Nakshatras in vedic astrology

Nakshatras in vedic astrology are constellation of stars. They are important for analysing a horoscope. In vedic astrology, nakshatras are subdivision of zodiac signs that helps in the deeper analysis of the planet placed in a particular zodiac sign. So each zodiac is divided into two and half nakshatras and in total there are 27 nakshatras in vedic astrology distributed in 12 zodiac signs. They have their own unique characteristics.

Padas of nakshatras

Now each nakshatra in vedic astrology is divided into four padas. Each pada has its own planetary lord. The padas of nakshatra are also prominent in navamsa. So each planet in the horoscope should be determined by:

  1. The sign in which the planet is placed
  2. The lord of the sign
  3. The nakshatra and its lord
  4. The pada lord

The characteristics of nakshatras are primarily divided into three divisions

  1. Rajas are related to “activity” or “action.”
  2. Tamas are related to “living” or “experiencing life”
  3. Sattvic are related to philosophical things and liberation of soul.

Importance of nakshatra:

The nakshatra of moon becomes the birth nakshatra of the native. Nakshatras are sthir tara which means nakshatras are still and they do not move. They are in a constant position in the sky. Each planet has a specific nakshatra in a birth chart. So when the planet passes through the nakshatras during the time of birth, those particular nakshatras are assigned to each planet. Nakshatras helps in defining nature, personality , growth of a person. Nakshatras are most important feature in a horoscope.

For example: the native born with Moon in uttarphalguni nakshatra during birth will have moon sign of Virgo and ruling planet of uttarphalguni nakshatra is Sun and the native would start with Sun mahadasha.

The interesting fact about nakshatra is- previously all our sages used to predict the future of a person through nakshatra , not through signs.

27 nakshatras and their characteristics

1. Ashwini nakshatra

ashwini nakshatra

Range: 0 ° Aries- 13 ° 20′ Aries
Ruling planet: Ketu.
Deity: The Ashwin Twins( Divine physician)
Guna: Tamas
Symbol: Head of a horse

Ashwini is in the zodiac sign of Aries. The nakshatra lord is Ketu that acts like Mars a lot, but in an internal way. They can also initiate a lot of things but lacks patience. Sun is exalted in the nakshatra. Hence, such people are born leader with a lot of confidence and prolific energy. They are very determined, active, youthful and active. It is the first nakshatra and represents the initial journey of soul so they are childlike and innocent in behavior. Mars, moon or sun in the constellation of Ashwini can make one very good physician.

The symbol of Ashwini that represents head of a horse signifies robust energy and lots of courage. Hence, they love to be fast in life.

As ketu is a drifter, the person likes travelling. Ketu is also a healer as Mars deals with cuts, wounds, weapons, sharp metals and injuries. The deity of Ashwini is Ashwini twins- the physician of God. So they can be good doctors and surgeons. Ashwini represents hands so they can be good healers. ketu is the lord of the ashwini nakshatra because before life start there was nothing in this universe and ketu is that nothing.

Ashwini native has overabundance of Martian qualities like adventurous, daring, impulsive, direct and independent.

Moon in ashwini nakshatra in vedic astrology

2. Bharani:

Range: 13 ° 20′ aries -26 ° 40′ aries
Ruling planet: Venus
Deity: yama (God of death)
Gunas: Rajas
Symbol: Yoni

The lord of Bharanai nakshatra is Venus. Venus signifies creativity, beauty, love and relationship. So Mars in Bharani nakshatra is slightly neutralized by Venus. Mars also provides the individual with lot of enthusiasm, passion, instincts and energy. The deity of Bharani nakshatra is yama.
The symbol of the nakshatra is yoni which means a female sexual organ. Hence, such people can be extremely sexual. At the same time, it symbolizes bringing new life on earth. On the other hand, they can be excellent counselor or nurses.

As yama is the deity of the nakshatra, people get punished due to slight mistake.

Moon in bharani nakshatra in vedic astrology

3. Krittika/Karthigai:

Range: 26° 40′ Aries-10 ° Taurus
Ruling planet: Sun
Deity: Agni (God of fire)
Gunas: Rajas
Symbol: Spear

They are direct, blunt and critical, especially in the zodiac sign of Aries. At the same time, they are short tempered, noble minded leaders. On the other hand, they are spiritual and respect traditions. The lord of the nakshatra is Agni so they love wars and can easily get into conflicts and disputes. In the zodiac sign of Taurus, they have a hard shell outside but they are softer inside. Venus rules the sign Taurus and Venus also stands for creativity. Hence they can be good cooks.

