Venus in Leo in different houses in vedic astrology

Venus in Leo in different houses in vedic astrology

Venus is all about love and it also represents the highest manifestation of love also known as divine love. Venus is beauty, desire, love, liquid money. It is the indicator of marriage, wife and girlfriend for a man. Here is the detailed analysis of Venus in Leo in different houses in vedic astrology.

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign and Sun rules Leo. It is the sign of creativity, love, being on stage. Leo is the sign of feeling like king or queen. It is also the sign of independence, confidence, ego and self esteem. It consist of 2 and half nakshatra: Purvaphalguni, uttarphalguni and magha.

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Venus in Leo

They are creative people who seeks appreciation and attention. They want to be the center stage of creativity and they want people to take notice of creativity. 

Their confidence depends on other people’s attention. In love life, they can look for partner who is equally creative.

On the contrary, this position can lead to ego battles in relationships due to which relationships may suffer. The person needs to let go of the ego to sustain the relationships.

The position of Ketu will impact Venus in Magha nakshatra. In purva phalguni nakshatra, Venus would be impacted by its own nakshatra. In uttar phalguni nakshatra, position of Sun will impact Venus.

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Venus in Leo in first house/Venus in Leo in 1st house

The person will be very beautiful and creative. They can be good actors and artists and can also choose their creative skills as their life path or career. They are also highly attractive.

Venus in Leo in second house/Venus in Leo in 2nd house

They have a very demanding wife and wife will be the best person in their life. The person loves to live life like a king. They also love to lead a royal life, and this will motivate them to work hard and earn more. On the contrary, the person may not be satisfied with the earnings.

Venus in Leo in third house/Venus in Leo in 3rd house

They will earn fame in theater, arts and drama and can take dynamic roles in acting and theaters. They have a very demanding wife who wants the best things in life.

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Venus in Leo in fourth house/Venus in Leo in 4th house

They are creative and become ambitious for fame, royalty, authority. They always want to serve others, but they also need fame while serving others. On the other hand, they are inclined towards interior decoration, making house beautiful and can achieve a lot of success through interior decoration.

Venus in Leo in fifth house/Venus in Leo in 5th house

The spouse of the native loves to be in limelight or in stage. Spouse loves to have all the royal things in life. At the same time, spouse is highly creative and can be a celebrity too. The native also loves to work in creative field like media, arts and entertainment. On the other hand, high expectations can impact their relationship.

Venus in Leo in sixth house/Venus in Leo in 6th house

The native loves to deal and fight for the people who are in relationship problem. Even in creative field like acting, they do a role of a relationship victim.

Venus in Leo in seventh house/Venus in Leo in 7th house

Spouse is very creative and wants all the fine things in life. The spouse also has a very high expectation in marriage. They want their spouse to treat them like a celebrity. This type of attitude of the spouse needs to be controlled or it can impact the relationship.

Venus in Leo in eighth house/Venus in Leo in 8th house

The person can face trouble in workplace especially by females that can lead to controversy and defamation. The native can perform secret acts to lead a lavish life. They can also have  secret affairs.

Venus in Leo in ninth house/Venus in Leo in 9th house

They are creative in arts and media world. They love travelling and can have spouse of different cultural background. On the other hand, spouse can be quite demanding. Either the spouse or native can be a spendthrift.

Venus in Leo in tenth house/Venus in Leo in 10th house

The person is creative and can earn wealth through creativity. Their creative work can attract public or masses and they always strive for fame and status in society. They get all the opportunity to lead a lavish life and can also get a demanding spouse. They can get fame, royalty in society through creativity, arts and entertainments and can also get an opportunity to be a celebrity too.

Venus in Leo in eleventh house/Venus in Leo in 11th house

They can have a pleasant and beautiful personality. They can work in large government organization as Leo represent government. Their entire focus is on earning and income. On the contrary, they can suffer in relationships and marriage.

Venus in Leo in twelfth house/Venus in Leo in 12th house

They are creative and can pursue creative fields. They can be center stage with career in movies and entertainment. On the other hand, they can be in relationship with people of foreign origin and can meet their wife in foreign land.               

Any aspects and conjunction can alter the result.        

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