Venus in all houses in Vedic astrology

Venus in all houses in Vedic astrology

Venus is the ruler of two zodiac signs- Taurus & Libra. It is exalted in Pisces at 27 degree. It is the goddess of Love, marriage & beauty . The planet is also Gods of demon. Venus is feminine in nature and represents water. It has rajsik gunas. Known for its passion and love, Venus is also gratitude, arts& music, marriage, relationship and sexual pleasure, conveyance, warmth & comfort, ability to love & find love. It is one’s self worth, fame, jewelry, money, bank, wealth. The planet also shows how the native will spend money. Venus finds beauty in hardship. It is joyful and charming. Individual with good Venus has beautiful eyes, windy & curly hair. Venus is friendly to mercury and Saturn, inimical to mars, moon & sun, and neutral to Jupiter. Venus is enjoying the sensual things of life. Here is the detailed analysis if Venus in all houses in Vedic astrology

Venus in first house/ Venus in 1st house

First house is personality, appearance, life path. Venus in first house gives attractive, expressive and charming personality. S/he can be kind hearten, pleasant and friendly. Venus in first house also shows physical beauty if not aspect by malefic but if mars conjoin Venus than it can give an athletic body and much younger look. As s/he is conscious about their physical appearance and wants to look beautiful, s/he tries to stay fit and can be a fitness freak. S/he has pleasant personality and can be inclined towards arts, music and creative expression. S/he loves convenience around them. Relationship is important for the native as s/he cannot stay without relationship.

Venus represents creativity and hobby so s/he may inclined to career related to their hobby like acts, modelling/acting. S/he tries to please other people and remain pleasant to others.

When Venus is debilitated, s/he is always concerned about himself/herself as s/he feels insecure about themselves. S/he may care less about others and may also have problem with marriage. With Venus in first house for libra or Taurus ascendant s/he loves pets or small animals because Venus is relationship or companionship. S/he wants to look good infront of public as Venus is about self appearance. S/he generally choose career where s/he can be presented in best way.

Venus in second house/ Venus in 2nd house

Second house is the house of wealth especially finance, family assets, family values, vocal talent, speaking ability, intake of food. S/he is obsessed about collecting asset and can also be concerned about his/her face. S/he has good vocal talent and pleasant speech with a charming personality. At the same time, s/he loves collecting gemstone and may deal with highly expensive gemstone. S/he can be in beauty business or family business. S/he can be good finance but loves to spend lavishly on clothes and jewels.

Venus is good in second, fourth, fifth and eleventh house. S/he is traditional in nature but they are concerned about wealth. Business tends to be profitable for such people. S/he might lack will power to implement their decision. Any of your wicked tendencies may bring misery or distress to you. S/he may gain profit from influential people within family or surroundings. Adultery and cheating may be harmful for you in the long run. Business with earthen ware or animals can be profitable to native with venus in second house.

Venus in third house/ Venus in 3rd house

Third house is the house of communication skills, neighbors, siblings, self effort, business, courage, marketing, salesmanship, short distance travel, collecting information. They have pleasant communication and can be a good public speaker. S/he is highly artistic, creative & good at manual skills like writing, painting romantic novels. At the same time, s/he can run their own set up and their creativity will be expressed only when s/he run their own set up. S/he can be good writer and loves to travel. As third house is one of the upachya house s/he can gain result of their effort after 30. Venus in third house gives pleasant sleep and S/he can easily achieve kundalini.

S/he will be generally surrounded by females and the native tend to work with a lot of female. They may meet their life partner in small network of circle or in their own business set up. They may have a dramatic breakup. As venus is eighth from eighth there may be sudden up & down in their love life. But it all depends on the placement of Venus. From third house Venus aspect on ninth house shows interest in religion, philosophy and s/he is religious & charitable. In a male chart, Venus represents wife, it shows he will get a courageous wife. S/he should stay away from flirting or adulterating as Venus may impact adversely due to negative traits.

Venus in fourth house/ Venus in 4th house

Fourth house is the house of education, mother, homeland, conveyance, vehicle, nourishment of mother. Venus in fourth house brings peace around home environment. Venus in fourth house makes one a good interior decorator or home decorator as s/he loves to decorate their home. Even at office in work, s/he loves to decorate their office or cubicle in a creative way. Their home environment is filled with joy and happiness. At the same time, s/he has a charming and beautiful mother. It shows a lot of love from mother .

