Story of Uddhav

In the Dwapar Age, Uddhav was the minister of Yadavas . He had learnt the science of politics from Jupiter (Brihaspati). He was a learned monotheist and an excellent devotee of incorporeal ubiquitous Brahma. Uddhava was a lover of Krishna and a precious friend. When Krishna came to Mathura from Gokul, then also he could not forget Nand , Yashoda and therefore the Gopis. The love of the gopis and affection of yashoda were always in His memories. Here is the version of story of Uddhav.

Once, Krishna called Uddhava and asked him to travel to Gokul and provides knowledge to the Gopis who were upset with Krishna’s separation and at the same time console Nand and Yashoda. The philosophy behind sending Uddhava to Gokul was to make him understand that true love is devotion. Though he was learned and knowledgeable, but never had the thought of the importance of devotion.

He only came to understand about this when he met the Gopis who were simple Cowherdesses but truly and in every sense dedicated to Krishna. Within the devotion and deep-rooted love of the Gopis towards Lord Krishna is exemplified a singular path of spiritual liberation that’s not bound by any philosophy or intellectual enlightenment. Their looking for the Lord was such they were unable to bear the pain of separation when Lord Krishna left Gokul for Mathura.

Uddhava reached Mathura and explained Gopis, ”Krishna, together with his soul is usually with you. He is faraway from you together with his body because you’ll remember him with pure mind and attain him.” Uddhava explained Nand-Yashoda, “Krishna has taken birth to destroy the demons and establish dharma and for this he has got to attend Mathura. He has not forgotten you, though he’s living faraway from you but to perform his duties, he has got to stand back from you.” This manner after preaching Gopis and consoling Nand-Yashoda, he came to Mathura.

When Krishna visited Dwarka, even Uddhava went with him. He had learnt together with his knowledge that the time has come for the destruction of Yaduvanshi (Yadava family). Then, he warned Krishna that thanks to the curse of Sage Kanva, Yadavas will fight amongst themselves. Sage’s curse cannot enter vain.

But he shouldn’t be disturbed or upset with it. He must accept it as his destiny. Shri Krishna remembered his devotee and learned dear friend Uddhava’s advice till the top . After Krishna left for Vaikunth lok (heavenly abode), Uddhava remained upset for several days and wandered in Mathura on the banks of river Yamuna.

There only in oldage , he left for heavenly abode. There’s a letter written by Krishna for Uddhava,” After I leave this mortal world, Uddhav only will lookout of the knowledge given by me because he’s no but me in virtue.”

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