Sun mercury rahu conjunction in all houses in astrology

Sun mercury rahu conjunction in all houses in astrology

Sun mercury rahu conjunction shows that the person is born near eclipse time. When Rahu is in strong conjunction with Sun degree wise, it shows that Sun is eclipsed by Rahu. Rahu and Sun gels well with mercury. So the person becomes highly knowledgeable, communicative and intelligent. They can be egoistic by nature. They want public to hear them and respect them for their intelligence and can also have an unconventional way of approaching in education. At the same time, they can also go to foreign land for educational purpose. They can be good computer programmer, computer guru or technical analyst who can have good technical knowledge and skills if Mars aspects the conjunction. Here is the detailed analysis of Sun mercury Rahu conjunction in all houses in astrology

Signwise Conjunction

They are natural born salesman especially when the conjunction takes place in air sign and fire sign. They can lie while selling a product especially if rahu is in Scorpio, Pisces and are also attracted towards aviation. Father can be a great personality either in good or bad way. They can also have friends of different cultures and can also interested in foreign language. The person may feel tormented worried and can be hurt psychologically by father. They are also good at accounts, physics and can be psychopaths too. It can give a bad speech in second house. Father can also study in foreign place and lands. Father can be a scientist. In dustana house, it can also take people to other realm.

It also shows the person is born near the time of eclipse. As Rahu eclipse the sun, the person can have a low confidence and self esteem in early part of life or they can have super-inflated ego. It can also give a distant unusual relationship with father and siblings. The person may also prefer to communicate online. They may taste the success of life with certain delays that may be at later part of 30. They prosper more in foreign land or business related to foreign land/products and can be clever businessman. It can cause diseases related to nervous disorder. The person can exaggerate a lot. When mercury is between Rahu and Sun, it may result a person to speak a lot and sometimes they loose intellect while speaking.

Let’s study Rahu-Sun-Mercury conjunction in all houses

Rahu-Sun-Mercury in first house/ Rahu-Sun-Mercury in 1st house :

The person can be highly ambitious and egoistic. They may feel problem in choosing life path.

Rahu-Sun-Mercury in second house/ Rahu-Sun-Mercury in 2nd house :

The person can have a lot of wealth but may get separated from family due to ego and bad speech and conflicts with family members. If sun is weak and rahu eclipse both the planet than the person can have speech problems. It can also give speech problem if mercury is hemmed between sun and Rahu. At the same time, Rahu mercury conjunction can make one very clever but at the same time if mercury is hemmed between Rahu and Sun then it may give nervous related disorder or the speech and intellect of the person may suffer.

Rahu-Sun-Mercury in third house/ Rahu-Sun-Mercury in 3rd house :

They can be clever businessman and can be extremely courageous. They can have a weird way of communication with siblings or they may communicate online. At the same time, they are good in foreign or machines language . Mercury shows skills of hands, rahu is illusion and Sun is status and show off so the person can be a good magician and can also gain fame through magic. The person can also be good in movie editing and special affects. Aspect of Venus can help a lot in media and movie industry.

Rahu-Sun-Mercury in fourth house/ Rahu-Sun-Mercury in 4th house :

The person can have obstacles in basic education especially if the conjunction in Libra, Scorpio, Pisces. Health of father can suffer. There can be conflicts, disputes or property issues at home.

Rahu-Sun-Mercury in fifth house/ Rahu-Sun-Mercury in 5th house :

The person can have obstacles in education especially if the conjunction in Libra, Scorpio or Pisces. The person can be very creative. Birth of child can take place in unusual way or there can be an unusual way of raising child. The person can go for technical fields in college.

Rahu-Sun-Mercury in sixth house/ Rahu-Sun-Mercury in 6th house :

The person can be good at defeating enemies and will be willing to serve the underprivileged. But they may serve the society with hidden intentions.

Rahu-Sun-Mercury in seventh house/ Rahu-Sun-Mercury in 7th house :

The spouse can be very clever and dominating. The person may suffer from low or over-inflated ego while dealing with others or spouse. Marriage can take place in unconventional ways.

Rahu-Sun-Mercury in eighth house/ Rahu-Sun-Mercury in 8th house :

There may be some karmic or distant relationship with in laws. The person may gain or loose inheritance suddenly. The person may involve in illicit sexual relationships.

Rahu-Sun-Mercury in ninth house/ Rahu-Sun-Mercury in 9th house :

Higher education of the native may face obstacles. The person can gain suddenly from long distance travel.

Rahu-Sun-Mercury in tenth house/ Rahu-Sun-Mercury in 10th house :

The person may taste late success in career. Such native may attain success in career or confidence after late 30. There can be a lot of changes in job field. It can also give unusual relationship with father or loss of father.

Rahu-Sun-Mercury in eleventh house/ Rahu-Sun-Mercury in 11th house :

The person can gain a lot. The person can have very few network circles or they may have many friends who are very status oriented and doesnot fulfill the emotional need of the person.

Rahu-Sun-Mercury in twelfth house/ Rahu-Sun-Mercury in 12th house :

The person can be very spiritual and loves to be in isolated places. The person may get settled in foreign land but they may feel stuck in foreign land. At the same time, they can prosper in foreign land or may earn from business in foreign land.

Any aspects, conjunction will alter the result. The conjunction should be strong. The results will be strong only during mahadasha of either planets.

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