Numerology is study of numbers and how those numbers impact the life of an individual. It is practiced since ancient times and each number is considered to have a specific energy. Those energies define the trait of an individual. It is believed that the universe is a system and when broken it can only have numbers. In numerology there are terms like life path and karmic path, psychic path. Karmic path of an individual is more significant than life path. The definition of life path and karmic path are mentioned below

How to find life path?

To find a life path in numerology we need to add the entire birth date, month and year. For eg: If date of birth is 23/12/1987 than the life path is 2+3+1+2+1+9+8+6= 3+2= 5

So 5 is the life path of the individual.

How to find the karmic/psychic number?

Karmic/psychic number is the sum of your birth date. If your birth date is 23 than 2+3= 5 So 5 is your karmic number too.

Suppose if there is a difference between your karmic number and life path number than there can be traits of both the number in the individual.


In numerology the numbers can be classified into three groups

1,5,7 group:

They love working alone and want to take their own time while completing work. They also love to be entrepreneurs.

2,4,8 group:

They are business minded people and love to be entrepreneurs. At the same time, they love to work with groups and manage people.

3,6,9 group:

They are very social people. They can be in event management, advertising, marketing and can be very social people.

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Life path and karmic number 1

The life path number 1 can represent ego, power and leadership skills. Sun rules number 1. They can be very arrogant and egoistic at the same time. The number 1, 2, 7 and 5 are compatible with 1.

Hidden passion of number 1

They are bold, independent, ambitious, competitive, creative. They can also go for leadership and management

Life path and karmic number 2

Moon rules number 2 . They are care takers and nourishes others. Such people are creative, emotional, intelligent, sensitive, sensual, shy and care givers but at the same time can be moody. They can be good friends, writers, doctors and nurses.

Such people are intuitive as this number 2 indicates imagination and intuition. They can be good followers, can take great initiative if someone starts something. They can adjust and cooperate in any situation. Such people love silence, peace, harmony. At the same time, they love to be within family and want happiness in family. They can be good in arts and creativity. Such people are affectionate and good in partnership. They do well in relationship.

Hidden passion of number 2

They are intuitive, considerate, harmonious and always seek peace, harmony.

Life path and karmic number 3

Jupiter rules number 3. They can be good comedians, financial adviser and stock broker. Such people can also be good professor, teacher and comedian with average writing skills. They are compatible with 3, 6 and 9 people.

Sometimes, they can be bossy and arrogant at times but they are good at managing people. They are good at managing people and also they are bestowed with good leadership qualities. Though they are ambitious, they are ready to help others at any cost. They are religious but at the same time they want status and respect in society. They are disciplined and love rules, regulations in life.

Hidden passion of number 3

They are social, broadminded, optimistic, good entertainer and has good writing ability.

Life path and karmic number 4

Rahu rules number 4 . The numbers 2, 4 and 8 are mainly for material wealth. They like stability and love to remain humble and grounded. At the same time, they are calculative organized, planned people. They love to work with partners. Such people can be good supervisors and managers. They do well in managerial positions in life but don’t like showing off their wealth to others. They like to keep things to themselves. Such people are compatible with 1, 2, 4, 7, 8.

They are practical and has masculine nature. They are rational, realistic and goal oriented people. Such people also have a methodical and practical ways of approaching goals in life. They are hard working and always makes their ways through their sheer hard work. But at the same time, they are very materialistic . They love travelling but at the same time wants fame and money. They are visionary and can work towards it.

Hidden passion of number 4

They are systematic, practical, organised, reliable, self discipline, realistic and detail oriented.

Life path and karmic number 5

Mercury rules number 5. Number 5 is a very neutral number. They are logical and intelligent so, they can be good decision makers at home. They can judge characters very well. Such people stay grounded and like varieties in life. They are philosophical and less dominating and less egoistic. They can be very good in speaking and business. Such people can also be shrewd with good business acumen. At the same time, they can be good in media, marketing and advertising too. Such people can get addicted to things that needs to be taken care. As mercury rules skin, they can have skin problem and health issues. They should undergo natural treatment. Sometimes they can also be nervous as mercury indicates nervous system.

They love travelling and nature. They can be good at psychology and can heal others. As mercury represents duality, they are dual in nature. Sometimes they are very happy or sad. They are adventurous and happy go lucky people. However, they love to balance everything and they get everything in life on time. They can be good accountant and financial adviser. However, they are also calculative and have good calculative approach in life At the same time, they have good sense of humor and wit. They are lucky in terms of finance. They are compatible with 2 and 8.

