Venus in different houses in Taurus vedic astrology

Venus in Taurus in different houses in vedic astrology

Venus is beauty, desire, love, liquid money. It is the indicator of marriage, relationship, wife and girlfriend for a man. Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus. It is the second zodiac sign and comprises of two and half nakshatra- Krittika, Rohini, mrigshira. Here is the detailed analysis of Venus in different houses in Taurus in vedic astrology.

Venus in Taurus

Venus is in its own sign so Venus can perform quite well in this sign. In this sign Venus provides conveyance, luxuries and comforts. They look for partner who can provide them financial security. They don’t care about the look of the spouse but what they care is financial security.

At the same time, they want finest luxury things in life rather than a loving and caring spouse. Love and feelings are secondary that can create stress in relationship. They should understand such relationships may not last long. They can be wealthy themselves and can work in wealth/finance/creativity related fields.

Venus in Krittika nakshatra would be impacted by position of sun, in Rohini nakshatra would be impacted by position of moon, in mrigshira nakshatra mars would impact position of Venus.

As 3rd,6th,10th and 11th are upachya house, it improves with time.

Now let’s study Venus in different houses in Taurus in vedic astrology

Venus in Taurus in 1st house/ Venus in Taurus in first house

They are all about beauty, luxury and comfort of life. They are beautiful and always wants to look beautiful. At the same time, they love to lead a lavish life. They may get diseases related to kidney and sugar but they get healed soon.

Venus in Taurus in 2nd house /Venus in Taurus in second house

It is one of the good position for Venus as planet of wealth is placed in house of wealth. The native desire a luxurious and lavish life. They can hoard wealth and can be in business related to finance field.

Venus in Taurus in 3rd house /Venus in Taurus in third house

The person can be extremely creative and earns from creative pursuits. Besides, they share good relationships with siblings and have a pleasant way of communication. They can also get wealth from wife and can do good in cinema, arts and theaters.

Venus in Taurus in 4th house/Venus in Taurus in fourth house

The person gets a lot of wealth from home and mother. The person has a beautiful relationship with mother. The native also loves beautiful home and conveyance and they achieve it anyhow. They can be interior designer and decorator. They can also decorate for function and festivals.

Venus in Taurus in 5th house /Venus in Taurus in fifth house

The person gains wealth through education. They are creative and love to be with kids. They also love to join acting school and fashion course. At the same time, they can do well in speculative business and movies, arts, media.

Venus in Taurus in 6th house /Venus in Taurus in sixth house

The native loves his workplace and they can meet their wife at workplace. They also love to be in service of underprivileged and loves to earn wealth through service and devotion.

Venus in Taurus in 7th house /Venus in Taurus in seventh house

Spouse is beautiful and can belong to a very rich family. They can also be in finance or beauty related business. Spouse will bring wealth and beauty after marriage.

Venus in Taurus in 8th house/ Venus in Taurus in eighth house

They are secretive about relationship and love occult and mysticism. They can also gain huge wealth after marriage and share beautiful relationships with in-laws.

Venus in Taurus in 9th house/Venus in Taurus in ninth house

The native can earn wealth through travelling. They value their higher education and travel to different places, meet culture of different people and collect information about religion and philosophy. They can also earn wealth through education, religion and philosophy.

Venus in Taurus in 10th house/Venus in Taurus in tenth house

The person gets interest in creative career. They can make their hobbies and skills as their career and the native has a great relationship with father. They can also gain a lot from father.

Venus in Taurus in 11th house/Venus in Taurus in eleventh house

They can be creative and gain from female network circle, friends, elder sibling, wife and mother . They can also have business related to conveyance like vehicles and fridge.

Venus in Taurus in 12th house /Venus in Taurus in twelfth house

They can have love affairs with foreigner or in foreign land. They can also be working behind the scenes like a director, editor of movies and cinemas. At the same time, they can earn wealth through creative endeavour.

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