Planetary aspects in vedic astrology

Planetary aspects plays an important role in vedic astrology. Every planet in vedic astrology has their aspects. Aspects are nothing but the houses that the planets can rules besides the house it is placed, Here we will discuss planetary aspects of each planet in vedic astrology.

Planetary aspects in vedic astrology

Aspect of Sun in vedic astrology

Sun is authority, ego, confidence. Hence, Sun indicates authoritativeness on the house it aspect. Sun always aspect the seventh position from itself. . The prior meaning of the seventh aspect of Sun is the person have a certain authority related to the activities of the house. So the energy of Sun will always be reflected on the house it aspects. Now if any other planet is placed on the house it aspects, Sun will activate the planet and will bring activities related to the planet on that house.

Sun in all houses

For example: For Taurus ascendant, Sun is in 5th house in the sign of Virgo and Mars is in 11th house in the sign of Pisces. Scorpio rules the seventh house for Taurus ascendant. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio. The antardasha of Sun is bringing marriage or significant changes in relationship in the native life because Sun aspects Mars, which is in the 11th house though it is not aspecting 7th house of marriage and partnership.

Sun in 4th house aspect the tenth house shows authority in work , career, politics.

Aspect of moon in astrology

Moon is the significator of parenting, nourishment and emotions. Moon always aspects the seventh position from itself. Aspect of moon shows emotional harmony related to the activities of the house. For example : If moon is in third house that shows collecting information, learning, writing and as moon aspect the ninth house, the person will be interested in publishing his/her writing, learning and higher education.

Moon in all houses

Moon also bring the qualities of the house it rules for a particular ascendant.

For example : For Aquarius ascendant, Moon rules the sixth house of debt and diseases. If moon is placed in third house in Aries , it shows emotional attachment towards ninth house activities. But at the same time, they may face obstacle or debt while dealing with the activities of ninth house or higher learning. It shows moon is bringing the energy of sixth house in ninth house.

For Scorpio ascendant, Moon rules the ninth house. Moon in first house for Scorpio ascendant shows the person is extremely possessive about oneself as well as their spouse or partners. They always love to preach about higher learning and philosophy. At the same time, it can be too intense or difficult for other person to understand the philosophies of the native. There can also be instances when moon in first house can activate the planet in seventh house. Though the planet in seventh house has nothing to do with higher learning but as moon aspects the planet, the person can go for higher learning during the antardasha of the planet.

Aspect of Venus in astrology

Venus is the goddess of Love, marriage & beauty . Besides that, Venus is also Gods of demon.  The planet represents women, genital organs, urinary tract, luxury, comforts, conveyance, marriage, relationship, romance, wife in man chart Venus represents assets, love, semen, ovaries, music, dance, drama, abundance, jewelry, diamond. Venus is all about love and it also represents the highest manifestation of love also known as divine love. Venus is female figure. Every female figure that we look around is Venus. Venus is also gratitude, arts& music, marriage, relationship and sexual pleasure. Venus is conveyance, warmth & comfort. 

Meaning of aspect of Venus

Venus always aspect seventh house from itself. The aspect shows the ability to love other people or activities related to the house . The aspect of Venus also shows curiosity and passion related to the activities of the house. Venus signifies marriage . So if seventh house lord aspects Venus than the person may get married during the dasha antardasha of the seventh lord .

Venus in third house aspect the ninth house. It shows love for travel and curiosity in meeting different culture. Venus in third house shows interest in foreign currencies, in fifth house shows extremely creative person with interest in ancient religious texts. From fifth house, Venus aspect the 11th house of gains, network. Hence, Venus in fifth house can flourish gains and network circle of eleventh house. Venus in ascendant aspects 7th house shows eagerness to form relationship in life. If Venus is exalted then the native can be a philanthropist.

So placement of Venus shows passion related to the activities of the house.

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Aspects of Jupiter in vedic astrology

There are three aspects of Jupiter. Besides seventh aspect, jupiter also has fifth and ninth aspect. Jupiter on first house aspect fifth, seventh and ninth house. Jupiter in second house aspects sixth, eighth and tenth house.

Fifth aspect of Jupiter :

Fifth house is the house of education, children, teaching, counselling and happiness. Jupiter is the planet of optimism and happiness. As fifth house is related to teaching, counseling. Hence fifth aspect of Jupiter shows that the person wants to teach, preach and educate the activities related to that house. So if Jupiter is in twelfth house, it aspects the fourth house that shows person loves to be a teacher in creativity or business but in a home environment. S/he loves to be a counselor at home.

Seventh aspect of Jupiter:

The seventh aspect of Jupiter shows that where or with whom the person wants to interact or share his/her knowledge. If jupiter aspects the seventh house from first house, person will be like teacher or guide to spouse or other people.

