Venus mercury Saturn conjunction

Mercury venus saturn conjunction is a beautiful conjunction. They are very friendly to each other. And this days this conjunction is required as they are the kama triangle. As per kalpurush kundali, Mercury rules the third house, venus the seventh and saturn rules the eleventh house. Mercury is speech, friends, siblings, counsellors. Venus is significator of relationships. Saturn is work, discipline, organization, structure, old mature, wise. Saturn is a cold planet. So native with this conjunction will have working ability to be creative and work for creative pursuits. They are workaholic in presenting the creativity. The native can talk for a long time.

But as saturn is a cold planet they will talk only when they are close to you or if the other person has wisdom. They are very choosy about with whom to hang out. Saturn makes people reserve in communication. They are very articulate about speech in professional life. They are very blunt about what they want in business. It works best as entrepreneur. They don’t hope but work. In education they can pursue education in architecture, fashion or technology. This conjunction delays relationship/husband in life. But once they find their partner the spouse will be matured and dignified. There may be some heartbreak with this conjunction.

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