Hidden passion of number 5

They are versatile, adaptable, neutral and public relations can be good for them. They are creative too.

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Life path and karmic number 6

Number 6 mainly represents home. They are more about beauty of home, appreciating home. Such people have great interior decorators skills. and they can also make great cooks. They love to do home business. At the same time, they can be great mothers as they love to nourish their child and home.

They can be good at sacrificing things. At the same time, they are caring, loving and nurturing people. Status is important for them and they also care about society. They are very caring, loving to their family and want to stay close to the family. They love nature and interested in sports their favorable number are 3, 6 and 9.

Hidden passion of number 6

They can be good healers, counsellor, teacher, more humane, caring and sacrificing.

Life path and karmic number 7

Moon and ketu represents Number 7 . Moon represents both 2 and 7 because both number represents emotions. It is one of the most spiritual number in zodiac. It represents tranquility and isolation. They love to be alone and secluded. They can also be good writers and observe life very minutely. However, they are not social but very introvert and committed lovers.

In terms of career they do not like to work under supervision as they face authoritative issues. They are self employed people. They can be good romantic writers and film editors. At the same time, they are very much into spirituality and loves to work behind the scenes like film makers and directors. They can also be good healers, psychic and astrologers. They can be good at ayurveda too. Anything with spiritual path is number 7. They can be either studious or artistic. At the same time, they also loves to dig deep and can be good researchers and they can be compatible with 1, 2, 4 .

They are one of the most spiritual person. They are intuitive, imaginative and love to be isolated. Such people are methodical and good researchers. They also love to know hidden facts and secrets of the universe. Hence, they can be very good in mystics and occult sciences. They do well in creative things and writing. As they observe everything minutely, they can be good at judging people. They can also go into depression as they love to be secluded from society. They are intelligent and love subjects like metaphysics. The ruling planet is ketu so it gives the native interest in occult and mysticism. They can be good innovators. So the number 25 gives more intuition to the native as 2 is moon.

Hidden passion of number 7

They are intuitive, intellectual, scientific and more into meta physical things and philosophy.

Life path and karmic number 8

Saturn represents number 8 and it represents wealth, power and incoming gains. Anyone born on 26, 17 and 8th of any month belongs to this category. Early part of their lives can be full of lessons. They always want to control things in professional and personal life. Hence, they can be good leaders, CEO and presidents in terms of career, they can present best products in life, 8 is also a feminine number. They are very emotional and sensible individual. They can understand and judge people very well. 8,2,5 are strong bonds and they can be very neutral in approach,

They have a very deep intellect and they have a lot of powers in them. Due to continuous struggle sometimes they may give up, But continuous hard work can give them a lot of success. Dark shades gives a lot of stability to them and Saturday can be a lucky day for them. They can do good in managerial aspects. They can be misunderstood at times. As eight comprises of two circle, one is materialistic and another is spirituality. One must look for higher spiritual dimension to gain material wealth. Number 5 brings lot of stability to their life. They can get along with 2,4 and 8. 8 and 7 can be incompatible.

Hidden passion of number 8

They are materialistic with a good business sense. At the same time, they can be good organizers, managers and can judge people. They will do good in counselling too.

Life path and karmic number 9

Mars rules number 9 . Mars represents anger, fighting ability. They can be good in humanitarian activities and can be involved in taking care of people. They can also be best doctors, surgeons and nurses. At the same time, they can be good hotel managers too. They can do a lot of charity and non profit work. However, they are people with strong willpower and they finish the tasks they take charge of. They can also be best actors and entertainers too. Such people are compatible with 3, 6 and 9 themselves.

They are broad minded, spiritual, compassionate, warm nature people. However, they are creative with a strong sense of humor. They should always help people to increase the positivity of number 9. At the same time, they are social and love to travel. They can be philosophical but they are good at expressing themselves. They can sacrifice till any extent and are always ready to serve others. Wealth comes easy for them. They are assertive and has a magnetic personality that can attract a lot of people. They are scattered and wants to go in many different streams at a time. This is one of the negative trait of number 9. They can do well in public. At the same time, they can be good healers and can be in hospital or medical field. They are enthusiastic, creative and do well with 3, 6 and 9 people.

