Venus in Pisces in different houses in vedic astrology

Venus in Pisces in different houses in vedic astrology

Venus is all about love and it also represents the highest manifestation of love also known as divine love. The planet Venus is beauty, desire, love, liquid money. Venus is the indicator of marriage, wife and girlfriend for a man. Pisces is an water sign ruled by Jupiter . Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign that represents spirituality, isolated places, imagination etc . It also represents hidden talent, ability to work background, spiritual self, other dimensions . Pisces comprises of two and half nakshatra- purva bhadrapada, uttarbhadrapada, revati nakshatra. Here is a detailed analysis of Venus in Pisces in different houses in vedic astrology

Venus in Pisces

In practical life, Venus in Pisces can make one have unrealistic expectations in love life. They want their love to be 100 percent devoted. It is difficult for them to find true love in life. They are extremely creative as Venus that defines creativity is exalted in the sign. They always look for perfect relationships which is impossible in real world. Exalted Venus gives extreme wealth and wealth comes from creative and spiritual activities. It shows boundless love.

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Jupiter impacts Venus in purvabhadrapada nakshatra. Saturn impacts Venus in uttarbhadrapada nakshatra and in revati nakshatra, Venus would be impacted by position of mercury.

Venus is exalted in Pisces at 27 degree. Pisces is spirituality and Venus is love. So the highest form of love is devotion.

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Lets see Venus in Pisces in all houses

As 3rd,6th, 10th and 11th are upachya house, it improves with time.

Venus in Pisces in first house / Venus in Pisces in 1st house:

They are highly creative people and can achieve anything through creativity. They are attractive and have feminine personality. However, they can also serve others through donation.

Venus in Pisces in second house / Venus in Pisces in 2nd house:

They can get huge wealth from family, mother and family business. They have a great family environment and can have business related to conveyances. At the same time, they have great relationship with mother.

Venus in Pisces in third house / Venus in Pisces in 3rd house:

They have a divine way of speaking. They can get good name and fame in arts and they can also be in dramatic arts. In singing, they can be known for devotional songs. On the other hand, wife of a man can be highly emotional.

Venus in Pisces in fourth house / Venus in Pisces in 4th house:

They are unselfish and love to serve others. At the same time, they can gain huge wealth through serving others. Wife of a man can be working in NGO. The person has a divine relationship with mother and has great family environment.

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Venus in Pisces in fifth house / Venus in Pisces in 5th house:

This is one of the great position for love marriage. The spouse can be highly creative, spiritual and devotional who can guide others. It is one of the most pleasant relationship.

Venus in Pisces in sixth house / Venus in Pisces in 6th house:

They can be good veterinarian. They love to serve mankind and animals as they believe in serving god through serving the downtrodden and under privileged.

Venus in Pisces in seventh house / Venus in Pisces in 7th house:

Spouse can be from different ethnicity and marriage relationship can be very spiritual. Spouse is devotional, spiritual and extremely creative. The native needs to be practical in married life as they can have very high expectations in married life.

Venus in Pisces in eighth house / Venus in Pisces in 8th house:

They can be in finance related field. They can get help in their career through spouse and also have a great relationship with in laws. At the same time, they can have natural love towards occult, mysticism and love to serve people who goes through turmoils in life.

Venus in Pisces in ninth house / Venus in Pisces in 9th house:

They love to meet people of different ethnicity and love travelling. They can also have relationship with foreigner. At the same time, they are creative, spiritual and loves to read ancient texts and scriptures. They should also have practical approach in love and relationships.

Venus in Pisces in tenth house / Venus in Pisces in 10th house:

They can be extremely creative in movies, arts and media. They also have a pleasant relationship with colleagues. At the same time, they can meet their life partner in workplace and spouse can have foreign connections.

Venus in Pisces in eleventh house / Venus in Pisces in 11th house:

They can have great gains from network, friends and colleagues. They also love working in large organizations. Wife, female and friends becomes source of gains.

Venus in Pisces in twelfth house / Venus in Pisces in 12th house:

Their creativity is appreciated in foreign land and can bring great wealth. They can also have great career in movies, arts and drama.

Any aspects and conjunctions can alter the results.

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