Back-head in face reading

Apart from forehead, the back portion of the head or skull also known as back-head plays an important role in face reading. As per vedic astrology, the back and front part of the brain plays an important role as both part indicates human consciousness. These two regions of the brain are highly advanced than other regions of the brain. Below are the different types of back-head in face reading.

Normal Back head

If the back part of the head is normal i.e. neither flat, recessed or protruding then the person have an average mindset. Their belief system is based on their system and culture. They are not out of the box thinker.

Flat/Recessed back head

Their back part of the head is slightly recessed or flat. They are narrow minded, conservative and short sighted in terms of understanding people or situations. At the same time, they do not trust anyone and nothing is good enough for them.

Protruding Back head

People with protruding or highly developed forehead are very intelligent. If they have a broad forehead along with protruding back head shows that they are very superior in terms of intelligence and wisdom compared to others. They are also tolerant, liberal, compassionate and protective about other people’s right.

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