Venus Jupiter conjunction in astrology

Venus Jupiter conjunction in astrology

Jupiter represents wealth, knowledge, Optimism, wisdom, family, celebration, children, marriage, education, spirituality, religious acts, life force, happiness, pilgrimage, Generosity, prosperity, law, economics, liver, respect, husband in women chart, counseling
Venus represents, luxury, comforts, conveyance, marriage, relationship, romance, wife in man chart, assets, love, semen, ovaries, music, dance, drama, abundance, jewelry, diamond. Venus Jupiter conjunction in astrology shows expansion of love, beauty and relationship in a higher spiritual level.

They look towards partner with higher knowledge. The person will be interested in arts and creativity. He will express it in the form of spirituality. They value relationships and share wisdom with partner. When the conjunction takes place in kendra or trikona House it makes a person very wealthy, as both planets are indicator of wealth.

But as Venus is the Guru of Asuras and Jupiter is the Guru of Devtas, Venus Jupiter conjunction can also lead to some dissatisfaction based on the sign.

The sexual drive in marriage will be seen by position of Mars. They are peace loving people who loves harmony and Generosity. They lead a comfortable, luxurious life and they are also religious and intellectual. At the same time, they have a strong tendency or desire to achieve respectable position. They are multi talented and are inclined to arts and creativity. They are attractive but the sensual side is controlled by jupiter. At the same time, they enjoy long life. When afflicted it can lead to loss of health and wealth.

Planets with lowest degree has the highest say.
If jupiter holds the lowest degree shows that a person is divine in terms of relationship and their creative self expression is in a massive way
If venus holds the lowest degree shows that they are all about sensual pleasure. Their ability to love us vast. But it will differ based on signs.

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