Transit of sun in vedic astrology- meaning and impact

Transit of sun in vedic astrology- meaning and impact

Sun is the brightest planet so transit of sun over any house illuminates the activities related to that house. Sun transit in astrology plays an important role in vedic astrology. Transit of sun in vedic astrology always gives result three and half degree before and after it crosses a certain planet.

For example if Saturn is at 20 degree so when Sun transit in astrology over Saturn Sun will give its actual result from 16.5 degree to 23.5 degree. Every day Sun transit 1 degree, so entire result will be seen within 23.5-16.5= 7 days.

Sun is a malefic planet, it will do good in upachya houses and at the same time, it may loose some of the significance of the house where it is placed.

Transit of Sun over houses in vedic astrology

Sun transit in first house:

The native will always be attentive but conscious about oneself. They will either be involved in physical activities like gym or the native may want to gain recognition in job. The Sun will also carry the energies related to the house it rules as per the ascendant.

Sun transit in second house:

Expenses may rise due to family matters or Sun may give conflicts with family members.

Sun transit in third house:

The native will be more communicative with relative and friends but if there is a bad relationship, some issues may happen with relatives.

Sun transit in fourth house:

The native pay attention or interact more with mother or repair things in house and they may purchase a new furniture.

Sun transit in fifth house:

They will be focused in education, children , speculative business.,

Sun transit in sixth house:

The native focus on competitive exams, health and the hidden enemies will get exposed. The native can overcome obstacles and they can also get a small pet.

Sun transit in seventh house:

The native focus on business, partnership, spouse and relationship.

Sun transit in 8th house:

The native focus on mysticism and spirituality. Sun destroys fears of the native and helps to see the hidden things. They also may need surgery or may go to doctor.

Sun transit in 9th house:

The native focus on higher self, philosophy, higher learning and solve issues of father.

Sun transit in 10th house:

They may get good opportunity in job and may deal with work issues of father. The native will also gain bold and confident attitude.

Sun transit in 11th house:

They can contact friends, focus on fulfillment of desires. There can be opportunities and marriage proposal too. Spouse will be more focused in children.

Sun transit in 12th house:

They want to stay secluded and isolated.

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Transit of sun over planets in vedic astrology

Sun transits over itself (Sun) :

The native feels more confident about themselves and wants to do something creative and new.

Sun transit over moon:

There is a great affinity for mother as moon brightens up and it will give an emotional connection with mother. They also will have clear thoughts and mind will get a proper direction. They may get many ideas.

Sun transit over mercury:

The native become more communicative and detail oriented. More attentions to siblings and friends.

Sun transit over Venus:

There will be sudden urge for getting into relationship. The person will also feel creative. They want to solve issues with spouse.

Sun transit over Jupiter:

Benefits from government, teacher, Guru, urge for solving issues with father or tehre may be issues with father . They want to learn something philosophically, religiously.

Sun transit over Saturn:

Reality check , interaction with uncles, come across old wise person. Someone on TV preaching about God. Something old can be replaced.

Sun transit over Rahu:

They want to create something new or break free of something or taboo. During sleep they may get dream of ancestors. They can be more confident and can be diving deep into illusion or illuminate illusion in life.

Sun transit over ketu:

They want to do something more creative in life, understand higher plane and can dig deep in astrology, mysticism. There also want to be isolated.

Health can be affected if the ascendant lord is Saturn or Venus or if Sun transits over ketu.

Transit of sun through kendra houses in vedic astrology:

1st, 4th, 7th and 10th are the most important houses in astrology. If Sun belongs to any of those houses, Sun transit over those houses can bring power related to those houses.

If the ascendant is Taurus, Sun being the lord of 4th house, transiting in Scorpio (7th house) can show travel as Sun is 4th from 4th house. There can also be some health issue of spouse but spouse will recover soon as 7th house is a maraka house. It can also show conflict with business partner.

Sun transit through dharma houses:

Sun ruling 1st, 5th and 9th house, transit of Sun going to give result related to the activities of 1st, 5th and 9th house. It brings fortune or wealth related to the house it is transiting.

It can also illuminates a person about his dharma. Also, if Sun rules the fifth house and transits in second house shows gain from speculative business, investment and stock market. It also shows gain from travel.

Sun transit through kama houses:

Sun ruling kama houses like 3rd, 7th and 11th house shows desires related to the house it is transiting.

If Sun rules 7th house and transits over 12th house shows the person can get a foreign connection or can go for a foreign trip with husband while transiting over 9th house shows creative expression of skills or publishing articles the native has written, can go for travel.

Sun transit through artha houses:

Sun ruling artha houses like 2nd, 6th and 10th house shows whichever house it transits it can also bring wealth related to the house. Transit over 2nd house and transits over 6th house shows that the native can get some loan related to the house.

Sun rules 6th house and transits over 10th house or 5th house shows change in job or promotion in job. On the contrary, if Sun rules 6th house and transits over second house through inimical signs it can give conflicts or health ailment in family.

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Sun transit through dustana houses:

Sun ruling dustana house like 6th, 8th, 12th house its transit can effect the houses it transits. 6th, 8th , 12th house represents the obstacles, diseases, accidents , transformation, jails etc.

So when Sun being the lord of 8th house transits in 1st house , it shows the native can face some transformation in life during that period or may face surgeries/ accidents if the native runs through dasha of malefic planets like Rahu, ketu, Saturn, Mars etc along with Sun or if Sun is hemmed with malefics during transits.

But dasha is the prime importance before concluding anything negative. Mars is mainly responsible for accident . Sun being 6th lord transiting in ascendant shows some illness of the native.

The native can also get into debt if Sun ruling 6th house transits in 2nd house. Sun being 12th lord transiting in 2nd house, shows expenses during that time.
At the same time we need to consider all the points mentioned in my previous article before concluding a transit. You can find it here.

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