Venus in fourth house shows home business like business in arts, crafts, love for cinema. S/he can be good real estate agent and loves selling beautiful home. S/he can be a good teacher and their classroom can also be very creative. On the other hand, s/he hates orthodoxy in religion. S/he is very educated and has a very good relation with mother and mother is the one who teaches creativity to their child. They can receive financial help from family during their childhood or teenage. S/he is compassionate even towards strangers and Venus in fourth house also assures a peaceful old age. S/he loves to stay at home.

Venus in fifth house/ Venus in 5th house

Fifth house is the house of speculative business, hobbies, children, creativity, politics, romance, affair, education, past life deeds, ancient text, risk taking ability, movies, stock market. Venus in fifth house shows the S/he is highly creative as Venus is also creativity. Venus represents passion so his/her peace of mind comes through creative. S/he is quite romantic and remains committed to their love life. At the same time, s/he is materialistic and loves worldly pleasure. S/he can be good motherly figure.

Venus in fifth house shows profound love for children or creativity from children. Venus in fifth house also shows good acting talent & acting is a very natural phenomena for them, S/he can be good singer, good in arts and crafts, cinema, stock market. S/he may have sudden fluctuation in conveyance & also loves keeping secret about occult. S/he can win over their enemies and are quite lucky. At the same time, s/he is popular among friends.

Venus in sixth house/Venus in 6th house

Sixth house is the house of daily routine, enemies, obstacles, diseases, debts, competition, litigation, small pets, providing service. Sixth house is one of the dustana as well as upachya house and upachya house improves with time. Venus in sixth house shows the native is involve is taking care of underprivileged, unhealthy people and small animals. S/he can be social worker and can be good lawyer especially divorce lawyer or a service provider. S/he can run into a conflict while making a deal. A profession of doctor or veterinarian can also be taken into consideration. The native can also be in social service and charity.

S/he has immense love for small pets. S/he is very pleasant towards servants. Venus is debilitated in sixth house so love life of the native may suffer. Venus in sixth house also signifies divorce unless venus is a yogakaraka planet in the horoscope. It also signifies divorce if venus is the ruler of sixth house and placed in sixth house or in conjunction with the lord of the sixth house. But Venus as debilitated planet performs well because S/he becomes more practical towards his hope and desire. The native may become highly analytical towards his approach towards loved one that may end up in fight.

From sixth house Venus aspects the twelfth house of charity and the native may be curious to do charitable deeds.

Venus in seventh house/ Venus in 7th house

Seventh house is the house of marriage, spouse, agreement, relationship, happiness, business/legal partnership. other people. Venus in seventh house performs well as Venus is in its own house. S/he can be professional matchmaker, interior decorator or attorney. It also shows his wife may be in same business. S/he loves to give sensual pleasure to their partner. S/he loves to be in relationship & maintaining relationship. The spouse will bring beauty, convenience in life. wants progression in career especially after marriage as Venus is tenth from tenth house of career. A man with Venus in seventh house shows he has a beautiful wife.The characteristics of Venus differs when it is aspected by benefic or malefic planet. If Venus is debilitated then s/he may no be satisfied with life partner.

Venus in eighth house/ Venus in 8th house

Eighth house is the house of longevity, death, transformation, occult, rebirth, in laws, joint asset, hidden secrets. Venus in eighth house shows the native has a secret love relationship or their spouse is secretive. Venus in male chart shows that he may find confined in love life. His relation with wife may be restricted or strained.

Venus in eighth house can bring changes in relation & instability in love life as eighth house is a dustana house & house of upheavals & transformation. It gives assets, wealth, help from in laws but s/he faces obstacles in relationship. S/he is very interested in occult matter like astrology but loves to keep their interest secret. On the other hand, s/he may have secret sexual relationship and can have secret assets.

