Sun in all houses of Dasamsa in vedic astrology

Sun represent status, fame, recognition, rewards in Dasamsa. A strong Sun gives good career and recognition to the native. Here is the details of Sun in all houses of Dasamsa chart

Sun in first house of Dasamsa

They are independent of professional and personal work. So, they cannot work as simple subordinates and must be given higher status in a company so that they may continue their job . They are very bold in communication and cannot work in partnership.

At the same time, Sun in kendra can give good government jobs. They look after the rules regulation of the organization and can be very good leaders who love working with subordinates. But they want quick results.

Sun in water signs in ascendant can give headache and migrain.

Sun in second house of dasamsa

They have a certain authority in their voice. They are extremely careful of how they spend their money in personal and professional life. Such people will always value good leaders and love to work with good leaders.

At the same time, they can receive strong fame and powerful attributes in career. They always like to be in politics and love to spread information about activities of government.

One of the drawback of this position is such people lack peace of mind in home or private space. They can achieve respectable position at the age of 25, 34 or 38.

Sun in third house of dasamsa

They like to put authority over their co workers and can be over powering their coworkers. But at the same time, they attract people higher from their position. They have a dynamic way of communication and can uplift other people through communication. They can also be successful business person and get rewards and recognition.

Sun in fourth house of Dasamsa

The fourth house of dasamsa represents seat of power, happiness and comfort in career. Sun in 4th house gives regal and royal status in society. They lack peace and happiness at work but always feel raising their status in life.

They will find support from people of homeland and can also get huge fame in foreign place. At the same time, they are determined to destroy their competition, enemies and rivalry.

They hate debts excepts debts of immovable property and are strongly devoted to spirituality. Their career and spiritual progress must be balanced and should be at the same level. They start shining after the age of 31 with Sun in 4th house.

Sun in fifth house of dasamsa

They have to take responsibilities of subordinates as the position shows gain of authority and dealing with management . But it will come only after one goes to a place related to sun energy. Their ego and authority may create issues in marriage.

The position of Sun can give good achievements on 25th 36th and 48th year.

Sun in sixth house of Dasamsa

They will find satisfaction only if they deal with debts of other people or if they can serve other people. They may not find satisfaction unless work is done and can be targeted in office politics or hidden dealing against them.

But at the same time, they can accumulate money. They can be elevated to higher status if the boss is sick or pay their credit card. They will stand up for other people at work.

Sun in seventh house of Dasamsa

They get status after marriage and are extremely independent in workspace. Partnership may not work for them and ego clashes can be with mentor.

One attains lot of favor from government but they can be excellent at communication and can be in marketing, sales. They prosper from the age of 25 and will go to foreign land after birth of children.

Sun in eighth house of Dasamsa

Sun in eighth house of dasamsha shows that one wants to bring a change in workplace either in positive or negative way. One also loves to work in a private space.

Sun in ninth house of Dasamsa

They can be guided by extremely powerful people. Their status will be dependent upon divinity and can be in an authoritative person. There can be a lot of enemies and jealousy due to your good work.

They can have many subordinates and can also be misguided by mentor if Sun is weak. Their fame rises away from birthplace.

Sun in tenth house of Dasamsa

They can achieve great success in life. One will find favors from government, authorities, mentor. They can be extremely humble. Sun with Jupiter does very well in this position.

They have good authority with very high principle which may not be liked by subordinates. They do not like spending money in workplace and may not like foreign authority.

Sun in eleventh house of Dasamsa

Achievement of fame, recognition, awards and leadership position in due time. They attain leadership position only after certain embarrassment and humiliation.

Too much work may impact their health . They love to have subordinates but business partnership may not work for them.

Sun in twelfth house of Dasamsa

They get success in foreign places but do not like to deal with responsibilities of others. They love to show status in private sector and can deal with lots of up and down in career in terms of money.

At the same time, they does well in secret or hidden projects and can be powerful behind the scenes.

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