Sun in Taurus in all houses

In Vedic astrology, Taurus rules the second house of family, family wealth, family assets, family values. Venus rules the sign of Taurus. Here is the detailed analysis of Sun in Taurus in all houses in Vedic astrology

Sun in Taurus

When sun is placed in Taurus, the person loves to accumulate wealth. From early age the native will be focused on how to make wealth or the business that can help him to build wealth. They are very good at wealth management and can be a good banker or finance analyst. They love to accumulate jewelry too. At the same time, they want to lead a luxurious life in every possible way. As Sun is father, it shows father of the native may be in a finance field or in wealth management or business.

The position of sun will be impacted by position of Venus. The nakshatra will also impact the position of sun. Sun in krittika nakshatra is in its own nakshatra. In rohini nakshatra, Moon will impact sun. In mrigashira nakshatra, the placement of Mars will impact sun.

Sun rules the fourth house for Taurus ascendant people so the energy of fourth house will be taken wherever it is placed.

Sun in Taurus in first house/ Sun in Taurus in 1st house

This is a good position for political career in homeland. They can have a pride and ego while speaking about their home and mother. Mother can take the role of father. At the same time, the native can have certain frustration related to mother.

Sun in Taurus in second house/ Sun in Taurus in 2nd house

They can have a good career in creativity. The native can be in ego battles with family especially father. There can be a dissatisfaction related to wealth and savings. Their ego develops once they are able to attain wealth through creativity.

Sun in Taurus in third house/ Sun in Taurus in 3rd house

They can attain confidence by resolving disputes related to communication and will power. S/he can work in government sector and may also deal with people of different ethnicity. Their work may also involve extensive travelling. They gain confidence by travelling or by resolving disputes through communication. They can also be unhappy with their daily work routine and may feel they are not getting enough wealth.

Sun in Taurus in fourth house/ Sun in Taurus in fourth house

It shows that spouse can be authoritative or egoistic. Spouse can also take the role of mother that can cause arguments at home. It also shows spouse can bring wealth to the native but the native is not satisfied with wealth.

Sun in Taurus in fifth house/ Sun in Taurus in 5th house

It shows sudden event impacted the education of the native. They can allso show less interest in romance. They are authoritative on their kids and love life. The position can also create ego battles with children. At the same time, they can be interested in research related work or secret activities that can bring wealth to the native.

Sun in Taurus in sixth house/ Sun in Taurus in 6th house

1The native can take Higher education in the field of finance. Person can work in government or private sector in authoritative position in the field of finance or debt. They can show authority over colleagues or in daily life. Father can work in same field too.

Sun in Taurus in seventh house/ Sun In Taurus in 7th house

This position shows that the native can dominate over spouse or business partners or other people, There can be ego battles in marriage but at the same time, they can be good public manager. They can manage people but they should be careful of their ego.

Sun in Taurus in eighth house/ Sun in Taurus in 8th house

They can be in research related field, detectives or can also work in tax or revenue department. Their ego can be crushed at early life but they gain confidence while going through all ups and downs.

Sun In Taurus in ninth house/ Sun in Taurus in 9th house

They gain confidence and ego when they successfully handle higher education, spirituality or wisdom. Either they can attain a Ph.D. degree or can attain highest level in religious or spiritual field. They can take higher education in the field of finance or wealth and can be working at far distant places. Father may need to suffer losses due to the native. There can also be ego battles with father or Guru regarding belief system or spirituality.

Sun in Taurus in tenth house/ Sun in Taurus in 10th house

S/he can be authoritative in career. They can be in authority position in govt sector, politics, court, jail. They do well in career and father can be guiding factor of career.

Sun in Taurus in eleventh house/11th house

Wealth comes from father or father like figure. They may not gain from elder siblings and relationship with elder sibling can also suffer. They can also gain from creative career.

Sun in Taurus in twelfth house/ Sun in Taurus in 12th house

They can get government job in foreign land or can work in MNC. They can also be diplomat or ambassador in foreign land. Father of the native can also travel to foreign land.

Any aspects, conjunctions can alter the results.

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