Eye Brows in face reading

Eye brows indicates health, longevity and relationship of a person with friends, family and partner. The eye brows indicates the fortune of a person especially between the ages 31-34 or sometimes till 40. The space between the eyebrow is important as it indicates the energy and spirit of the person. Below are the importance of eye brows in face reading.

Brow bones

Brow bones are one of the important structures that needs to be analysed. It indicates the personality and characteristics of the individual. Brow bones also indicates anger. Based on the height, brow bones can be categorised in following ways.

High-Set Brow Bones

They are active, dominating and love to be powerful.

Low-Set Brow Bones

They are least resistant and have controlled behaviour or emotions towards others.

Based on the structure, brow bones can be categories into

Protruding Brow Bones

Protruding brow bones indicates aggressive attitude. Any protruding bones or brow bones on face is considered a male trait.

Normal Brow bones

People with normal brow bones shows such people have controlled behaviour in public. They have normal temperament and are somewhat positive in nature. They can perform on jobs that requires intelligence and controlled behaviour.

Recessed Brow Bones

People with recessed brow bones are physically weak and cannot handle physical strains or pressure. They are very sensitive and can feel pain at slightest pressure. They are not strong mentally either.

Position of eye brows

The height of the eye brows determines the tolerance level, patience, benevolence of the person. The eye brow position can be categorised in following ways.

High eyebrows

When there is a lot of vertical gap between the eyes and eye brows, it indicates high eye brows. Luxury and comfort accompanies such people. They also benefit from business and can have their own home. They are funny, jolly, patience and cautious decision makers.

Conspicuously High eyebrows

People with eyebrows higher than normal are greedy and fickle minded. They are less emotional and love to gain from others. Woman with such eyebrows shows that they use their sexuality for material gains and playing with emotions.

Low set eyebrows

In case of low set eyebrows, the vertical gap between the eyes and eye brows are very less compared to normal. It shows restless and impulsive natured person. Due to their impulsive nature, they can regret for their actions later.

Middle Set Brows

Middle set eyebrows are neither too high nor too low. Their eyelids will not touch or overlap the eyebrows. They have moderate temperament and are reasonable in decision making. They are creative and also have a lot of ideas.

Types and Shapes of the eyebrows

Long eyebrows

As the eyebrows represents siblings, long eyebrows shows the number of siblings one can have. However, nowadays it indicates that one can have large network and friends. At the same time, they can have lot of admirers. Generally between the age of 31 to 34, their professional and personal goals are fulfilled. They have an attractive personality and are creative in nature. They are long lived and can easily influence others.

Short eyebrows

People with short eyebrows have less network circle and friends. There can be some disruption in their personal and professional life between the age of 31 to 34. They can be very rigid and sometimes may not justify the consequences of their action. Short eye brows also indicates that they can lack affection from parents in their childhood. They can have extreme temper of the eyebrows are short as well as thick. Generally, they are not long lived either.

Thick and dark eyebrows

People with thick and dark eyebrows are warm, friendly, active and agile. They are spendthrift and loves to show off. They can face certain obstacles at the age of 31 to 34. However, if they are hardworking, their result of hardworking nature will be achieved in later stages of life. Thick, dark and long eyebrows indicates courage, tolerance, wisdom and good health. They are long lived too.

The appearance of one or more grey hair in early stages of life is a clear indication that the person can suffer from health related issues in future. Women with conspicuous thick eyebrows can also bear a lot of children.

Bushy eyebrows

Very bushy and thick eyebrows indicates rigidness, stubborn and intolerant. If bushy eyebrows are close to eyes, it indicates that the person suffers from anger and violence. If the eyebrows joins in middle, it indicates inner conflict within the person. This type of eyebrows also indicates less intelligence and wisdom in life. They also face a lot of obstacles while settling in life. Late marriage (marriage after 35) is best for them.