They are very sensual and can be excellent lovers .

Moon in krittika nakshatra in vedic astrology

4. Rohini:

Range: 10 ° Taurus- 23 ° 20′ Taurus
Ruling planet: Moon
Deity: Brahma (the creator)
Gunas: Rajas
Symbol: Wheel of a cart.

Moon rules Rohini nakshatra, so such people are very attractive and charismatic. The wheel of cart indicates lot of personal growth and fertility. They also love luxuries and pleasure of life. At the same time, they are stubborn and creative. They also have good business skills. The exalted planet in this sign is Rahu. Hence they can be completely obsessed about luxuries of life. Sometimes they can be extremely materialistic.

They are calm, gentle, imaginative and family oriented.

Moon in rohini nakshatra in vedic astrology

5. Mrigashira:

Range: 23 ° 20′ Taurus-6°40′ Gemini
Ruling planet: Mars
Deity: Soma (moon)
Gunas: Tamas
Symbol: Deer head.

This nakshatra is a part of both Taurus and Gemini. Such people are inquisitive and can also be in research related work. The nakshatra lord is moon. Hence, they are attractive and sensual. They are communicative and intelligent in the Gemini part of the nakshatra. Such people have good thinking ability and intelligence. They can be good salesperson and can also be in media business. The ruling planet mars can make them aggressive. So they are good in debate. At the same time, they can be restless and can always look for change. They can be fast in their activities and can deal with multiple thoughts and actions.

They love to travel a lot.

Moon in mrigshira nakshatra in vedic astrology

6. Ardra:

Range: 6°40′ Gemini- 20 ° Gemini
Ruling planet: Rahu
Deity: Rudra (Lord Shiva)
Gunas: Tamas
Symbol: Tear drop.

Rudra( the destructive form of Shiva) rules ardra nakshatra. The nakshatra is ruled by malefic planet Rahu. Rahu is a chaotic energy. Hence it can bring changes, destruction, violence in person’s life. At the same time, the native is unstable and confused. Rahu in the sign of Gemini amplifies the qualities of mercury that can make one highly intelligent. Hence they are very skillful in money management, commerce and business. The symbol of Ardra nakshatra is teardrop that shows sadness. As Rahu is malefic planet and ruling deity is Rudra, it shows that destruction helps transform an individual from corrupt self to better self.

Moon in ardra nakshatra in vedic astrology

7. Punarvasu:

Range: 20 ° Gemini- 3°20′ Cancer
Ruling planet: Jupiter
Deity: Aditi (Mother of Gods)
Gunas: Sattvic
Symbol: bow and quiver.

The deity of Punarvasu is Aditi that shows boundless expansion and creativity. Jupiter rules Punarvasu nakshatra. Hence, the native is optimistic, confident, charming, spiritual, knowledgeable, lucky. They do not expect much in life but receives a lot in return. Such people can also be good teacher. At the same time, they are religious and spiritual. They are caring about people with good communicative ability.

They are the survivors.

Moon in punarvasu nakshatra in vedic astrology

8. Pushya:

Range: 3°20′ Cancer- 16°40′ Cancer
Ruling planet: Saturn
Deity: Brihaspati (Priest of Gods)
Gunas: Tamas
Symbol: Cow’s udder.

They are caring and helpful people with a motherly and nourishing nature . They have the ability to shell themselves when they perceive a danger. As Saturn rules Pushya such people can be loner. At the same time, they are hardworking, organized and never give up. They have a lot of perseverance. As Saturn is malefic planet, it punishes people at early age but in later stage Saturn never denies. The exalted planet in this nakshatra is Jupiter. Jupiter neutralizes the negative effect of Saturn to some extent but not entirely. The person will have qualities of both planet. Hence, Brihaspati influences people to be religious, spiritual.

Early life of the native can be learning lessons but they can rise a lot in later life.

