Eyelashes in face reading

Eyelashes are important part of face. Eyelashes in face reading can be categorised in following ways.

Long eyelashes

People with long eyelashes are creative, artistic and sensitive people. They must follow their choice of profession but not the one selected by family members.

Short eyelashes

Short eyelashes people are practical and materialistic. They are dependent on others for creative purposes and donot like to work until they are benefitted from it.

Thick and strong eyelashes

Such people are energetic, hardworking, strong and healthy. At the same time, they remain focused in their goals and target. They have a lot of perseverance too.

Thin and weak eyelashes

They are physically weak and are not hardworking. At the same time, they are lazy and sluggish.

Dark eyelashes

They are erotic and sexual. Women understand the language of signs very easily.

Light eyelashes

People with light eyelashes lack sex appeal and vigor.

Eyelashes in face reading
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