Sun moon conjunction in astrology


Sun represents our ego,confidence, soul, father, fatherly figures, government, authority, politics, creativity,leadership, heart, vital life force, Recognition, fame power, favor from government, success,prestige, enthusiasm,brilliance, royalty, name, fame, bones, souls, health.

Moon represents mind, emotions, subconscious mind, imaginations, local or state government, home, happiness, mother, breast, lungs, beauty, sensitivity, sleep, travel, pearl. silver,watery places, blood,masses, crowd, people , grains, fruits, soft/white objects, water, milk, immediate environment, Nourishment, Intuition.

This conjunction is just like a hot fire ball inserted in a water body, The result is steam. This conjunction leads to a person who is clear in his thoughts. As moon represents mind and sun is your ego shows that this person has a clarity of mind and can take the right decisions in life, They don’t have to struggle much and the decisions just flow by their own. It shows that the person is focused on his goal and ambition. As sun and moon are together in the same house it also shows that the person is born in a no moon day or in a day when the moon was not visible. this also shows that the person may stay away from mother either physically or emotionally that depends on the degrees of sun and moon. It also shows that mother may be very strict and the child lacks nourishment as sun may burn the qualities of moon only if they are in close conjunction.

This conjunction creates a powerful Rajyoga if it takes place in kendra or trikona house for Aries, Scorpio,Libra Ascendant Especially if this conjunction takes place in 10th house Sun may brighten the qualities of moon and it will give a good career in politics. This conjunction also shows favor from government as Sun and moon represents government.If the planetary placement is such that moon is weak, then relationship with parent especially mother will suffer, When moon is weak it also shows that father is dominating over mother due to which mother suffered throughout life. This conjunction looks for powerful partner especially man. This conjunction may also create stubborn attitude in an individual due to which relationships may suffer or it will create an individual who will always admire their partner. They are highly intuitive people because moon is intuition and sun is soul. The conjunction can give career in health care and teachings.

This conjunction along with benefic planet makes a person philosopher or sage bestowing him with fame and the native will be involved with home and happiness.
Now as the planet which holds the lowest degree has the greatest say.
If moon holds the lowest degree, the person may be introvert, pessimistic and he may lack  decision making skills because moon is a small planet compared to sun and this shows the foundation is weak. But moon comes out of Sun from the age 28 to 32. So the success of the person may delay when moon is combust or weak. It also shows dependency of mother on father. Moon will be weak in fiery signs like Aries, Leo, Saggitarus.
If Sun holds the lowest degree, the person will be confident and optimistic with a higher self esteem. He may have a good career and he may be in a government job. It also shows father will be dependent on mother.
In most cases Sun will win the conjunction as it is a huge mass of fire compared to moon.
As 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th are upachya house, the result improves with time.

Lets study the conjunction in all houses
Sun moon conjunction in first house:
In first house it can make the native wise with good decision making skills.
Sun moon conjunction in second house:
In second house , it gives birth to powerful family though relationship with family can be hampered.
Sun moon conjunction in third house:
In third house it can make one skillful and courageous.
Sun moon conjunction in fourth house:
In fourth house it can give one clear thoughts but mother may take role of father and relationship with father suffers.
Sun moon conjunction in fifth house:
In fifth house it can make one creative.
Sun moon conjunction in sixth house:
In sixth house it can make one defeat their enemies and get favor from government.
Sun moon conjunction in seventh house:
In seventh house it can cause problem in marriage.
Sun moon conjunction in eighth house:
In eighth house, it can help one to get rod of obstacles and give interest in occult mysticism.
Sun moon conjunction in ninth house:
In ninth house the person becomes religious, can also be a teacher, professor.
Sun moon conjunction in tenth house:
In tenth house, the person gets name and fame. S/he can be a celebrity and get favor from government.
Sun moon conjunction in eleventh house:
In eleventh house, the person works in large organization, can gain benefit from parents.
Sun moon conjunction in twelfth house:
In twelfth house the person can be spiritual but health may suffer.
According to hora shastra the conjunction in 8th, 10th, 11th house gives ones birth in a wealthy family.
Any aspects and conjunction can alter the result.

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