Moon in Pushya nakshatra in vedic astrology

9. Ashlesha:

Range: 16°40′ Cancer- 30°Cancer
Ruling planet: Mercury
Deity: Naga (Snake god)
Gunas: Sattvic
Symbol: Serpent

They are intense, manipulative and penetrating people. At the same time, they can be calculative, secretive, devious, insincere and cold blooded for quest of power and control. . They can also be highly intuitive. People born with ashlesha nakshatra can be good in occult, tantra, black magic etc. They have a bad rapport because Mars is debilitated in this nakshatra. A debilitated mars can make one extremely shrewd. But they can be good leaders and can achieve their goals.

They are very intelligent having deep concentration

Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra in vedic astrology

10. Magha:

Range: 0° Leo- 13°20’Leo
Ruling planet: Ketu
Deity: Pitris (The forefather)
Gunas: Tamas
Symbol: Royal throne

Magha is the first nakshatra in Leo ruled by Ketu. Ketu is our past life and Ketu is also our achievement in our past life. Ketu with Sun can give leadership qualities to the native and so the symbol is a royal throne. They have arrogance and ego but at the same time they are deeply humble inside due to their self critical nature. As Pitris are the deity of the nakshatra, they respect their ancestors. On the other hand, fame comes easily to them and they can be good leader, CEO and executives.

They got the royal throne previously in their life so in this life along with good position and authority also comes emptiness and loneliness. Because Ketu isolates them from fame and authority.

Moon in Magha nakshatra in vedic astrology

11. Purva Phalguni:

Range: 13°20’Leo – 26°40’Leo
Ruling planet: Venus
Deity: Bhaga (God of prosperity)
Gunas: Rajas
Symbol: Hammock

It is a combination of showmanship and dramatic side of Leo. They are creative, artistic and charming. Sun gives them royalty, generosity and ego. They can be great artists and can also be good in media, arts and entertainment. The symbol of the nakshatra is hammock. It shows they are very relaxed, calm and believes in enjoying life. The nakshatra deity is Bhaga, hence, the native is blessed with abundance in life. On the other hand, they are sensual and extremely indulgent personality. . They are arrogant, loves fame and can also be lazy sometimes.

They are blessed with good luck.

Moon in PurvaPhalguni nakshatra in vedic astrology

12. UttarPhalguni:

Range: 26°40’Leo -10°Virgo
Ruling planet: Sun
Deity: Aryaman (God of friendship)
Gunas: Rajas
Symbol: Bed

The symbol of uttarphalguni is bed which is a symbol of relaxation but they are less relaxed and free flowing. They are also less luxury and art oriented. Relationship and friends are very important for them. They are generous, helpful and can do anything for friends. At the same time, they are good at politics, public speaking, writing. They also have a practical mind with strong interest in research, medical and healing.

They are very humble as well as communicative.

Moon in UttarPhalguni nakshatra in vedic astrology

13. Hasta:

Range: 10°Virgo- 23°20’Virgo
Ruling planet: Moon
Deity: Savitar (The Sun God)
Gunas: Rajas
Symbol: Hand of clenched fist

hasta nakshatra
hasta nakshatra in vedic astrology

Hasta symbol is hand or fist that shows hard work with hand. They can have lot of interest and hobbies. The ruling planet is moon and virgo is also a feminine sign. Hence, they are very sensitive and subdued. Such native can also have constant up and down in life. They have trouble in early part of life but their life gets better in later part of life. Such native can be witty, clever, business minded with good entrepreneurship qualities. They are also punctual, detail oriented, practical but also critical of others. At the same time, they are good writers and speakers. On the other hand, they can be deceitful and less emotional.

They are determined but may not be loyal to others.

Moon in Hasta nakshatra in vedic astrology

14. Chitra

Range: 23°20’Virgo-6 °40′ Libra
Ruling planet: Mars
Deity: VIswakarma (Divine architect)
Gunas: Tamas
Symbol: Jewel

The native is skilled at constructing beautiful things. They can be good architect and artists. They are also logical, can make good network and conversation. On the other hand, they are headstrong with a lot of will power. They love to be within people.

In Libra sign, they can be good in business, movies, arts, creativity and fashion.

