The magnificent Saturn

The magnificent Saturn connects to black, blue or deep blue color often referred as Nilavarna. “Ni” means in or within. Ni also means rod of punishment and varna means color or nature.

Saturn is one who can make us submit. Even Vishnu and krishna are Nilavarna because in spirituality it is believed the finest consciousness is deep blue.

Why is Saturn present in our life

Saturn are the duties we next to perform regularly whether it is personal or professional. It also involves performing religious activities and meditation for spiritual purposes. Saturn also decides if we are good at taking responsibilities. Saturn is old and durable things.

The animal of Saturn is vulture or Crow. Vulture symbolizes greed and wherever greed arises, Saturn follows as Saturn wants people to be free from greed. Happiness and sadness both are experienced by us but it is important to know that it is pure past that created the present. It is is the force that make you work on your karma. Saturn purifies one through his movement.

Transit of saturn

Every transit of Saturn brings significant change in person life thus preparing him foe divine grace. No one can escape the wrath of Saturn. If the person never harm anyone, during Saturn dasha, the person would be bestowed with prosperity and happiness.

No one was able to escape Saturn even Shiva has to deep down for penance under the river Ganges for seven long years. To escape the gaze of Saturn you need to conquer yourself.

Saturn would always check your weakness and if there is any he would be ready to challenge you to overcome weakness.

Saturn is endurance and humility. You loose it when you lack those two qualities. The sade sati period of a saturn is harmful as Saturn challenge you with rough task.

Sade sati takes place when saturn occupies chandra lagna and either side of placement of chandra. Even sade sati of Saturn dasha bestows a lot of growth if the person is not involved in bad deeds. So finally Saturn is the karma of past, present and unforeseen future.

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Saturn- the one and only

Saturn is the only one planet that can control career, gains and income. Monda, kona, asita also represents Saturn. Saturn is the karaka of death and longivity which means that we need to sacrifice something to get something.

It means we need to die to truly live. It represents ascetic and helps to reach our goal in spirituality through actions like meditation.

Saturn is peaceful and pleasing, any mortals even immortal worship him as everyone related to relativity has to face consequences for every action. The magnificent can protect them from harsh consequences and he can also lead you to the path of heaven.

Saturn has the capability to roam freely in Suraloka which means heaven. In Jyotish Suraloka the zodiac sign from Sagittarius to Pisces. So Saturn is auspicious in Sagittarius and Pisces under the guidance of Jupiter. Saturn says the greatest wealth is humility.

Gentleness is not the term that pops up when we think about Saturn, it is the natural characteristics of Guru who moves and acts without disturbing the law. Saturn is also the planet that moves and acts without disturbing the law.

We hardly pray to Saturn for fulfillment of desires we pray for getting rid of misery. The misery is due to the clinging to things we donot need. Saturn ask to let go of things. At the same time, it rewards if we work hard. Saturn is the greatest giver too.

Mythology of Saturn

As per mythology even Ganesha and Shiva cannot avoid Saturn. The mythology of Shiva is already mentioned above. The mythology states after the birth of Ganesha all the Gods were invited for celebrations except Saturn . Parvati insisted Shiva to invite Saturn but when Saturn saw Ganesha his head fell and he was replaced by elephant head.

This story helps to understand the aspects of Saturn in astrology.

Wherever Saturn aspects we experience humiliating experience that smashes our ego and give rise to wisdom. And letting go ego is the most beautiful thing a human can experience ever in life because once ego dissolves it gives rise to inner awakening.

Saturn and our inner consciousness

The inner state is the supreme beauty of every individual. The more it radiates, the more the person gets inclined to humility, Saturn says that humility is the greatest wealth of a person.

Saturn and Sun in astrology has directional axis, Saturn is exalted in Libra and Sun is exalted in Aries.

Saturn is the lord of 11th house and Sun is the lord of 5th house.

Why they share directional axis even when they are enemies in astrology?

Because even though the light of Saturn is faint but the light of wisdom of Saturn bring is to the light of life . Sun represents life. Inner awakening is the light that can help to achieve the goals of human life.

Mandya is another name of Saturn. Mandya means drunk and intoxicated. Anyone reaching the epitome of consciousness can superficially feel drunk and intoxicated by bliss. Saturn is both movable and fixed as it rules both the sign Capricorn and Aquarius.

Negative attributes of Saturn

When Saturn is in ascendant, the native can be stern and cruel but the native needs to understand that Saturn wants people to be kind and rise above all sorrows and cruelty.

Saturn aspecting the seventh house can also cause problem in relationship. The native must understand that the difficult of retaining relationship would pass with transits and there is no need to be angry or greedy at that moment because anger diminishes the clarity of mind.

Saturn can also bring natural calamities. As Saturn is related to air, wind and its movement can bring storm, it can remove the illusion of worldliness. Saturn can cause disturbance in home, business and government.

Saturn rules the tenth house of status and fame at the same time the division in society which is rich and poor is due to Saturn. It arises due to calculated action though it was not the goal of Saturn.

Positive attributes of Saturn

At the same time, Saturn has many positive attributes but neglecting its rule can lead to catastrophic or dangerous consequences. Saturn can give leadership, splendor and beauty. Saturn has five components non violence, truthfulness, non stealing, celibacy, fidelity or non greediness.

The lazy side of Saturn can lead to untruthfulness and unkind. Saturn is auspicious when it is strong. Saturn can give immense wealth if we work hard towards our goals. Despite being movable Saturn is steady but not unstable or flinching.

So people with Saturn in Capricorn are successful business people. Honesty, humility and spirituality makes his cycle bearable and blissful. His grinding promotes good values and activities.

The spiritual path of Saturn is kindness though it is cold and cruel. So Saturn wants people to serve the needy and poor people. Saturn destroys the ignorance in people.

People with strong Saturn can be deeply committed to goals and they can face a lot of obstacles. But whatever they create finally would have a finite existence. As Saturn gives diseases and fear, it can remove the same too once we realize the truth of the world.

As Saturn represents collective consciousness and inner awakening, if everyone in society follows the law of being truthful, noble and honest than by the grace of Saturn everyone can enjoy the fulfillment of desires because Saturn can lead us to heaven.

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