Moon in all houses of Dasamsa in vedic astrology

Moon is mind so it is important to know the position of moon in Dasamsa. Here are the details of Moon in all houses of Dasamsa.

Moon in first house/ Moon in 1st house of Dasamsa

The individual will be emotionally attached to their work. Their work can involve travelling a lot and comfort at work is required for them. Their work requires freedom and independence.

One can also be obsessed with work. They can also become very eccentric with partnership. But with Saturn moon conjunction, they can be very committed to their work.

Moon in second house/ Moon in 2nd house of Dasamsa

The individual will have a polite speech in career/ workspace and can also communicate a lot about food in workplace. They can bring value from their life into career and may also need to deal with hidden politics. On the other hand, they are reluctant to take loan, debt/ other people money for work purpose.

Moon in third house/ Moon in 3rd house of Dasamsa

They love travelling for work and like to take care of colleagues. They can also have emotional connection with colleagues. Communication is part of their job.

They can work away from their birthplace but can also fight with mentors.

Moon in fourth house/ Moon in 4th house of Dasamsa

Fourth house represents private space at work. They have hidden emotions in workplace. At the same time, comforts in work is very important for them.

They enjoy working from home and can be too emotional in workplace. One can also have bosses with opposite personality. If there is no malefic impact on moon, they can find comfort and happiness in work.

Moon in fifth house/ Moon in 5th house of Dasamsa

One will always wants to nourish their subordinate or colleagues. They always wants praises and can also have emotional connection with colleagues. They can also face lot of accusation from network circle and can bring food for people at workplace.

Moon in sixth house/ Moon in 6th house of Dasamsa

The individual can be very detail oriented and occupied in workspace. They may also need to deal with obstacles and hidden agendas. They can go to foreign land and are introvert in nature in workspace.

Moon in seventh house/Moon in 7th house of Dasamsa

Relationship wih co worker/ bosses in professional life can impact the health of the individual. They love to communicate with people in workspace. Individual can show interest in business. There can be certain ups and down in work pressure at workspace.

Moon in eighth house/Moon in 8th house of Dasamsa

They can be fluctuating in terms of communication with colleagues in workspace and can also be related to research related work. They can have issues with savings of income and also loves to know the psychology of the colleagues.

Moon in ninth house/ Moon in 9th house of Dasamsa

They can have an emotional connection to teacher, mentor and bosses. At the same time, they can also take advise from mother if they have no mentors in workspace and may enjoy travelling due to work.

They can get support from people in other organizations and love to go for higher position. But, they can have a karmic relationship with co-workers .

Moon in tenth house/ Moon in 10th house of Dasamsa

They can travel constantly for work and travelling can bring fame and reputation in workspace. They can also be psychologically impacted by mentors in workspace either in good or bad way and can gain suddenly in workspace. Happiness in work comes when they start dealing with people.

Career will do well with blessing of mother. Food for co-worker and bosses can improve the career.

Moon in eleventh house/Moon in 11th house of Dasamsa

They love to organize events in their organization. They can be emotionally connected to senior colleagues and can gain from wisdom and knowledge. On the other hand, they may not do well with people working under them.

Moon in twelfth house/ Moon in 12th house of Dasamsa

They can look for solutions outside of box . They prefer to travel for work and are creative at work. At the same time, they love to be isolated at workplace and may not perform well with team.

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