Ninth aspect of Jupiter:

Ninth house is the house of higher education, religion, philosophy, teacher, guru, ancient texts. Jupiter signifies all these things. The ninth aspect of Jupiter shows higher education related to that house. They develop their own philosophy and with time they can become the guru of the activities related to that house. If Jupiter is in 11th house, the person can be philosophical in married life. They can also develop their own philosophical ways to deal with the spouse.
Jupiter brings optimism and strength on the houses it aspects. Jupiter is hope and desire as well as the expansion of hopes and desires. Hence Jupiter is the karaka of 11th house of hopes and wishes.

Detailed analysis of aspects of Jupiter

Aspects of Saturn in vedic astrology

Saturn has three aspects- third, seventh and tenth from its position.

Third aspect of Saturn

Third house is the house of efforts and hard work. At the same time, third house is also an upachya house that improves with time. It is the house of putting efforts for a long time till we gain the results. Hence Saturn is also about hard work, efforts and perseverance. So Saturn gets third aspects. Besides effort, one must be organized and disciplined. For example : Saturn in 1st house aspects third house that shows that we need to put effort while gaining from siblings, friends, cousins.

Seventh aspect of Saturn

Like any other planet, Saturn has seventh aspect from its position. The seventh aspect of Saturn shows responsibilities and patience while dealing with the activities related to that house. Saturn gets full directional strength in 7th house and so it throws highest karma through its seventh aspect. The seventh aspect of Saturn shows that accumulation of huge karma related to the relationship or activities associated with the house. While analyzing the seventh aspect, also check the position of Venus as Venus is the karaka of every relationship.

Tenth aspect of Saturn

Tenth house is the house of duties and responsibilities. The original zodiac sign of tenth house is Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn. Capricorn is all about duties and responsibilities. Hence Saturn gets its tenth aspects. It also shows that you need to deal with patience while dealing with people related to the house. If Saturn aspect tenth house from first house, you have to put effort to improve your reputation in society and you also need to deal with patience and discipline while dealing with boss, authoritative figures.

So if Saturn is in 7th house, it will aspect 9th house, 1st house and 4th house from itself.

Saturn gains directional strength in seventh house as Libra is the exaltation sign of Saturn. Saturn looses directional strength in Aries.

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Aspect of Mars in vedic astrology

Mars like any other planet aspect the seventh house from itself. It has three aspects- 4th, 7th and 8th from its position.

Aspect of mars shows willpower to achieve, conquer, overpower or dominate the activities related to the houses. Mars gets directional strength in 10th house and looses the same in fourth house. The maturity age of Mars is 31 years. Result can be more favorable after the age of 31.

Reason of special aspect of Mars

4th aspect: Fourth aspect is the house of home and land. Mars is the karaka of real estate. Besides that, Mars is a soldier so it represents fighting for the people of homeland. Mars is also the karaka of efforts and actions.

8th aspect: 8th house is the house of death, secrecy and occult, rebirth and transformation. So Mars being the karaka of 8th house shows dealing with fears and emergency.


Mars in ascendant shows protectiveness towards mother, home and dwelling. They also love to collect weapon. The seventh aspect shows they want to dominate other people. The eighth aspect shows they are not afraid to face challenges of life. Hence, they are action oriented and active in life.

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Aspects of Ketu in vedic astrology

In astrology, Ketu has three aspects, 5th, 7th and 9th aspect from its position. The fifth aspect of ketu is lighter than 9th aspect of ketu. The fifth aspect shows curiosity regarding the activities of that house, ninth aspect shows digging deep or research related to the house. Ketu is separation but it may not separate a person physically but emotionally. Ketu is a chaotic energy. Dissatisfaction comes from where it is placed and curiosity comes through its aspects. So if Ketu is at 3rd house, it will aspect 8th, 10th and 12th house from its position.

Detailed analysis of aspect of ketu in vedic astrology

Aspect of Rahu in astrology

Rahu has its special aspect of fifth and ninth house because fifth and ninth houses are dharma houses. It is also the house of knowledge and education so only dharma and education can remove the illusion of a person. So Rahu will give illusion wherever it sits but the fifth and ninth aspects of Rahu will help to break the illusion related to the house where Rahu is placed . For eg. If rahu is placed in 2nd house, it shows the person can have illusion regarding his/her family, family wealth but Rahu aspects 6th house of daily work routines, obstacles and tenth house of career, father. So it shows responsibilities of career, father will shatter the illusion of wealth and family.

Rahu is illusion. So placement of Rahu in any house gives illusion related to the activities of the individual house.  But the 5th and 9th aspect of Rahu helps to get rid of illusion through wisdom, knowledge and realization.

Detailed analysis of aspect of Rahu in vedic astrology

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