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Moon in Chitra nakshatra in vedic astrology

15. Swathi:

Range: 6 °40′ Libra- 20° Libra
Ruling planet: Rahu
Deity: Vayu (Wind God)
Gunas: Tamas
Symbol:Grass shoots

They are independent, free spirit people. But sometimes they can be indecisive and may hesitate in taking actions as they want to balance everything. Rahu rules the nakshatra. Hence, they are very business savvy and loves to make a lot of money. Saturn is exalted in the nakshatra. So they are good , elegant, cultured and know to deal with masses .

They are flexible with their ways and opinions.

16. Vishakha:

Range: 20° Libra- 3 ° 20′ Scorpio
Ruling planet: Jupiter
Deity: Indra(King of God) and Agni (Fire God)
Gunas: Sattvic
Symbol:Arch of Triumph or Potter’s wheel

They are warriors and has extreme ambitions. Hence they achieve their ambitions. At the same time, they get a lot of respect for their good deeds. On the other hand, they are extremely fiery, follow righteous path, religious, spiritual with immense knowledge. They can make excellent judges. On the contrary, in Scorpio sign, it brings competition, anger, jealousy and will power.

They are patient, determined and persistent.

17. Anuradha:

Range: 3 ° 20′ Scorpio- 16° 40′ Scorpio
Ruling planet: Saturn
Deity: Mitra( Friendship)
Gunas: Tamas
Symbol:Arch of Triumph or Lotus
They are relationship oriented and loves to be with family and friends. But at the same time, the Scorpio sign can bring a lot of negative energies like envy, jealousy and controlling behavior. The native can have a lot of negative energy due to debilitated moon. They are very loyal to their partner and expect the same from spouse. They can also be loyal, honest and humble while dealing with others. Besides, they have good leadership qualities. They love to roam around and rarely settle down.

They can make good counselor and psychologists.

18. Jyestha:

Range: 16° 40′ Scorpio- 30° Scorpio
Ruling planet: Mercury
Deity: Indra( God of war, and king of Gods)
Gunas: Sattvic
Symbol:Earring or divine umbrella

They have full scorpion energy without the effect of Saturn. Hence, they are proud, aggressive and ruthless in achieving their goal. Besides, they have great intelligence that can help them plan out their ambition. They also have a great will power to achieve success in corporate world. They can also be good leaders. On the other hand, they are highly introspective, secretive and loners and can be dictators. The symbol divine umbrella signifies divine protection from troubles.

It gives special status to native.

19. Moola:

Range: 0° Sagittarius – 13° 20’Sagittarius
Ruling planet: Ketu
Deity: Kali( Goddess of destruction)
Gunas: Tamas
Symbol:Roots of a tree

The first two pada of the nakshatra is called abhukta kala. It means during that period, it may give adverse fruits to the native and to the family member. Ketu rules the first nakshatra of Sagittarius. Ketu is a malefic planet that takes away everything. It prepares the native for liberation so early life of the individual can be full of suffering. Jupiter is the planet of optimism, luck, knowledge and teacher. They can be brave, straight forward, clear speech, gloomy, arrogant and proud.

Such native can use their knowledge for deeper research. They have a research oriented mind and can be philosopher, mystic, investigator, mystic who can perceive things outside of the world. At the same time, they can also have hidden desires and they are unable to find the root cause of any problem. They can become a victim by listening to others. They are born with purvasanchit upasana. Hence such people have a basic instinct and they will always find a higher position in profession or society. Their rising depends on other person downfall. Females are brave, straight forward, can make good decision. First pada of the nakshatra says the native comes with purvasanchit karma of the father so father may suffer after birth of the child.

Pada lords and their nature

Mars rules the first pada of the nakshatra. Hence, they have a strong eyesight, clear speech, personality, strong shoulder. They are bhoga people. Hence, they are profession and money oriented. Venus rules the second pada of the nakshatra. So these people are tyagi or have a sense of detachment. The native may leave their own benefit for others. The third charan belongs to mercury. Hence, they are sharp and intelligent people. They have a big friend circle and gets help from friends and network circle. They always gives advise to others and are very creative. The fourth charan belongs to moon. They can have a life like king. on the contrary, they can have some debt related to father in law though it is not mandatory. It is a sulochana nakshatra. Hence stolen things are not found. These nakshatra comprises of eleven stars.