Thin or Sparse eyebrows

Woman with thin or sparse eyebrows can be restless, fickle minded and unsteady. On the contrary, they can be good cabin crews, models, assistants, sales woman and nurses. They are detail oriented and love beauty and arts. Men with such eye brows can be a model and can also be in acting field.

Pencil thin eyebrows

Pencil thin, high and round eyebrows reflects oversensitive or deeply sentimental person. Women with such eyebrows are very sensitive to external stimuli. Thin, high, round eyebrows also indicates cunning and manipulative attitude in a person. They are great pleasure seekers and always get attracted to opposite sex. It also tends to increase the sexual strength of women.

Fading eyebrows

Fading eyebrows are not considered lucky in vedic face reading. As it is the celestial region of face, fading eyebrows indicates that one lacks wisdom and intelligence. They have no proper direction in life. At the same time, they lack compassion and kindness and it can make them violent criminals too. They are obsessed with money, pleasure and power.

Straight eyebrows

Straight eyebrows are horizontal or straight eyebrows. The eyebrows are not curve shaped. They are masculine, assertive, rigid and strongly opinionated. They are also practical and analytical and do not get convinced easily by emotions.

Women with such eyebrows have no tolerance level and they never takes the back seat. They are revengeful rather than forgiving.

Round eyebrows

Round eyebrows looks like angular moon. They are emotional, sexual and imaginative. They also have a good chance of promotion between the age of 31 to 34.

Curved eyebrows

Curved eyebrows generally have a curve at the center. It is also similar to cat’s eye. The person with curved eyebrows are opportunist. Women with curved eyebrows are opportunist and selfish. At the same time, they can play emotionally and win over people.

Brows with tail pointed upwards

The end of their eyebrows are pointed upwards. It shows the person is spiritual and remains in the mode of goodness. They are optimistic, visionary, self motivated people. They are strongly ethical in professional field. Pride and honor as well as courage and conflict are also indicated with these eyebrows.

Broken eyebrows

Eyebrows that are generally broken in between indicates struggle in life. Their relationship with parents and siblings may suffer. At the same time, their professional and personal life may suffer between the age of 31 to 34. If there is a crossing crease dividing the brow shows that the person may also face an accident in his or her life.

Arched or Angled eyebrows

Arched eyebrows are angular shaped eyebrows. It looks like the inverted letter “V”. The eyebrows signifies dominant, assertive and aggressive personality. They are stubborn, authoritative and at the same time, love to do their own unique things. Power and control motivates them. They also love to play emotionally with people and success comes at the age of thirty. They always love to choose the best things and also think themselves superior to others.

Tangled eyebrows

The eyebrows are thick, bushy and tangled. They are complicated and do not trust people easily. It also shows that their personal relationship with parents and siblings may suffer. They can face struggle between the age of 31 to 34.

Winged eyebrows

Winged eyebrows takes the shapes of the wings of birds taking a flight. They are also visionary, scholars and masters . They are intelligent and sharp minded people.

Asymmetric eyebrows

The eyebrows which are not same size or shape are called asymmetrical eyebrows. They are contrasting and complicated personalities. They are unpredictable and can also face difficult time between the age of 31 to 34. If asymmetrical eyebrows joins in the middle, it shows one can suffer a lot in their professional or personal life during the age of 31 to 34 and may also need time to reestablish themselves.

Brows curved upward in the beginning

Such eyebrows have an upward curve in the beginning of the eyebrows. They are unlucky and can also be fanatics. They are also short tempered and sometimes violent as well as angry. At the same time, they are intolerant to others.

Downward slopping/ weeping eyebrows

Downward slopping eyebrows are also called weeping eyebrows because when we cry, our eyebrows tends to come down. They can suffer from grief and people can bestow their compassion and kindness on them. Generally, they are unfriendly, unsocial and do not like too much physical activity. Women with such eyebrows depends on their husband for bread and butter.

Eyebrows and browbones
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