Sun in all houses in vedic astrology

Sun in all houses in vedic astrology
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Sun is the biggest star in the solar system. Sun in vedic astrology is malefic to some extent. But in astrology Sun is the representation of physical body, health, our soul, ego, confidence, authority, father, pride, ego, bones, happiness. Besides that, Sun is also government, authority, career, fame, success, politics.

The own sign of Sun is Leo and sun is exalted at 10 degrees in Aries. Our ego lies on the house sun is in . Here we will discuss sun in all the  twelve houses in vedic astrology

Sun in twelve houses

Sun in first house

Sun in first house makes one dynamic and  magnetic personality. The person is honest, sincere and egoistic. Such native loves authoritative position and to be treated like a king. The person always eager to reach the top spot. They feel like king and they want a top throne. One of their priority is looking for the government position or they can even make a career in politics. They want everything in life without effort. Hence, it is a very common placement for people with high ego and high position. As per kalpurush kundali sun is exalted in the first house in the sign of Aries. When Sun is in first house, it shows the person is born during sunrise. Sun represents father, it shows that the teaching of father impacts the life of the native. From first house sun aspects the seventh house.

These people are very egoistic and so they cannot work in partnership. They have a dominating personality in marriage and relationships too. As sun is slight malefic and it burns some of the qualities of house where it sits shows that the person may have less hair or may be bald. Sun gives a high forehead and thin hair. Sun is a satvic planet so it bestows right life path to the individual. Most of the people with sun in first house ends up with entrepreneurship as they don’t like taking others order. Besides, Sun in first house may make the native suffer from eye diseases or from heat or acidity.

The only problem of sun in first house without beneficial aspect is the person needs to learn to deal with ego.

Sun in second house

In vedic astrology when sun is in second house , it shows that the person gets a boost of their ego and pride through family, family wealth and family values. Even if they have a bad family history, they will put across the family in a dignified way to others. They are independent and love to transform the family lineage in their own way. They have a dominating speech in the family. As second house represent family, it shows father occupies an authoritative position in the family. But as Sun burns the qualities of the house wherever it is placed shows that sun may burn the advantages of the family and the person may stay away from family due to their egoistic attitude. Sun in second house may make the native suffer from the diseases of right eye, face and mouth. S/he may suffer from stammering too.

From second house Sun aspects the eighth house which shows that the person will be interested in occult and mysticism.

A debilitated sun in second house can give dramatic experience.

Sun in third house

Sun in third house makes one highly courageous, hardworking and bold. Third house is the house of self efforts  and the native is confident about his self effort. As sun burns some of the qualities of the house, relationship with siblings suffers especially when sun is debilitated. The person can be dominating or audacious in their speech. Their ego and self confidence lies on the way they communicate. They can be in media industry, journalism, administrative or government job. As sun is in upachya house, the communication of the person improves with time.

From  third house sun aspects the ninth house of religion and philosophy, so the person will be much interested in religion and philosophy.

Sun in fourth house

Fourth house is the house of mother, home, property, conveyance,comfort. Sun being the father in astrology looses its direction in the fourth house. It shows that the native was born in midnight. As sun represents father the native may have a distant relationship with father or father may be absent in life. The person is introvert and loves to stay in the house. They have low self esteem at early stage of life. It also shows someone with a beautiful home. The person also face a lot of enemies at early part of life but after 30 the person starts to recover from obstacles. They can be successful businessman and entrepreneurs. 

They can do good business in real estate as fourth house represents real estate. The person can also work in local govt. It also shows that the mother helps the child to be creative. When sun is in the fourth house, the mother takes the role of father. The native may also have ego battles with mother. It also shows serving the homeland so the person may go for career in politics to serve the homeland.

Sun in fifth house

As per kalpurush kundali,  here sun is in its own sign Leo. Sun is comfortable in fifth house. As fifth house is creativity, the person is extremely creative as Sun brightens the quality of the house. The ego and confidence of the person comes through children, creativity, arts and passion. S/he will be interested in philosophical and ancient text. In 5th house sun becomes more powerful when a child is born. The person will get happiness from children and there will be progress in speculative business.  As sun burns some of the qualities of the house, the native may have ego battle with children or they may face difficulty in gaining children. Sun represents father, it also shows that the father may be involved in speculative business. As fifth house represents love and romance, the person may suffer in love and relationship. They love to be treated like celebrity.

From 5th house Sun aspects 11th house of income and gains and help the person to gain from creativity and speculative business.

