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Sadhe sati and dhaiya transit of Saturn

Transit of Saturn is one of the important factor that needs to be taken into consideration while analyzing a birth horoscope. Transit of Saturn also accompanies many names like sadhe sati, dhaiya. So today we will discuss those sadhe sati and dhaiya transit of saturn and how it impacts life of people.

The maturity age of Saturn is 35 years. Hence any transit of Saturn after 35 years can have a little impact on life of person. For Capricorn or Aquarius ascendant or native with Saturn in 1st house of the birth chart ttransit of Saturn can have more impact on the native than other zodiacs as Saturn is the lagna lord of those person. Saturn is karmakaraka planet.

Saturn stays in a sign for 2.5 years . Hence the effect of Saturn transit is more than any other planet as Saturn spends longest duration in each sign. As a karmakaraka planet , it will calculate the karmas of each individual and give results as per the karma.

A person can have good sade sati dasha if he is careful before the dasha arrives. Its all about karmas.

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Now lets discuss sade sati

Sade Sati

Sade sati is the phase when Saturn transit over moon sign, the 12th house from moon sign and second house from moon sign. So, from moon sign 12th,1st (the moon sign or rashi itself) and 2nd house transit of Saturn is called sade sati.

It is believed during that period Saturn brings different challenges related to the activities of the house it transits. It also activates the houses, it aspects. Saturn takes 2.5 years to rule over a sign so 2.5*3= 7.5 years.

For example If moon sign or rashi is Virgo, than transit of Saturn through Leo, Virgo and Libra makes 7.5 years of sadhe sati. Transit of saturn in sign of Leo which is 12th house from moon sign is called first phase of sade sati.

Transit of saturn in moon sign of Virgo is called second phase of sade sati. Third phase of sade sati is the transit of saturn in Libra which is 2nd house from moon sign.

First phase/First 2.5 years of sade sati

The transit of Saturn over zodiac 12th from moon sign or just before the moon sign is called first phase of sade sati. 12th house is the house of closing.

During that time Saturn closes all the long lasting pending matters . It will close all the matters in which person was emotionally involved/working for a long time.

As Saturn is a slow moving planet it gives enough indication before ending anything. It will give enough indication before it takes the judgement in its own hand. In this phase it will close the all the doubtful or emotionally exhausted matters of the native.

In case of Virgo moon sign, Saturn will transit through Leo sign in first phase of sade sati. Leo sign is a fiery sign and the transit can give a sense of relief to the person. The person can come out of the things he was dealing emotionally for a long time.

Second phase or middle 2.5 years of sade sati

Second phase of sade sati brings actual result of sade sati. This is the time when Saturn transits over moon sign. This may bring mental pressure in the life of native. The health of mother can also be impacted as moon represents mother.

During this phase Saturn brings transformation in life as Saturn is the karaka of 8th house of rebirth, transformation.

And ones mind needs to cope up with certain transformations so the mind remains under pressure. If we didn’t close the long pending matters in 1st phase of sade sati Saturn will close it during the second phase by taking everything in its own hand.

For Virgo moon sign Saturn transits over Virgo. As Virgo is the original sixth house as per kalpurush kundali the person or his family members can face obstacles or fall sick during that time though any benefic aspect of Jupiter can nullify the result.

This is the most important phase of sade sati when saturn transit over moon sign. It closes old things and give new beginning.

Third phase/ Last 2.5 years of sade sati

The third phase of sade sati is the time to get rewards, Saturn is a teacher and he punishes the native for wrong deeds.

Saturn calculates the karma of the native and based on that he bestows the native with good or bad result. If the native really worked hard during the time of 5 years of sade sati than Saturn will help the native to gain certain things in life.

For Virgo moon sign, the third phase of sade sati will be when Saturn transits over Libra sign. So there can be some relationship issues and the person can gain from business or job.

Position of moon and Saturn:

Sade sati can be harsh when there is no aspect of Jupiter over moon or if moon is placed in dustana houses or enemy sign or in enemy sign of Saturn like Leo, Scorpio, Aries, Cancer, Virgo.

Sadhe sati is mainly effective in its 2nd phase and when Saturn is close to moon the person starts feeling pressure or can take bad decisions of life. So if Saturn and Moon both are well placed and exalted or in own or friendly sign than the effect of sade sati can reduce.


Another factor to watch during sade sati is dasha we are running through. If someone is running through Saturn, ketu or rahu dasha , the effect can be more intense than someone running through a benefic dasha of Jupiter .

Sade sati remedies:

There is no specific remedies for Sade sati. Saturn wants people to be humble, polite, kind, compassionate with others so Saturn can reward people with good nature during that period.

Saturn is also the planet for justice so lawyers can get more cases who fights for right reasons.

Then we need to accept the challenges and changes Saturn is giving us during Sade sati. We need to be careful about health issues. And let go of people or things who are not destined to be in our life.

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Saturn transiting fourth house and eighth house from moon sign is the phase of dhaiya. Dhaiya period stays for 2.5 years.

Saturn transit fourth house from moon sign

When Saturn transits fourth house from moon it brings new responsibilities to the native. For Virgo moon sign the fourth house transit from moon sign is Sagittarius so transit of Saturn over Sagittarius is called dhaiya period.

The period will be there for 2.5 years. From Sagittarius Saturn aspects Virgo where moon is placed so it will bring new duties and responsibilities on the individual. That’s why dhaiya period is a feared period.

So if Saturn is in 12th house and aspect moon in 9th house, the person may need to return back home from long distance travel due to some responsibility.

The native can also follow less rituals and religion due to stress or mental pressure or due to certain responsibilities. The native can also struggle to earn as Saturn aspect the second house too.

Saturn transits eighth house from moon

Another dhaiya transit is when Saturn transits 8th house from moon. For Virgo moon sign eighth house is Aries is where Saturn is debilitated. This is another period of dhaiya of 2.5 years.

Saturn can bring changes during that period or it can bring major transformation as Saturn is 8th from moon. 8th house is the house of birth, death and transformation while Saturn is the karaka of 8th house.

So when moon is in 8th house and Saturn transits overs third house it can bring major transformation related to siblings and business.

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