Saturn in all houses

Saturn is anxiety, delay, obstruction, limitations, restrictions, bones, teeth, nails, death, diseases, sorrow, misery. The planet Saturn is any father figure or boss at workplace. Saturn rules Capricorn and its mooltrikona sign is Aquarius. It is exalted in libra. Saturn represents duty, commitment, sacrifice, structure and the challenges that we face in life. Saturn is hard work, organization, discipline and perseverance. Wherever Saturn is placed , people related to the house gives step treatment. Saturn is master and servant. It is the karmic debt. Saturn is exalted in Libra & receives directional strength in seventh house . Saturn rules Capricorn and its moolatrikona sign is Aquarius. Here is the detailed analysis of Saturn in all houses in Vedic astrology

Saturn in first house/ Saturn in 1st house

Saturn in first house shows suppressed personality from beginning. S/he takes life too seriously and also handles work with lot of sincerity. They are the most disciplined people in the world and always strives for discipline. S/he is law abiding so s/he can be good lawyer or judge. They take justified decision. S/he becomes mature at early age though s/he tastes success after mid 30.

From first house Saturn aspect the seventh house that shows loyal and faithful marriage. Marriage for the native gets delayed from early 30 till mid 30. S/he should avoid marriage at early age to avoid bad experiences. Marriage soon turns into responsibility & soon s/he may be blessed with child just after marriage. S/he has mature partner. From first house Saturn aspects third house that shows disciplined or stressed relationship with sibling if any. From first house Saturn aspect the tenth house that shows job in leadership, politics, engineering jobs. If Saturn is in Libra in first house s/he can be dentist.

Saturn in second house/ Saturn in 2nd house

Saturn in second house shows accumulated wealth of a person, initial education, speech, earning capacity. Second house is also house of family so it shows restricted relationship with family members. S/he lacks interest in worldly possession or may be deprived of comfort. S/he is spiritual, interested in occult or secret knowledge. Saturn in second house gives good longevity to the person. S/he may feel deprived of nourishment and may also see poverty in early life that helps them to be disciplined. S/he may have bad habit at early age or long term addiction. At the same time, s/he is philosophical in speech at later life.

From second house Saturn third aspect on fourth house shows that mother may face difficulties in life. S/he may experience unpleasant situation in childhood and may lack peace of mind at childhood. Owning home comes at late life. S/he may face difficulty in education too. Family is strict and disciplined. Saturn aspect on eighth house shows distant relationship with in laws and delay in accumulation of wealth. Aspect on eleventh house shows restricted income or earnings till mid life. There can be restricted relationship with elder siblings till mid life. Saturn in second house also shows self effort.

Saturn in third house/ Saturn in 3rd house

The planet Saturn in third house shows restricted/ distant relationship with siblings or sibling may try to always attack the native unless there is a Jupiter or Venus aspect. It restricts the communication skill of the person till mid 30. The grasping ability of the individual may be slow or may give a long gap in education. S/he can be a slow learner. S/he has good philosophical views at matured age but may be ignorant about philosophy at young age. At the same time, s/he can be good novelist. Third house is courage and Saturn represents fear so there may be a fear of representing courage till mid 30. S/he thinks a lot before taking business. But once s/he starts a business, s/he can take big risk.

From third house Saturn aspect the fifth house that shows restricted education or gap in education. S/he may incur loss in stock market at early age. Love life may be dry till mid 30 and there is a possibility of arrange marriage. Delay in marriage is a possibility only when Saturn is sitting with the lord of seventh house or aspect the lord of seventh house. There may be a delay in child birth. Saturn seventh aspect on ninth house shows neglecting or questioning religion at early age. The teaching of father or guru may be restricted. Saturn tenth aspect on twelfth house shows chances to reach foreign land only after mid 30. It also shows restriction in imagination or spiritual deeds. Saturn restricts the losses of the native with its tenth aspect.

Saturn in fourth house/ Saturn in 4th house

Saturn in fourth house shows the early life of the native is strict and discipline. The mother of the native is very disciplined. As fourth house is one of the Kendra house Saturn becomes strong though it is in the original house of moon, gives a solid foundation of education to the native. It makes them very serious in education. Saturn adds values in the individual of life. If Saturn is in good dignity then Saturn can represent a real estate builder. If Saturn is exalted in this house, Saturn may give certain ups and downs in the life of person though it may add conveyance to the person life.

From fourth house Saturn aspect sixth house of diseases, litigation, enemies that shows win over enemies. Saturn seventh aspect on tenth house shows career in medical field as Saturn also aspect the sixth house of diseases. S/he can also be a lawyer. Saturn tenth aspect on ascendant makes one very disciplined and s/he must take care of his/her health. After mid 30 it gives a lot of success in local politics at homeland. Saturn can also separate a person from homeland in early part of childhood. The person can get good success in real estate but acquiring own home can be a problem in life.

Saturn in fifth house/ Saturn in 5th house

Saturn in fifth house shows obstacles or delays in education. Saturn is uncomfortable in the house of sun as per kalpurush kundali. So Saturn may restrict fun or bring certain dullness in life. S/he loves older relative than same age people. When Venus and Saturn aspect each other it brings a lot of creativity in the person. When Saturn is with Venus or mercury in fifth house it brings creativity to the person. S/he needs to be serious in education if s/he wants to achieve anything. Saturn may delay or obstruct education.

S/he may have a dry love life. S/he may get hurt in love life as Saturn gives long relationship and then a heart break. It is always better to go for an arrange marriage with this placement though Saturn third aspect on seventh house shows effort in marriage. There may be delay in child birth. Saturn restrict network circle, gains and income through its seventh aspect on eleventh house. Their wishes gets fulfilled only after mid 30. Saturn aspect on second house shows restricted speech or less help from family or responsibility towards family at an early age.

