Uttarphalguni nakshatra in vedic astrology

Uttarphalguni nakshatra in vedic astrology

Uttarphalguni nakshatra is the twelfth nakshatra of the zodiac sign in vedic astrology.

Signs and degree

The nakshatra (or star) falls within 26.4 degrees of Leo to 10 degrees of Virgo. As the majority of the nakshatra falls in Virgo, the nakshatra has mainly the characteristics of Virgo.

Aryaman, God of patronage, favor and kindness is the main deity of the nakshatra, the nakshatra lord in sun and sign lord is Sun in sign Leo and mercury in sign Virgo.

Meaning and representation

Phalguni means reddish one and uttarphalguni means the later reddish one or the later fig tree. The nakshatra (or star) is after stage of what Purvaphalguni nakshatra represents.

Purvaphalguni represents the front legs of bed or cot whereas uttarphalguni represents the back leg of bed or cot.

The nakshatra activates at the age of 9th, 18th, 35th, 45th, 62nd, 70th, 79th and 89th. So any planet in uttarphalguni nakshatra activates in those ages besides its planetary dasha or maturity.

Purvaphalguni nakshatra in vedic astrology


There are several mythological storiea on the nakshatra

One is about the birth of twelve sons of Aditi and sage Kashyap called as Adityas. Their names are Sun, Aryaman, Dhatra, Tvastar, Pushan, Savitar, Mitra, varun, Amasa, Bhasa, Vishnu and Shakra.

Another story says that one of the sage asked King Janaka how he runs his kingdom without getting completely indulged in wealth and luxury of his kingdom.

King Janaka asked the sage to light a lamp and to keep in focus that the lamp doesn’t extinguish while giving a round of the palace.

When sage returned, the king asked if he had seen the palace. The sage said that he was more into keeping the light of lamp and he was not able to notice the palace properly . King Janaka said same way he runs his kingdom.

Uttarphalguni nakshatra pada 1:

The first pada falls in Sagittarius navamsa ruled by Jupiter. So, they are ethical and seek a consultant job.

Uttarphalguni nakshatra pada 2:

The second pada falls in Capricorn navamsa ruled by Saturn. Hence, the focus is on organization ability and materialistic gains.

Uttarphalguni nakshatra pada 3:

This pada falls on Aquarius navamsa ruled by Saturn and Rahu. Hence, they love to do charity by making use of financial and intellectual charity.

Uttarphalguni nakshatra pada 4:

The fouth pada falls in Pisces navamsa ruled by Jupiter. So, they love to be philosophical and find right balance in everything.

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Interpretation of the nakshatra

Magha nakshatra is about aquiring throne, purvaphalguni nakshatra is about enjoying the pleasure of life whereas uttarphalguni is about working with all seriousness even after achieving success or everything.

Back legs of cot that shows to get back to work after taking rest represents the nakshatra

As the nakshatra is more into Virgo, such people are realistic and practical in life. They can handle all the details minutely and carefully. They are detail oriented people.

Purvaphalguni is about love and romance whereas uttarphalguni is about converting love to committed relationships. So the nakshatra is also nakshatra of marriage.

They can also be good at managing things and can do well in finance related business, they can be lawyers too.

The star can also be related to child birth and looking after home affairs seriously.

The star carries the trait of practicality, reality and seriousness.

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