Vishakha nakshatra in vedic astrology

Vishakha nakshatra in vedic astrology

Vishakha nakshatra is the 16th nakshatra in vedic astrology

Signs and degrees

The nakshatra spans within 20 degrees of Libra to 3.2 degrees of Scorpio so it carries the significance of both the signs.

Symbol and representation

Vishakha nakshatra means opposite branches or two branches in opposite direction. Radha is the alternate name of the nakshatra that means delightful.

Forked branches or victory arch is the symbol of the nakshatra.

Vishakha nakshatra activates itself in 5th, 33rd, 37th, 39th,43rd, 48th, 49th, 57th, 60th, 66th, 82nd and 89th year of age.

Indra and Agni rules Vishakha . Indra is God of rains and Agni is God of fire. The lord of Vishaka nakshatra is Jupiter. In Libra section, Venus rules it whereas in Scorpio section Mars ketu rules it.

Moon in all nakshatras in vedic astrology


The main mythology story of Vishakha is the love story of Radha Krishna. So its given Radha as alternative name. Love of Radha was divine and selfless. She knew that her love would not work as she was already married to Anay, her love was based more on devotion. She was devoted to Krishna.

Interpretation of Vishakha nakshatra

1. Vishakha is a nakshatra with exaltation and debilitation sign. Exalted Saturn starts from 20 degrees of the nakshatra and debilitated moon starts from last 3 degrees of Vishakha in Scorpio sign.

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2. The nakshatra can give two different directions to anything attached to it. So, if the nakshatra is in tenth house of career, it can give rise to two different career.

3. As the nakshatra has the initial energy of scorpio, the nakshatra can bring dramatic changes in the person life and at the same time, the person can gain wisdom through the changes in life. Eventually, they incline to spirituality as they face many challenges in life.

4. The lordship of Jupiter helps them to be great counselor or advisers to others. So, they can be natural advisers who have counsel for any problems in life.

5. The symbol of victory arch shows that they are very ambitious and hence, determined to achieve success in life.

6. They are more of a counselor as a Diplomat or Lawyer but in Scorpio section, they are more of an occult counselors.

7. The nakshatra symbolizes victory or honored by people through victory arches. So, it is the nakshatra of achievements.

8. They are the devoted lovers as Radha was devoted to krishna. They can blind trust on their love, remain devoted throughout and their love is selfless.

9. They also focus on their ambition and goal.

Vishakha nakshatra pada 1:

The first pada of the Vishakha nakshatra falls in Aries navamsa ruled by mars. They are energetic, ambitious and focused on relationship.

Vishakha nakshatra Pada 2:

The second pada of the nakshatra falls in Taurus Navamsa ruled by Venus. They are focused on durability, endurance and success is likely.

Vishakha nakshatra Pada 3:

The third pada of the nakshatra falls in Gemini Navamsa ruled by mercury. They are single minded due to which they achieve their goal.

Vishakha nakshatra pada 4:

The fourth pada falls in Cancer navamsa ruled by Moon. The focus here is on emotional turmoil , how to overcome it as it is a very risky state of mind.

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