Sun in sixth house

Sun in sixth house helps a person to deal with enemies and easily overcome obstacles. As sixth house is the house of conflicts and the person ego lies in defeating the enemies, s/he can be a lawyer. As sixth house is the house of illness and serving others, s/he can be a doctor too.

A debilitated sun in sixth house shows that the person can suffer from bone problem. It also shows the father complains a lot about how he dealt with life. As sixth house is a upachya house, it also shows that s/he can easily deal with diseases, illness, debts with time. The person can also be a good manager. The person needs to face obstacles at early stages of life and they can also overcome it after 30. From sixth house, sun aspect the twelfth house which shows inclination towards spirituality, charity and mysticism.

As sixth house is a trik/evil house some of the signification of sun may get damaged.

Sun in seventh house

Seventh house is the house of marriage,business, contracts, partnership ruled by Lord Venus. As per kalpurush kundali, Sun is debilitated in seventh house. The person with sun in seventh house also lacks self confidence and self esteem. They want to be respected by people or treated like king but they do not get treated like kings. The person ego lies on relationship and business partnership so it is always better for them to not to go in partnership as it may lead to ego battles. It is always better for them to create their own path in business. They become dominating in marriage and relationship. If Sun is exalted in Aries in seventh house then the person can leave some impression in other people. Sun in seventh house can also lead to divorce in marriage. It shows that the person was born during sunset.

Sun in eighth house

Eighth house is the house of occult, mystery,sudden gain, joint asset, in-laws, accident,death, transformation. Sun in eighth house gives a magnetic and dynamic personality. They are highly talented and can be recognized easily. They love occult/ mysticism but they never reveal it. Such native can be good entrepreneurs as they can easily handle projects and can research a lot before working on the project. They can be good doctors and surgeon. They can also be good mystics. As sun is fame, career and politics and eighth house is the house of sudden events, s/he should not be in politics as their reputations may get tarnished suddenly. They may have ego conflicts with inlaws and they may had ego battles at early stage of life. Results are better after 30.

Sun in ninth house

Ninth house is the house of religion, philosophy, long distance travel, pilgrimage, fortune, ancient text, higher education. Sun in ninth house makes a person religious and pious. It also shows long distance travel of the family or migration of family in foreign land. The person will be interested in religion and philosophy. They can also make good teacher, professors, lawyers and philosophers. Sun in ninth house makes one strict in their beliefs. The ego of the person ranges from medium to high. They travel to gather wisdom and love to gain knowledge.  Sharing wisdom and knowledge makes them feel confident. They take pride on their knowledge and wisdom.

Sun in tenth house

Tenth house is the house of profession, authority, fame, government. Sun is the karaka of tenth house. Sun in 10th house bestows a person with government or authoritative job . The native satisfaction comes by serving the government. Success in job comes after 30.  The person achieves fame and success. It also shows the father of the native was also in authoritative position.  They are not confident unless they reach high position. They face a lot of oppositions if aspected by malefics like rahu, saturn. Such people have a balanced ego and have natural leadership skills. They can easily overcome obstacles in career field.

Sun in eleventh house

Eleventh house is the house of income, gains,network circle,elder siblings. Sun is not comfortable as eleventh house is the moolatrikona sign of saturn. As eleventh house is the house of friend, network circles and elder siblings shows that either the native is the eldest or relationship with elder sibling may be damaged. Sun also burns relationship with friends and network circle. The native has very selective friends. The native knows about resources but fails to utilize them. They can be easily recognized but they repel people. The native loves to stay isolated. They may get children after hard struggle.

If Saturn aspects sun then Sun will function badly. If sun is debilitated then they get stress from children. They can be in large organization and can also gain if work for higher self purpose. As 11th house is a upachya house, the person improves in his career after 30.

Sun in twelfth house

Twelfth house is the house of imagination, spirituality, mental asylum, hospital, travel to foreign land. Sun in twelfth house shows that the person gains confidence in foreign land.  They may need to travel to foreign land for government purpose. They can be seen as foreign ambassadors working for government in foreign land or they work in MNC. S/he must grab the opportunity to go to foreign land as they may have a secluded childhood or low self esteem in homeland. It also shows a distant relationship with father. It is also a position where embarassment of father can lead one to travel to foreign land.

These people are spiritual and they have a good imagination. These people can also do business in foreign land or gain fame in foreign land. They have less worries and can get a sound sleep. But if aspected by malefic like Saturn or rahu then the people can have low values of life.

Sun aspects the sixth house and helps to win over enemies.

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