Saturn in sixth house/ Saturn in 6th house

Saturn performs well in sixth, eighth and twelfth house. Saturn in sixth house shows conflict at work, s/he may need to work for long hours to achieve something in life. Promotion of the individual is delayed till mid 30. As Saturn suppresses the things related to the house, it can make you win over enemies. From sixth house Saturn aspects the eighth house of sudden events and death and suppresses major accident and early death. It also shows distant relationship with in laws and less benefit from in laws.

S/he can be a mystic an interested in occult. Saturn seventh aspects on twelfth house of losses and expenses reduces it. Saturn aspect third house through tenth aspect that shows s/he is careful about speaking. As Saturn shows law and order and sixth house is disputes, s/he can be good lawyer. Sixth house is illness and diseases, so someone can recover from diseases and can be a healer. Saturn aspect twelfth house of isolated place and spirituality and may send the native to isolated place or foreign land for daily routine life. Saturn tenth aspect on third house of younger sibling and effort/courage, that shows distant relationship with younger sibling. On the other hand, Saturn give result to the individual after 30. S/he speaks only when required.

Saturn in seventh house/ Saturn in 7th house

Saturn in seventh house shows delay in marriage. A retrograde Saturn in seventh house gives early marriage. Saturn in seventh house shows matured partner. Saturn puts discipline in marriage and fun side may be less in marriage. At the same time, Saturn gives well committed and balanced partner when placed on friendly sign or exalted sign. Saturn in seventh house gives an intact marriage unless Saturn aspect by mars or rahu. Saturn is also long duration so whenever Saturn gives something, it gives for long duration and Saturn helps to give stability in marriage. The marriage remains intact. Saturn gives burden and responsibility in marriage. So when the native gets married at early 20 s/he may feel marriage as burden. So it is always advisable to delay marriage. Saturn can make one good businessman, lawyer, judges and business related to iron, steel or a diplomat in foreign land.

Saturn in Scorpio can create a lot of fear in marriage and commitment. The native may want to stay away from marriage. Saturn in seventh house gets directional strength so a dignified Saturn gives aspects on ninth, ascendant and fourth house. Saturn aspect on ninth house can make one question about religion. At the same time, Saturn aspect on first house shows grounded attitude or the s/he stays grounded after mid 30. Saturn aspect on fourth house shows a disciplined home environment. S/he may be critical towards his/her mother.

Saturn in eighth house/ Saturn in 8th house

Eighth house is the house of transformation & change, death, obstacles, hidden enemies, sudden events , inheritance, dowry, sudden events, accidents, disgrace, sorrows, delays. It is the most difficult house as it is related to occult, mysticism, all sort of tantric activities, spirit invocation. It is the house of spiritual growth. As it is a negative house eighth house is also known as dustana house. Saturn is also death and transformation, Saturn in eighth house increases longevity of the person, Saturn decreases the chances of accident and sudden events.

Joint asset with spouse may take a longer time. Saturn shows distant relationship with in laws till mid 30. S/he can be spiritual leader or mystic or healer. From eighth house Saturn aspect on tenth house shows effort in growth of career. Saturn seventh aspect on second house gives distant relationship with family and relatives. Accumulation of wealth may be a problem till mid 30. Saturn tenth aspect on fifth house shows delay in creativity and childbirth. Education will be a responsibility for such individual.

Saturn in ninth house/ Saturn in 9th house

Saturn in ninth house shows distant relationship with father. Teacher or gurus are very strict in their life. S/he has their own beliefs in religion and philosophy and can question others beliefs too. At the same time, s/he can be good lawyer and can achieve higher education in the field of law. S/he can be professor or teacher by law. Saturn restricts long distance travel and pilgrimage till mid 30. Saturn third aspect on 11th house shows working on large organization and their gain increases gradually. At the same time, Saturn seventh aspect on third house of sibling and communication that shows distant relationship with sibling and written communication improves with time at mid 30. Saturn tenth aspect on sixth house shows serving people during obstacles.

Saturn in tenth house/ Saturn in 10th house

Saturn in tenth house shows authority, fame reputation, relationship with father. S/he is hardworking and they are the most hardworking people among all zodiac sign. S/he needs to work really hard to achieve something in professional life. On the other hand, s/he can be a bureaucrat, can bring balance in economy system. Saturn blocks the private life. S/he may work 20 hours a day and can be in business. Saturn may deprive people of sex life. It can also give late marriage that shows average married life. Restricted/distant relationship with father. Saturn in tenth house shows struggle in career or with authority in real life. S/he can make career in law or government career or can also be a judge. Marriage should be delayed till 30. Marriage has restricted relation/responsibility.

Saturn in eleventh house/ Saturn in 11th house

Saturn in eleventh house shows working in large organization though gain comes gradually. Saturn in eleventh house gives good gains from network circle and from elder siblings. S/he can also gain from speculative business/entrepreneurship. Perseverance and hard work is the key. Saturn third aspect on ascendant shows that the native may be serious from early life. At the same time, Saturn seventh aspect on fifth house shows obstacles in education or delay in child birth. Saturn tenth aspect on eighth house shows immense interest on occult and research work.

Saturn in twelfth house/ Saturn in 12th house

Saturn in twelfth house restricts going to foreign land till mid 30. Even if they go to foreign land they wander in foreign land. S/he earns a lot in foreign land but earning increases gradually. Spiritual progress of the person is also restricted in early life. Saturn in twelfth house restrict expenses and losses. S/he may dedicate themselves to take care of under privileged people. From twelfth house Saturn third aspect on second house shows effort on accumulation of wealth. Seventh aspect shows struggle with conflicts, debts or diseases and tenth aspect shows less faith on religion and rituals.

Any aspects or conjunction will alter the result.

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