People born with Ashwini nakshatra

Ashwini nakshatra is called the star of transport. Symbol of ashwini nakshatra is a horse that denotes speed, vitality and strength . The term “ashwa” means horse and denotes muscle power and “meda” means supreme intelligence and wisdom.

Ashwameda together denotes yagna. The yagna is not only to achieve your desire, it is a psychosomatic process, soma of psychosomatic means moon. Soma is a sanskrit word. So it means yagna helping in inner awakening.

Ashwini nakshatra falls in the sign of Aries. It is the first nakshatra among 27 nakshatras. Ketu is the lord of Ashwini nakshatra. Horse is the symbol of Sun too and sun is exalted in Ashwini nakshatra.

At the same time, Mars, sun and ketu gets full directional strength in 10th house. Ketu also means dhwaja that means a flag and you put a flag in the zone of victory. Here is the nature of people born with Ashwini nakshatra

Nature of people born with Ashwini nakshatra

People born with nakshatra of ketu or moon sign always tries to complete their past life karma. It is a belief that such people are forced to come on earth to fulfill their karmas. So these people will always have a certain impulsiveness to reach a certain goal.

They can also be always good at certain things. Ashwini nakshatra is the most rajasik nakshatra in the entire zodiac.

Ashwini is a healing nakshatra as it tries to quickly heal the past life karmas. So such people are natural healers. They can always come up with solutions to any problems.

The word ash means to reach, gain, penetrate, to enjoy, wini means speed of light, so those people arecalways in rush. They are great beginners of a project but they may not be able to finish it.

There is always a lack of fineness in the nakshatra. Ashwini mars are always youthful and they can be good healers. They also have good psychic ability and are good healers.

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