Hidden passion of number 9

They are generous, compassionate, generous, artistic, creative, knowledgeable, emotional and mature person.

Master numbers

Master numbers has high energy so if they are again added to get a single digit, that number too has a lot of energy. 11, 22,33 and 44 are defined as master number. So if you add 11 as 1+1=2 so 2 has a very high energy.

At the same time, master numbers are spiritual numbers. 11 people likes to go to higher plane of spirituality and their home life Amy suffer unless they find balance with life path or karmic number. They may ignore the home life as they always wants to know more about spirituality and mysticism .

Master number 22 wants everything big in life. They are creative and have vast ideas. They want to implement things in big ways. Number 33 wants to love and contribute to humanity. They always want to bring love and peace to the world. They always want to show the world that they achieved something good in the world.

Number 44 always wants to do something in big way. They can accomplish big things in life. They are extremely passionate people and they are very passionate about spirituality. Master numbers always want to do good in society.

Karmic debt number:

13,14, 16 an 19 are karmic debt numbers. Karmic debt means a debt of past life. They may face obstacles or person may get misunderstood in life.

Karmic debt number 13 shows they are not fortunate sometimes . They should focus and work hard repeatedly to achieve goal. They do not succeed by shortcuts. So they should work hard continuously.

Karmic debt number 14 should be very adaptable to situations.

16 is a karmic debt number. Though number 7 is highly spiritual and intuitive. They are intellectual but they can have a high ego. Their ego falls with age. They realize a lot of things with age and it can be a painful process. So they should control their ego at early age.

19 is also a karmic debt number. Number 19 are loners and they can face struggle alone. They may not take advice of others and they may take all advice alone when they face obstacles.

Best day to get married in numerology

Thursdays and Fridays are best days for marriage in numerology. 2, 6 and 7 are the best dates for marriage. As 2 represents moon and 6 represents Venus and 7 is a spiritual number. The digit 7 connects both the partner in a spiritual ground.

Profession in numerology

In numerology profession of a person is determined by life path number and psychic numbers.

Number 1: They are independent and have good leadership qualities. It indicates starting something on their own, self employment and self reliant at times.

Number 2: They are diplomatic, intuitive people. They can be good advisers and counselors. They can be good at occult. At the same time, they can also be good doctors and nurses. They are intelligent people with creative ideas. They can be good politician but sometimes they do not like public exposure, they can also be good teacher and can gain from real estate.

Number 3: They are creative so any form of arts like music, acting, writing can suit them.

Number 4: They are practical and detail oriented. They can be good bankers, accountant, engineers etc.

Number 5: They love to travel and has good communication skills. They always want variety in jobs and hate routine jobs.

Number 6: They are good at healing, teaching. They are responsible people.

Number 7: They are research oriented, spiritual people. They love analysis of job as well as occult science.

Number 8: They are good at authoritative jobs. They can be good at business, management.

Number 9: They love helping others and diplomatic at times. They can be good social workers.

Numerology and alphabets

In numerology each alphabet has a specific energy and number


Maturity number:

Maturity number is the sum of karmic/ psychic number and life path number.
So suppose if a person is born in 25/12/1990 then his life path number is 2+5+1+2+1+9+9+0=29= 2+9=11 and his karmic/ psychic number is 2+5=7. Hence maturity number is 11+7=18=1+8=9. So with maturity the person will have more qualities of number 9 than their life path or psychic number.

So here are the details of each maturity number

Number 1: They can be good fighters, leaders. They can be very independent and do not give up anything easily. But they should prevent themselves from being too bossy.

Number 2: They are diplomatic, shrewd but at the same time humane. They care for others. They are supportive.

Number 3: They are optimistic, creative with good will power.

Number 4: They are practical, organized and more down to earth. They are focused and goal oriented people. They are realistic.

Number 5: They are influential, adventurer, creative with good communication skill. they are very versatile and may focus in energy in too many things.

Number 6: They become more closer to family, friends. They can be good at politics and can have a peaceful old age.

Number 7: They are research oriented, philosophical and religious. They can be lonely at times.

Number 8: They are self disciplined with good financial position. But they can be egoistic at times. They can be good in business.

Number 9: They can be inclined to society, public service. They are artistic, creative and inclined towards humanity.

SO once you mature, you will find these traits in yourself and it will leaad to a path of self realization.

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