Saturn transit in vedic astrology

Saturn transit in vedic astrology plays an important role as it is the slowest moving planet among all the nine planets. It is due to the transit of Saturn in vedic astrology that people face sadhe sati and dahiya. Jupiter and Saturn transit in vedic astrology must be calculated whichever dasha the person goes through.

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Transit of Saturn through houses

Saturn transit in first house can bring some health issues to the native.

Transit in second house can bring financial problems if the person is not responsible enough in terms of finance in his life.

Transit in third house can bring responsibility towards siblings and if one is a writer it can either promote them as writer or deny publishing.

For sagittarius ascendant, Saturn in third house will give good result and the person will be more inclined to business and creative skills.

Saturn transit in 4th/fourth house can bring responsibility of home and mother. For Saturn transiting through 4th house for Sagittarius ascendant can also show that the native can be away from home or can go for travel for certain time.

Saturn transit in 5th/fifth house shows responsibility towards children and education. For Sagittarius ascendant, Saturn rules 5th house where it is debilitated so the person may need to work more to get desired result.

Saturn transit in sixth house

Saturn does well in 6th/sixth house so the transit of Saturn would clear all the disputes and hidden enemies may get exposed. The native can suddenly diagnosed with a disease.

For example for Sagittarius ascendant, transit of Saturn in 6th house can clear conflicts among family members and may give diagnosis of disease among family members if the native is running through a bad dasha.

Saturn transit in 7th/seventh house

It can show responsibility of spouse. For Sagittarius ascendant the native may put lot of effort in work or business.

They can have restricted communication with spouse and other people. They can also go for long distance travel.

If Saturn is not in good position in chart, the person can also face arguments with spouse and in job field.

Saturn transit in 8th/eighth house

It shows certain transformation in life. It can also shows gain from inlaws or ancestral property.

Saturn transits through 9th/ninth house

This transit shows transformation in faith and beliefs and the perception of the native towards father and gurus will change.

Transit of Saturn through 10th/tenth house

This transit shows impact on reputation of the native either in good or bad ways.

Saturn transiting through 11th/eleventh house shows putting effort on yourself to earn money or you may get an opportunity in large organization. Suddenly the native can separate from network circle. Elder siblings may suffer.

Saturn transit through 12th/twelfth house can take you to foreign land or realise your spiritual being or can put you in jail.

Saturn transiting through fire signs can clear long time disputes or struggle related to the activities of the house.

Transit of Saturn through planets

Saturn transits Sun can bring responsibility to the self.

Saturn transit moon

It shows more focus on balancing mind. It can bring stress and depression related to the activities the person is irresponsible.

Saturn transit mercury

It can give unnecessary anxiety and fear. The nervous system can be highly impacted for the native. It can also give responsibility or issues towards siblings. The native becomes careful of the communication with other people.

Transit of Saturn over Venus

It shows disturbed love life or romantic life. It can also show divorce or getting married to wrong person if the person gets married too early as per his or her birth chart.

Transit of Saturn over mars

It can show issues or solving issues with siblings especially younger brother, friends, male friend. It can also make one lethergic or it can show the direction of your action.

Saturn transit over Jupiter

It can give financial crisis and responsibility towards teachers and gurus. It can also give direction towards financial goals and savings, it can change philosophical and moral views of a person.

Transit of Saturn over Saturn

It makes one responsible and this phase comes between the age of 28 and 30. This is called Saturn return. The person becomes practical and more realistic after Saturn transit over Saturn.

Transit of Saturn over Rahu

This transit can clear all illusion and it can also show your failures and indicates to put more effort.

Transit of Saturn over ketu

This transit shows major spiritual transformation. It can also shows direction to the native related to house ketu is ruling.

Transit of Saturn through signs:

Transit of Saturn through fire signs can clear long time disputes or struggle related to the activities of the house. Saturn transit through water signs can indicate renovation of home. Transit of Saturn through earth signs can give financial responsibility.

When Saturn transits through debilitated sign of Aries and Saturn is not strong in Chart, it can give different anxiety and tensions. So if Saturn is ill placed and transit of Saturn takes place through weak signs, it can give different anxieties related to the house it rules.

Saturn as functional benefic and malefic:

Functional benefic Saturn can give better result than a functional malefic Saturn. But the moolatrikona sign of Aquarius gives better result than Capricorn sign depending on the position of Saturn.

If functional malefic planet rules the kendra house besides dustana houses, it gives mixed result. So if Saturn is a functional malefic planet and the sign of Capricorn rules any of the dustana houses while Aquarius rules Kendra or trikona houses than Saturn will give mixed result.

It is a 70:30 result in the ratio of good:bad. But when any moolatrikona sign and the lord associated with it rules 6th, 8th or 12th house and placed in kendra or trikona houses, it may give diseases, obstacles, losses related to the house if there is no beneficial planetary aspects.

Aspects of Saturn:

Third aspect of Saturn is more malefic than 7th and 10th aspect so during transition if Saturn is ill placed in chart third aspect of Saturn is affected the most.

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