person can be very strong, the fame rises through lineage or wealth of family. The person get fame and respect and gains more money. Relationship with father can be very good or bad depending on position of mars. the person gets benefit from government and bosses. The person can work depending on his/her beliefs. Here savings are more if people follow the right path.

Sun in Aries in eleventh house/ Sun in Aries in 11th house:

The person can be earning while working on his/her skills in large organization or humanitarian activities or through business and communication.

Sun in Aries in twelfth house/ Sun in Aries in 12th house:

Sun does well here and the person develops his/her ego in foreign land or isolated places. The person is spiritual and find happiness or ego in spiritual realm. They can have property in foreign land or it shows business in foreign land. This shows mother is very respected and guides the native in right spiritual direction.

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