Sun through houses for Aquarius ascendant

Sun through houses for Aquarius ascendant

Sun represent, career, soul , ego, confidence, government etc. Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign as per kalpurusha kundali. Saturn along with Rahu rules Aquarius. Sun is the lord of seventh house for Aquarius ascendant. Here is the detailed analysis of Sun through houses for Aquarius ascendant.

Sun in first house/ Sun in 1st house for Aquarius ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Aquarius in first house for Aquarius ascendant. They have a bright personality with brownish complexion and honey colored eyes. They can be famous among people but can be forced to share their power with other people.

At the same time, they can be good at creativity or can be fascinated to other dimensions of world. They can also suffer from stomach/bone/ eye problem etc. In workspace, they always need to validate themselves if they are in leadership role. They can have multiple relationships and can also have a tendency to spy on other people.

Spouse will highly influence the individual and can also control the native. The native can have a spouse who might be a twin.

Sun in second house/ Sun in 2nd house for Aquarius ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Pisces in second house for Aquarius ascendant. The native is religious, spiritual and tries to maintain family status. They can also go to distant land for education purpose.

The native can be fair complexion with charming look. S/he can have an authoritative speech. However, the native can have right eye problem. Their direct family members can be in government/ public sector related field depending on the position of Saturn.

Spouse will bring wealth and money in life but spouse can control bank accounts in marriage. The individual enjoys wealth through spouse. Spouse can also bring positive transformation in family and love to spend money on travelling.

Spouse is peaceful, calm and hide their ego in family environment. S/he loves arts and creativity and like to own a pet. Spouse also have the ability to control the individual.

Spouse can have a short faced feature but can be taller than the individual. One can attain recognition through spouse and can be attracted to ancestral lineage.

Sun in third house/ Sun in 3rd house for Aquarius ascendant

Sun is exalted in Aries in third house for Aquarius ascendant. The individual is bold, courageous and can have a sharp way of communication. They can put a lot of effort in their work.

On the other hand, they can have a lot of ego issues and aggressive communication with spouse in marriage. But at the same time, they can also share their confidence and inspire each other.

Generally, the individual do not have younger sibling. The individual can be good in mechanical things, medicine and can also be a historian. The individual can beat competition, opponents and can be long lived.

The native can also travel a lot for business or work related purpose. Father in law can be in government sector and individual can get influenced by him.

Sun in fourth house/ Sun in 4th house for Aquarius ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Taurus in fourth house for Aquarius ascendant shows that one will attain fame, prestige and status in life only in the later part of life. The individual can have ego clashes with mother or family. S/he can go to distant land for study purpose.

The native start prospering after age of 30 and can attain land, property, real estate, vehicle after marriage. They love to purchase luxury vehicles. Spouse will have beautiful eyes with sharp features.

Spouse can have home based business and will also love to nourish children. Mother of the individual can be from royal backgrounds.

Sun in fifth house/ Sun in 5th house for Aquarius ascendant

Sun is in the house of Gemini in fifth house for Aquarius ascendant shows that one will be intelligent and can gain technical education. The individual gains, speculative business will increase after marriage.

Romantic life will suffer and there can also be relationship issues with partner at early stage of life. Children will be delayed in the life of native. The individual will also be interested in business after the birth of child.

There can be ego clashes with children as one will always try to command or spy on them. On the other hand, the individual loves to recite mantra or can create their own mantra.

Sun in sixth house/ Sun in 6th house for Aquarius ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Cancer for Aquarius ascendant shows that one will be pleasant natured people but can burn enemies. He will be emotional and can also be fickle minded with less confidence and determination in early part of life.

They are service oriented people. They can also earn from court cases or disputes in later part of life. Spouse can be short and stocky with honey colored eyes and will have a good skill in cooking.

Spouse can also deal with chemical related thing. Land and real estates can be attained after marriage. Debt can be beneficial for marriage.

Sun in seventh house/ Sun in 7th house for Aquarius ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Leo in seventh house for Aquarius ascendant shows that one will have ego clashes and delayed marriage. The individual will acquire land, fame and recognition after marriage. They can suppress their enemies and opponents.

Spouse will have royal, regal status and can also be connected to politics. This position can also make one suffer from certain diseases especially during Sun mahadasha. The individual should not go for partnership in business.

Sun in eighth house/ Sun in 8th house for Aquarius ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Virgo in eighth house for Aquarius ascendant shows that one will have spouse involved in occult, mysticism and philanthropy. The individual is intelligent and influential.

The native or spouse may not get inheritance of father. The individual can see sudden rise after marriage and can also benefit from occult mysticism etc. The native can also earn through service(like insurance, tax audits) in later part of life.

One can have an authoritative voice. The individual is long lived and can be benefited from inheritance. In-laws can interrupt in the marriage which can disturb the marriage.

Spouse can be good with writing, photography, colors etc. Father of the native can be mysterious and can be in govt/ public service.

Sun in ninth house/ Sun in 9th house for Aquarius ascendant

This placement shows that one will have liberal relationship with father. The individual can meet spouse in distant land. Spouse may not have younger sibling.

Marriage can be diplomatic but may get late marriage. Maternal grandma can play a huge role in marriage. One will gain wealth, luck and prosperity after marriage especially after the age of 33.

The individual loves to do photography and can also be a lawyer. S/he can be excellent in communication, media, arts, creativity.

Father of the native is creative, artistic and can be a natural businessman. Father would find fame in foreign land.

But if Sun is at exact degree of debilitation, one will have ego clashes in marriage. One can fall in love with teacher or teachers can be too authoritative in the life of the native.

Sun in tenth house/ Sun in 10th house for Aquarius ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Scorpio for Aquarius ascendant shows that the career, reputation and fame of the individual rises after marriage and birth of second child. The native needs to be in authoritative position to find peace in workspace. They can overcome obstacles and anxiety in workplace.

The person will also do good in politics. Sun in sign of Scorpio also shows sudden transformation in workplace or working in unusual shifts and timings. It can also bring sudden changes in marriage.

The person will defeat the enemies. The individual can have lot of hidden wealth. Spouse/father of the individual will be focused in career and can be in govt service.

The spouse will use occult knowledge to help in career of spouse. Jupiter and Sun conjunction in Scorpio can make one violent.

Sun in eleventh house/Sun in 11th house for Aquarius ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius for Aquarius ascendant shows gain after marriage. It is a god position for advocate or lawyer or vedic study.

The individual can be the eldest of the siblings or can be single child. This position can also cause some issues with sibling. The individual can be highly educated and will become strong with age.

They work hard to get success. They can be CEO, CFO or can have connection with politician after marriage. Thy can gain through govt, politics etc.

Father finds honor after marriage. They will get love from children. Spouse love to be near water and can be hot headed. Spouse can be short statue, bright complexion or have honey color eyes.

Sun in twelfth house/ Sun in 12th house for Aquarius ascendant

They are undefeated in foreign land and can find spouse and resources in foreign land. They can also earn money by winning court cases.

However, there can be a sense of loss after marriage as seventh lord in twelfth house. They need to be subservient in marriage. The native can also suffer from stomach disorder.

There can also be distant relationship with father for the native. Person will gain through foreign govt and authorities. One can have a lot of opponents.

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