The other name of moola nakshatra is Asura. As per mythology, it is named as moola nakshatra because devtas or god took a pledge to destroy the Asuras thorugh its roots so named Moola. The direction is southwest. The tree of the nakshatra is Sal that has gum. The content of the tree has capacity to cure any skin ailments or heat related diseases. They can be in agriculture, medical profession, teacher. At the same time, they are very spiritual but they will believe in spirituality only through proofs.

They are very ambitious.

Moon in moola nakshatra in vedic astrology

20. Purvashada

Range: 13°20′ Sagittarius – 26° 40’Sagittarius
Ruling planet: Venus
Deity: Apas( the cosmic ocean)
Gunas: Rajas
Symbol:Elephant tusk or fan

They are optimistic, confident, lucky, religious, spiritual, adventurous and jovial. The symbol of elephant tusk represents fights and wars. Apas is the deity of purvashada that represents water. Water flows and gives birth to life . Likewise, such people travel a lot to share their knowledge. They are very lucky and get tremendous fame. Besides, they also have a unique way to deal with public. They can be good speaker and hence, can win any debate. Sometimes, they are arrogant and egoistic .

They are wise and can give advice to anyone.

21. Uttara Ashada

Range: 26° 40’Sagittarius-10 ° Capricorn
Ruling planet: Sun
Deity: Vishwadevas( God of challenged victory)
Gunas: Rajas
Symbol:Elephant tusk or small bed

Uttara Ashada nakshatra is elephant tusk that represents wars and conflicts. They are subdued, hard working, patient, career oriented people. At the same time, they are noble minded with good leadership qualities. They have a lot of humanitarian goals. On the contrary, their ego may create problems in marriage and relationships. Bed is also the symbol of the nakshatra. So, the symbol indicates rest.

They are successful in their venture in later part of life.

Moon in Uttara ashada nakshatra in vedic astrology

22. Shravana

Range: 10° Capricorn -23° 20′ Capricorn
Ruling planet: Moon
Deity: Vishnu( the preserver)
Gunas: Rajas
Symbol:Ear or three foot in uneven row

Shravana nakshatra is indicated by ear that shows listening. So, such native gain good knowledge through listening. They use their knowledge in practical purpose. They can be good counselor, advisers. At the same time, they love tradition, religion, culture and can be good historian and archaeologist. This nakshatra is fully situated in Capricorn ruled by saturn. Saturn delays things of life. Moon, the ruler of nakshatra shows problems with mother or mind in early stage of life. Eventually things get smoothened.

They listen everything and speak less.

Moon in Shravana nakshatra in vedic astrology

23. Dhanistha

Range: 23 ° 20′ Capricorn – 6°40’Aquarius
Ruling planet: Mars
Deity: The eight vasus( Gods of material abundance)
Gunas: Tamas
Symbol:Drum or flute

The nakshatra extends across Capricorn and Aquarius. Mars being the ruler of the nakshatra gives extreme will power and confidence to fight through obstacles. As Mars is exalted in Capricorn they can be active and extremely ambitious along with being persistent, disciplined and hard working. The symbol of the nakshatra is drum and flute that shows they are punctual. They can be good speaker and can also be good at music, dance and sports. As Mars and Saturn are karaka of real estate they are good at acquiring real estate properties. They can be good engineers. On the contrary, they may suffer from emptiness and loneliness .

They can be active and extremely ambitious

Moon in Dhanistha nakshatra in vedic astrology

24. Shatabhista

Range: 6°40′ Aquarius – 20° Pisces
Ruling planet: Rahu
Deity: Varun( rain God)
Symbol:Empty circle

It is also known as satataraka nakshatra. It is also called pot of amrita. They are made of 100 stars. The lord of the nakshatra is Rahu. Rahu represents our ancestors and it shows that ancestors are blessing the native. It also shows that the native needs to complete the deeds pending from ancestors. They can have unique thoughts. It is also a sign of communication and intelligence. They love to go deep into things. If the fifth lord or eighth lord is in this nakshatra with rahu, it shows that they are rebirth of ancestors. They perform the pending deeds of the ancestors during the dasha or AD of fifth or eighth house. Venus in this nakshatra make one creative, mercury in this nakshatra can make one accountant, Saturn in this nakshatra can make one lawyer.

