Moon God- the mind and luminary body

Moon in all houses of Dasamsa

The Chandra or moon god – the mind and luminary body, the lord of the senses and emotions of people. Those who worship him assiduously lose their diseases and become happy.

Among the Nakshatras, Moon is the incarnation of God in lunar form, and his importance is magnified because Shiva, the lord of Mount Kailas, wears the crescent moon in his forehead.

It is often said that Chandra or Moon god is one-eighth incarnation of the exalted Lord Shiva. Lord of the night, the Moon schedules rituals and may be a haven for the ancestors..

Moon is responsible for vegetation and growth of plants. So, Moon poured the nectar of Soma into the world’s vegetation so that they can be nourished which in turn will nourish others. The Moon rules water and water bodies. He controls the tides and stores and actuates the rain.

Chandra or Moon god is dazzling white. He also represents conch shell or dew. He is fair, youthful, charming, fortunate, and watery. His body waxes and wanes. He is peaceful and auspicious in nature. He features a slim but round body, with lovely eyes and limbs and is intelligent, sweet and soft of speech.

At the same time, he wears white clothes and white flowers. He represents bronze or silver and pearl. Chandra or Moon god features a Kapha-Vata constitution, and tends to be fickle. He likes to wander and may be a Vaishya naturally . He rules the blood within the body. At the same time, he is of the colour of semen he’s passion-filled.

Whoever seeks sexual satisfaction should worship the Moon. In India, unmarried women are encouraged to fast and pray on Monday so as to achieve their desired spouse.

Moon is the Lord of the northwest direction, Monday and of the constellation Cancer. Because everyone loves him, he’s called Friend of the planet . The Moon, who is of the character of Soma, was born from the tears of joy which flowed from Atri Rishi- a mind-born son of Brahma.

Moon was born in this world due to Anusuya, the wondrous wife of Atri Rishi. The chief gods of the universe, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh tried to check her purity by coming to her as guests and impudently demanding that she fed them naked.

When challenged, Anusuya changed those powerful gods into tiny babies and removed her own clothes, nursed them from her own breasts before returning them to adult status. Immensely pleased with Anusuya, these cosmic lords blessed her to enjoy unprecedented children.

Brahma’s boon caused the Moon’s in this way: Atri Rishi stood with his arms upraised without moving or maybe blinking for 3000 years.

Then, when his body became thoroughly full with Soma, he himself became Soma and rose up to the sky. The Soma juice filled him so full that he overflowed, and Soma oozed from his eyes, filling the heavens with luminosity.

The goddesses of the ten directions came together to receive that Soma into their collective womb, but they might not hold it for very long. The fetus then dropped to the bottom and assumed the shape of the Moon, whereupon Brahma placed him during a chariot. All the celestials worshipped The Moon.

Another theory is that the moon emerged from the Samundra Manthan (churning of the cosmic ocean) by the devas and asuras together of the 14 gems that emerged from that manthan.

The moon God married all twenty-seven Nakshatras, Kritika being his first wife. Although he had twenty-seven wives, all of whom were sisters, the Moon preferred to be with Rohini. He remained always together with her in her mansion.

The Moon’s other twenty-six wives weren’t pleased with this state of affairs, for they too wanted to enjoy some time with their husband and they pleaded to him to go to each of them also . When the Moon in his great infatuation ignored all their entreaties, they ran crying to their father, the Patriarch Daksha, who twice in dudgeon warned his son-in-law to behave.

On the third complaint Daksha got angry and cursed Chandra or Moon god to deteriorate. The curse impacted Moon God and he started waning, lost his glow and his juice. No sacrifice would cure him. All the world’s plants stopped growing and shortly deprived of nourishment, all living things deteriorated.

The celestials alarmed at the likelihood that each life on Earth could succumb to the present pulmonary tuberculosis due to moon. The wives of moon pleaded Daksha to reduce the curse.

Daksha promised the dwindling globe that if he behaved himself he would be curse-free for the primary half monthly.

The Moon now waxes and wanes as he visits each wife once a month, for at some point and one night at a time.
Because of Daksha’s curse Chandra or Moon god had no issue by Daksha’s twenty-seven daughters. However, he had four sons by another wife, named Manohara (Mind-Robber). The eldest of those was Varchas, who took birth on Earth at the time of the good War of the Mahabharata, as that warrior of unprecedented power named Abhimanyu.

Another son of Chandra or Moon god was the earth Mercury, he is the God of intelligence. Within the Moon’s lineage, through his son Mercury, innumerable Kings and warriors of great valor are born including the best of all of them. God incarnate on this Earth, Perfection Personified (Purna Purshottam), the Protector of the Cows, the Beloved of the Milkmaids:

Lord Krishna Himself, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

In Vedic numerology, 2 is the number for Chandra or moon god.

It is the second number and is best fitted to creative professions. it’s also very emotional and intuitive. Women to some extent naturally harbor this energy.

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