Moon in different houses of Navamsa in vedic astrology

Navamsa chart is one of the important divisional chart. Navamsa chart is the analysis of ninth house of birth chart and shows the second half of life of the individual or life of the individual after marriage. Moon represents mother, emotions, home, peace of mind. Here is the detailed analysis of moon in different houses of Navamsa in vedic astrology

Moon in first house/ Moon in 1st house of Navamsa

It shows person is strongly emotionally invested in marriage/relationship. They find balance and happiness through relationship/marriage. Lack of happiness in marriage affect their mind immediately.

They always longs for marriage and find great balance through partnership/spouse. They love eating sweets. Physical activities with partner to sustain marriage.

Likes home that are warm and friendly.huge influence of mother in marriage. Very sensitive . Especially after marriage S/he will attain wealth. S/he has great ability to save money. S/he may not have balanced relationship with inlaws or emotional disconnect with family of spouse.

Respect in-laws when s/he come to their house. S/he loves strong connection with spouse. S/he always seek advice of spouse.

As moon is a wave there may be ups and down in marriage and relationship. S/he is very creative and once child is born in marriage S/he gets intelligence to deal with emotional distress.

Moon in second house/ Moon in 2nd house of Navamsa

This is one of the beautiful placement for wealth, money, happiness and comforts through marriage. Travelling and fun is important for such people.

They have a soft , soothing speech and love eating lavish food. They can be spendthrift and fun loving people. At the same time, their relationship with mother improves with age or after marriage.

The position of moon also shows very good relationship with children and they love being parents. They want status and fame in society. They become attractive with age.

Their spouse may try to hide money and relationship with in laws can suffer. They have jewelry, gems and golds hidden at home if moon is especially in tamasic sign.

Moon in third house/ Moon in 3rd house of Navamsa

The native has great love for creativity , painting, drawing and sales related position. The person loves travelling a lot especially when moon is in movable sign.

They get great happiness and comfort in children . It gives a distant connection with father. The moon also gives a distant mental attitude towards father.

The person feels sort of aloofness in marriage and the native becomes quite selfish about children. The native loves to gossip about private life.

Moon in fourth house/ Moon in 4th house of Navamsa

The native expects their spouse to be motherly nature. They always look for nourishment and motherly divine love in spouse. Financial and emotional security is important for them.

The native gets property during the age of 26, 28 and 36 years of life. They always look for comfort and may hate to do their daily job in later part of life. they become health conscious and hate debt.

Emotional connection with maternal relative increases. They love comforts at home.

Moon in fifth house/ Moon in 5th house of Navamsa

The person will be extremely lustful and will strive for hunger and romance. The person can understand marriage only through sexual expressions .

Moon in sixth house/ Moon in 6th house of Navamsa

The mind is constantly occupied by arguments, debts of home/marriage. A lot of effort to keep the home life busy. It can bring loss of sleep.

It can make person to look for bed pleasure outside marriage and moon can hurt bed pleasure of married life. They love to serve marriage and other people. They find happiness and comfort in life through divinity.

Marriage find peace in foreign land. At age of 18 and 28 the person can incur debts /deal with health. On the other hand, they can have psychological issues.

Moon in seventh house/ Moon in 7th house of Navamsa

Person wants to experience romance, lust and passion in marriage, they can attract youthful individual. Marriage is full of fun and innocence. Life depends on spouse and other people.

Mind becomes unstable if they lack support of people.

They will also try to improve marriage. On the other hand, they can have extra marital affairs. They don’t like to see ups and downs. Fluctuations in marriage/ emotions.

A person can loose focus on themselves / pampering themselves. Spouse needs absolute freedom. They must travel especially pilgrimage. Spouse with constant mood swings.

Waning moon is very rich and waxing moon is not attracted to material things.

Moon in eighth house/ Moon in 8th house of Navamsa

They are focused on joint assets, in-laws and hidden secrets. They can hide their feelings and emotions in marriage. It can also lead to depressions and frustration.

They can also face issues with family, family lineage and assets. They know to gain from secret and hidden sources or they may have hidden money.

At the same time, they can get psychic experiences related to the house moon rules. Sexual relationship is important for them.

Moon in ninth house/ Moon in 9th house of Navamsa

They love to think about religion, spirituality and love to travel in religious and spiritual places. The position of moon also shows that the native always looks for flaws in person. They look for spouse who is spiritual and communicate about divinity.

Moon in tenth house/ Moon in 10th house of Navamsa

It gives a pleasant and harmonious fame in marriage. It gives fame and recognition to the native. They are professionals and can be workaholics. Foreign travels becomes very active for the native after marriage.

They love foreign and exotic food. The native gains benefit from mother or mother like figures. A debilitated moon gives much more fame than an exalted moon.

Moon in eleventh house/ Moon in 11th house of Navamsa

Social life and liquid money is very important for Moon in eleventh house in navamsa. The native becomes less romantic as they are always worried about money and status.

At the same time, they always love appreciation from opposite sex. If Jupiter or Saturn aspects moon than they can adjust in any situations.

Moon in twelfth house/ Moon in 12th house of Navamsa

They enjoy bed pleasures or have a good sleep. They get intuitive with age and can also help the native to lead a life in spirituality. At the same time, they can have strong attraction towards co worker .

On the other hand, they can be ignorant about their responsibilities and can also suffer from any types of addictions. They can deal with lots of up and down in health.

They can also get into scandal or disputes in workplace. The person can also become good at writing.

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