Eyes in face reading

Eyes plays an important role in face reading. Eyes that are sparkling, prominent and clear shows that the person is confident and trustworthy. Here we will discuss different types of eyes and the qualities associated with those eyes in face reading.

Lotus eyes

Lotus eyes are large and wide eyes. The eyes resembles the shape of lotus petal. The eyes are wide, shiny, crystal clear with beautiful, black eyelashes. It shows that one can work intellectually in a spiritual plane. They are highly intuitive and have tremendous capability of organization and administration. At the same time, they are intuitive and have great leadership skills.

They are fearless and can also deliver beautiful public speech. They can judge a situation through different perceptions and are quick decision makers. People with lotus eyes can be excellent scientists, poets, storytellers, politicians, businessman, musician, actors, filmmakers. They are excellent in intellectual field.

Deer eyes

These eyes resembles like deer and are very beautiful. They are large, wide with pointed corners and big eyelashes.The eyes are sensual, erotic and full of desire. Women with deer eyes always looks for satisfaction in sexual life while men with those eyes can be promiscuous in nature. Both men and women have soft nature in this category.

Round and small eyes resembling fish

These eyes are round, small and fish shaped. They are opportunist and never give importance to moral values. Shift eyed people with such eyeshape can be violent and revengeful.

Big eyes/Large eyes

These eyes are larger and bigger. The eyes look beautiful and generally successful, beautiful models have such eyes. They are sensual, extrovert and speaks only when they mingle with the other person. Men with big eyes generally attracts a lot of women. These men are artistic, conspicuous, well behaved and gets attracted to dynamic thoughts and actions. They can get advantages in life due to good karmic actions in previous life.
Lotus eyes, big eyes and bulls eyes are superior category eyes in face reading.

Women with big/large eyes are admired, special and loved by everyone. They can also have huge network circle and can use their emotions to reach their goals.

People with large eyes, dark eyebrows and dark skin color can be aggressive. They can reach power and position at the age of 31 to 40.

Trance/ Bull’s eyes

The iris of the eyes gets angled when the person  looks or smile. Their eyes looks sensual. There is a difference between sleepy eyes and trance eyes as these eyes are not heavy lidded like sleepy and drunk eyes. Albert Einstein had trance/bulls eyes. People with such eyes have immense knowledge with good administrative and political abilities. They are highly intelligent, deeply emotional, sensitive and do not like to hurt others. But once they make up their mind to destroy someone, they destroy them.

Uneven eyes

In these eyes, both irises can be uneven. They can judge and perceive situations through different angles. It is also difficult to hide things from them.

Elliptical eyes

These eyes are elongated and the eyes cover a large part of iris. They are enthusiastic and loves speed and excitement. They are also physically active and can be interested in martial arts, gymnastic and races. At the same time, they can be diplomatic in personal or business relationship. They love to glorify themselves in public.

Wolf eyes

These eyes looks threatening, dangerous and can be characterised by small pupil with white or faded irises. Their irises are small or negligible. They can also be wicked or cruel nature.

Shallow or deep set eyes

Shallow or deep eyes are deep within face with jutting bones around eyes. They are intense, loyal, compassionate, hardworking, idealistic with good observation skills. They are also capable administrators and have good judgement skills. However, they become successful at late thirties.

Doggy eyes

People with such eyes behave very innocently. Hence, they get a lot of help from others.  They are very attracted towards opposite sex and are fierce lovers. They are good observant as well as sexual and their partner can dominate over them.

Protruding eyes

Protruding eyes project outside from eye socket. They can be punished for someone else fault and can have certain temperament. At the same time, they can face emotional and mental issues in their teenage. They become successful between the age of 35 to 40. However, their family, peer and associate can harm them.

Wide Eyes

The eyes are open and irises are visible from all sides. Their irises are not covered by eyelid. They are confident and have great intellect and sharp memory. They have a good understanding of life as well as profession. At the same time, they have the ability to understand thing in depth and can make people understand things quickly. So, science or research related subject suits them. At the same time, they can have a violent side.

Sleepy eyes

The eyelid sits heavily over the eyes and this forms sleepy eyes. They are deeply sexual. However, they have ill fortunes and they can be belittled by others for no reason. People can play emotionally with them for fulfilling their own desires.

Droopy eyes

Droopy eyes generally slant or bent downward. They hardly shows interest in anything and can be lazy, casual and non committal. At the same time, they can see negativity in everything.

Slanting eyes

The eyes are generally slanted upwards. For men, the eyes are compared with eagle while for women it is compared with cat. These eyes signifies good knowledge , scholars, learners for men. For women, it shows lustful nature.

Downward angled eyes

These eyes indicates darkness, madness, anger and annoyance. They can also get addicted to intoxicants and waste their time of life.

Small or scanty eyes

These eyes are smaller than normal and have exceptional quality. They are thoughtful, sophisticated, calm, active and agile. They are also analytical in their approach towards others and can make good friends. People with fire signs have such eyes. They are also fastidious, hardworking and introverts.

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