transits in astrology

Transits in astrology

Transits in astrology

Transits are continuous movement of planets from one sign to another in vedic astrology . In cosmos planets keeps on moving and they move to different signs within days, months and years. Transits in astrology plays a great role.

When a transit takes place it plays an important role in triggering new actions in our lives. The planets related to dasha an individual is running plays an important role during transits in astrology.

There are various factors that needs to be taken into consideration while analyzing transits in astrology. Transits in astrology helps to calculate a particular time of an event- major or minor.

So lets assume that saturn is transiting in Sagittarius for Taurus ascendant, so if a person is running through dasha of saturn it can give long distance travel, higher education, gain from education and career as it is the lord of 9th house of higher education and 10th house of career.

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Guide to analyse transit

Dignity of planet

The dignity and nature of planet plays an important role during transit in astrology.

A natural benefic even if debilitated can give some good result during transit whereas a natural malefic even if it is exalted can give bad result. At the same time ashtavarga points given by the planet related to the sign plays an important role.


We need to always check the mahadasha and antardasha before analysing the transit in astrology.

So if someone is running through the mahadasha of rahu and sun antardasha then first observation should be Rahu and Sun position in chart.

So Rahu Sun can give too much ego, confidence and relationship may suffer during that period irrespective of transit of relationship planet like Jupiter and Venus.

Position of Saturn

Then we need to check the position of Saturn because whether we are running through the dasha or antarrdasha of saturn, the transit will impact us as Saturn is a very slow moving planet and it stays in a sign for 2.5 years.

Ascendant or moon sign:

After assessing the dasha antardasha we need to do the analysis from ascendant and then from moon sign. The primary importance goes to the ascendant or rising sign while analysing the transit in astrology.

Moon chart is important because it shows how we are feeling during the transit as moon is our mind.

At the same time we can also check transit considering the placement of ascendant lord and transit from ascent lord sign.

Suppose it an individual is Taurus ascendant, his ascendant lord is Venus. Now Venus is placed in 4th house in Leo so Leo can be considered as ascendant and rising sign. From there we can check the transits.

Karaka of planet in transit:

Every planet gives result based on the house it rules and the things it signifies or based on karakas.

Sun is the karaka of father, government, ego, confidence. For Aquarius ascendant Sun rules the 7th house of relationship. So relationship oriented activities will take place during transit of Sun in 7th house.

Signs in transit

The sign through which planet transit shows activation of activities related to the sign.
So if a person runs rahu mahadasha and rahu being in 2nd house in Pisces for Aquarius ascendant where Rahu is average.

Now Rahu transits through 6th house of Cancer , this shows the person may face debts, diseases and obstacles at home or there can be clashes with family and enemies can create problem for the native.

Now if Rahu is strong and placed in own sign of Aquarius then the person can win over enemies trickily.

At the same time , Rahu being the lord of 1st house can mold the personality of the native by changing his/her perception towards family/home or the native can suffer from some diseases. Rahu transiting over sixth house also shows cheating from home or family.

Aspects of planet:

The transit also activates the house it aspects. So, if Rahu mahadasha is running for a native, Rahu aspects 5th,7th and 9th house from itself so Rahu will give result for activities related to all those houses.

It will also come into effect along with karaka of Rahu. Again if many planets aspects a single house than activities related to the house will happen during transit.

Transit of planet over other planets:

Transit becomes highly powerful when the transiting planet overlaps the planets of a chart or of current transit. So suppose if a person is Aquarius ascendant, runs through Rahu mahadasha- Saturn antardasha.

Rahu is placed in 2nd house in Pisces and Saturn in 10th house in Scorpio. So when Rahu transits over Saturn in Scorpio, it can create stress in job field or the person may loose job due to several factors.

At the same time if Jupiter transits over Scorpio than Rahu Saturn will create stress in job but Jupiter being benefic planet, it can save the person from loosing his/her job . The transit will also impact the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 11th,12th house due to the houses ruled and aspected by Rahu-Saturn-Jupiter .

Relationship between planets transiting:

The relationship between planets involved in transit plays an important role.

So if Jupiter and moon transits together in a friendly sign in a person chart, it can give good events but if Saturn and Sun transit in same sign it can create stress related to the house it transits as Saturn and Sun are natural enemies.

Position of sign lord:

The position of sign lord in birth chart and transit of the sign lord should also be taken into consideration. So if Rahu is transiting over Scorpio we need to check the position of Mars and Ketu and also the sign its transiting.

Position of nakshatra lord:

The position of nakshatra lord. So if Rahu is transiting over Anuradha nakshatra ruled by Saturn, we need to look the position of Saturn too.

Navamsa :

Then we need yo analyse the navamsa chart to fully finalize the transit.

Ashtakvarga points:

Ashtakvarga points plays an important role. If Saturn and Jupiter gives weak points to a particular house than transit of Saturn and Jupiter can give negligible or weak result.

The highest point given by any particular planet to any house is 8 and lowest point is 0. So depending on the ashtakvarga points the result can be heavier or lighter.

Transit time of nine planets:

Every planet has different transit time. Here are the details

Moon- 2 days 6 hrs

Mercury – 23 days

Venus – approx 25 days

Sun- Approx 1 month

Mars- Approx 45 days

Jupiter- Approx 13 months

Saturn – 2 and half year

Rahu/ketu- 1 and half year

When mercury Venus or mars are retrograde they take more time than mentioned above.

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