Size of ears in face reading

Ears plays an important part in face reading. It indicates ones childhood, dreams and ideologies as ear indicates age from 1 to 14. Study of ear also determines the personality of the individual. As ear resembles the shape of the foetus, the nourishment and  care of the individual during childhood can also be determined by ears.  Hence, the size, placement and structure of ears are important to understand the capabilities of the individual. Here we will discuss the size of ears in face reading.

Ear sizes

Medium ears

Medium ears are the ears that are neither too long or short. They have the right size, placement and shape. If the tip of medium sized ears are above the corner of eyebrows or in line with the corner of eyebrows, it shows that the ears are auspicious. They have balanced behavior and outlook. They are flexible and are not extremist.  At the same time, they are not too detached or attached to worldly pleasures. Neither they works on completely intellectual or spiritual plane. They have a very even outlook towards life.

Large ears

Large ears are well built, large with thick earlobes. If the tip of the ears are above eyebrows, they works on intellectual  and spiritual plane. If the tip of the ears are till the corner of the eyebrows, they work in material plane with regards to spirituality. On the contrary, if the ears are below eyebrows, they works on material plane only. They are independent and have great listening abilities. They can be excellent philosopher, scientist, writer or artists.

Small ears

Small ears indicates that the person is very materialistic and pleasure seeker. Generally small ears are positioned below the eye brow and eye level. People with small ears cannot process a lot of information at a time. They can only collect a piece of information at a time. So visualization or visual representation of information is important for them.
People with small ears can get confused or forget things quickly. We must analyse the position of the ears with accuracy before concluding face reading. There are two ways ears can be positioned.

Small ears below eyebrows

When ears of the person is below the eyebrows, it indicates the person is very sensual. They can also be intolerant to others.

Small ears with upper portion above eyebrow corner

These type of ears indicates that such people wants a healthy personal and professional life. Dullness takes away the energy of their life. Active sexual life is also very important for them.

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