A female with Venus in eighth house is a natural healer with tremendous healing ability. She is very strict with family asset and always suggest her husband to invest in best thing. Venus in eighth house can also lead one to prostitution industry . Venus energy may get damaged in this position as many can exploit the energy by keeping extramarital affairs. The native can lead a life of legacy and people may treat them as king. In male, the relationship with wife is very secret. The wife may be unforgiving. After marriage venus in eighth house shows lot of asset and gain from in-laws. Joint asset after marriage really flourish with Venus in eighth house. The native believes in occult but they deny believing it. Their conveyance and asset flourish by keeping secret.

Venus in ninth house/ Venus in 9th house

Ninth house is he house of religion, philosophy, ancient text, higher education, law, faith, fortune, gurus, teaching of father. S/he loves to study higher education & are interested in people of different religion & culture. Venus in ninth house shows s/he loves long distance travel. S/he may find love in foreign land .S/he is interested in ancient text. S/he is interested in different culture, inter religion and inter caste marriage. Their relation can also be long distance. S/he may not be interested in their religion & can be working in publication industry. If Venus is debilitated or with mercury s/he can be very sexual and may have many sexual partners. Venus in ninth house can give very good wealth. S/he is very spiritual and has healing ability. As venus is in the house of enemy, s/he may not like their own religion & philosophy. S/he can be good teacher.

Venus in tenth house/ Venus in 10th house

Tenth house is the house of career, father,authority, fame. Venus in Tenth house gives passion towards career, authority and fame. Venus in tenth house shows the zeal of the native to reach the top spots. if Venus is well placed, it also shows that the father of the native is creative. S/he has great vision & give their best shot to come up with solution at work so that s/he can gain authority. S/he can be in a career related to finance and creativity, S/he can also be in entertainment industry though not necessarily.

Many people believe that Venus in tenth house shows people in entertainment industry but it is not necessary. S/he can be in clothing industry, hotel management. Venus gives a convenient and comfortable work atmosphere. Their career is also about serving others. S/he can have a lot of female colleagues. S/he marries people who are passionate about career. As Venus is also liquid money and finance , the native is related to career in finance. S/he loves imported items. s/he may get support from opposite sex in job field but can be truly benefited from the profession that Saturn represents. S/he is dependent on their spouse as they believe that it will ward off evil impact on their life.

From tenth house Venus aspect the fourth house that shows love for home and homeland. S/he has a desire for luxurious home.

Venus in eleventh house/ Venus in 11th house

Eleventh house is the house of gains, network circle, elder siblings, large organization, higher purposes, income and earning. Venus is in one of the best position in eleventh house as eleventh house is fulfillment of hopes and wishes. It is friendly in Aquarius sign, in mercury signs like Gemini and in its own sign. Venus in eleventh house shows that wife will bring fortune and luck to man’s life. A guy can meet his wife in a social setting. As eleventh house is the house of entrepreneurship and business , Venus in eleventh house shows the native has good entrepreneurship skills and s/he can earn from business.

S/he can do good in business of  female related products, arts & design. When venus is exalted the native will believe more on compassion, giving love and donation. S/he can remain dedicated to higher self purpose of life. S/he can use their network circle while earning money. A debilitated venus in eleventh house shows that s/he can gain the money but then the native can loose it. S/he can also be in banking industry but generally s/he is business minded. S/he can also be interested in stock market.

From eleventh house Venus aspect fifth house of creativity, arts which shows such person will be creative and interested in arts.

Venus in twelfth house/ Venus in 12th house

Twelfth house is the house of spirituality, imagination, subconscious mind, foreign land, losses, expenses, foreign companies, donation, charity. Venus in twelfth house shows unrealistic expectations towards love life. S/he is very private about their love life and does not disclose it to public. S/he is inclined to spirituality or spirituality related activities and can devote themselves to spirituality. On the other hand, s/he can be spendthrift .

S/he can either meet or marry their spouse in foreign land and can gain from foreign land or foreign companies. S/he devote themselves to spirituality to gain higher purpose in life and can be good fantasy writer if Venus is well placed in twelfth house. Many great writers have Venus in this position. S/he is very sexual. If Venus is debilitated or aspected or in conjugation with malefic planet S/he may be addicted to drugs or may divert in a prostitution field but that depends on strength of venus and other planets aspecting it. S/he loves travelling. Their love life is mainly in isolated land.

Venus in twelfth house aspect sixth house of obstacles that shows s/he likes to serve others and help others in their need.

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