Eyebrow spacing in face reading

Below are the details of eyebrow spacing in face reading.

Closely set eyebrows

Eyebrows that are closely set together shows that they are very attentive and no other external forces can disturb them easily. But they are attentive only when things are of their interest. Such people can be excellent researcher if they are interested in their field of expertise.

Widely-set eyebrows

Widely set eyebrows generally have a clear space between them. They are even tempered, unique and have a great understanding of the world. They are active and loves to serve mankind. At the same time, they can be prolific writer, poet etc due to their philosophical attitude. They are creative as well as tolerant towards others. However if the eyebrows are too widely apart, such people are indecisive and often take wrong decision in life. They can procrastinate things and can be a dreamer without any actions.

Joined eyebrows

If the eyebrows are not separated but are joined in the middle with a bridge of hair, joined brows are formed. Sometimes, the hair of joint eyebrows are very thick and clear in the middle. It signifies various personalities. Below are the details.

  • They are always worried and anxious about securing future as well as trivial issues of life.
  • They always like to be on front seat and interfere on everything. They think themselves as highly intelligent people.
  • They can also take things personally and can easily be hurt or insulted by others.
  • They are very cautious of their behavior in public.
  • Women can be more secretive in married life.
  • They can be confused and indecisive as well as defensive.
  • They can be introvert with less will power and guts. At the same time, they can face struggles in life till the age of 30.
  • They are intolerant, narrow minded, cruel, conservative, self centered, critical of others and sometimes donot like to compromise
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