They can make excellent inventors or scientists. At the same time, they are very good communicators so they can make good revolutionaries. They have good perseverance. They are detail oriented too. Such native can also have negative thoughts, psychological diseases and can be pessimistic in nature. They have very few friends and can be loner. They are stubborn and opinionated but spiritual, brave and fast decision makers. Such native are never afraid of surrounding situations. On the contrary, they are introvert and secretive people.

They can make excellent inventors or scientists.

Different planets in this nakshatra

Mars in satataraka nakshatra can make good doctor. Jupiter rules first pada of satabhista nakshatra. Hence such people are dominating and can overpower other person. They are deep thinker, research oriented, mystic and can also be good astrologers. Saturn rules the second pada of satabhista nakshatra. They are inclined to tantras, mantras, occult science. North door is best for such people as per vastu. The roots of the kadamba tree is useful for the native with this nakshatra.

The nakshatra plays an important role in spirituality.

Moon in Shatabhista nakshatra in vedic astrology

25. Purvabhadrapada

Range: 20° Aquarius – 3° 20’Pisces
Ruling planet: Jupiter
Deity: Aja ekapada( a form of Rudra/Shiva)
Gunas: sattvic
Symbol:Front legs of a cot or two faced person

It comprises of 2 bright star and similar to shape of bed. It is a tripad nakshatra. They are attractive due to feature of Saturn and Jupiter. They are madhyalochan. Hence, things lost in this nakshatra are found rarely.

They can be great scientist, researcher, teacher. Hence they love to deal with subjects like astrology as it is deep research occult study. They always seeks people help due to their lack confidence. They are introvert and loves to stay alone. At the same time, they want leadership in life.

Different planets in the nakshatra

If ketu and saturn in this nakshatra, they can leave material world very soon. Mercury in this nakshatra can give interest in teaching field. If sun is in this nakshatra and afflicted, the person can lack bliss of father. They always think about their future. Hence, they are persistent in their effort and will power. As the deity of the nakshatra is Aja ekapada , which is a darker form of Rudra. Hence they can be polite and generous as well as violent and aggressive. The nakshatra is calmer in Pisces as Jupiter rules the sign.

Pada lords and their characteristics

The four charan are mars, mercury, Venus, moon. In first pada, the native is aggressive as well as cold. The second pada is Venus. Hence they are fond of materialistic pleasure but suddenly can detach from material life. They can also be in occult, teachings etc. The third pada ruled by mercury shows that the native can be in legal matters, teachings. If Sun is in third pada they can be in medical field. Rahu and sun can give interest in field of Ayurveda. The fourth charan lord is moon. Hence, they are soft, honest, compassionate. If Jupiter is afflicted, they can be dual minded, selfish, lack decision making skills. This star is society oriented. Hence they can be working for welfare of burning problems of society like NGO, services.

They can be unpredictable due to dual nature of the nakshatra.

26. Uttarbhadrapada

Range: 3° 20’Pisces- 16° 40’Pisces
Ruling planet: Saturn
Deity: Ahir Budhyana( Water serpent)
Gunas: Tamas
Symbol:Back leg of a cot or set of twins

The deity of the nakshatra is a water serpent that shows destruction and violence but the violent side calms down as the nakshatra is in Pisces. They also show a lot of interest in spirituality, tantra and other mysteries of life. The nakshatra is ruled by Saturn that shows that they are earthy, practical and believes in hard work. At the same time, they are compassionate with good management and organization skills.They are lucky as Venus is exalted in Pisces.

Jupiter gives them immense knowledge and they can be good mystic.

27. Revati

Range: 16° 40’Pisces- 30°Pisces
Ruling planet: Mercury
Deity: Pushan( Nourisher)
Gunas: Sattvic

The symbol of Revati is a fish that shows that the person can drift aimlessly in life. On the contrary, they are compassionate, forgiving , sacrificing and love to serve people. It is the last nakshatra so it indicates moksha and liberation. They can be involved in different humanitarian and spiritual world. They can be imaginative as Revati is ruled by mercury and mercury is debilitated in Pisces. So such native can lack logical thinking. As Venus is exalted in this nakshatra, they can be fond of culture and traditions.

These people can be good counselor as Jupiter rules Pisces.

Moon in Revati nakshtra in vedic astrology

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