Sun through houses for Virgo ascendant

Sun through houses for Virgo ascendant

Sun represent, career, soul , ego, confidence, government etc. Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign. Mercury rules Virgo and it is also the moolatrikona sign of Mercury. Here is the detailed analysis of Sun through houses for Virgo ascendant.

Sun in first house/ Sun in 1st house for Virgo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Virgo in first house for Virgo ascendant. They can be in authoritative or manager position in foreign land or foreign companies. They can also have an analytical approach and always seek perfection in personality.

At the same time, they are private person and like to work behind the scenes. Their ego develops in private places like home. They can also have a lot of secret influence of father.

They can be very humble and keen to serve others as Sun is in the sign of Virgo. Their children can born in foreign land. Foreign opportunities can change the personality of the native.

Sun with mercury in first house of Virgo ascendant can make one very confident and they can also be a great businessman, accountant etc. Sun in hasta nakshatra shows one can be interested in astral travel, psychic etc.

They can also remember details of their dreams . Dreams, astral projections, other dimensions can also have a major impact on the personality of the native.

From first house, Sun aspects the seventh house which shows relationship issues with partner or other people as the native shows authority or ego over others. They can also get fame from masses.

Sun in second house/ Sun in 2nd house for Virgo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Libra in second house for Virgo ascendant. The planet Sun is debilitated in second house shows one may loss their wealth in foreign land or unnecessary expenses may hamper the savings of the individual.

Their ego may also suffer in early part of childhood. They can have less connection with father or father may not add major values in the life of the individual. Such individual loves materialistic pleasure.

At the same time, father can be a good anchor, singer or in field of communication.

Sun in Vishakha nakshatra can make one realize spirituality in later part of life. Sun mercury conjunction in second house can make one good at earning money.

From second house, Sun aspects the eighth house shows authority or ego clashes with other people or in laws.

Sun in third house/ Sun in 3rd house for Virgo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Scorpio in third house for Virgo ascendant. They are very courageous. They can have transformative or unstable relationship with father or siblings.

Their business may suffer in early part of life which impacted their ego or personality. Eventually the individual comes out of these circumstances which help them to gain their confidence.

They can also find their ego by wining competition and attaining skills like occult, mysticism, astrology. They can also be in army, navy or become a spy.

As Sun aspects the ninth house from third house shows one can have ego clashes with teacher or gurus. At the same time they will have good authority over higher education. They can be interested in investments.

Sun in fourth house/ Sun in 4th house for Virgo ascendant

Sun is in the sign of Sagittarius in fourth house for Virgo ascendant. The person develops his ego and confidence through mother, home and higher learning.

Their confidence develops while they contribute for home or mother. They love travelling and happiness comes by visiting foreign land. They loves to improve the condition of home.

Foreign people can come to home. At the same time, they may travel to distant places for education. They have a subconscious connection with mother and mother can be a teacher or Guru for them.

Spiritual inclination is also possible with this position. Father can have home based business or there can be a lot of travels for father. Father can also be in administrative work.

Sun in fifth house/ Sun in 5th house for Virgo ascendant

Children will go to foreign land for educational opportunities. The native can also travel to foreign land after birth of children. Children can get benefit from foreign government. The native can also abandon their children. The native can be interested in history and international business.

Sun in sixth house/ Sun in 6th house for Virgo ascendant

They gain ego and confidence by serving the underprivileged and poor people. They get success when they serve people but at the same time, they are eccentric while helping others.

Sun in seventh house/ Sun in 7th house for Virgo ascendant

They are very care free in relationship. But if someone tries to control the native, it can lead to ego battles. Spouse can be from foreign land or can travel to foreign land.

Their dream can be very spiritual and creative. They develop peaceful personality while dealing with other people. At the same time, they are independent as well as introvert. They can be in their own world.

Sun in eighth house/ Sun in 8th house for Virgo ascendant

They can rise from turbulent phases suddenly and can adjust in any circumstances. The native is self aware of their mishaps. They can suddenly travel to foreign places or get opportunities in MNC.

At the same time, the native loves to be alone and isolated. They are secretive about relationship and visiting foreign places. Father could be a govt. spy or may travel to foreign land for work purposes.

Sun in ninth house/ Sun in 9th house for Virgo ascendant

Father helps the native to enjoy foreign travel and places. Divinity comes through travelling. But they can watch travel videos to attain divinity. Higher education may not fulfill the desire or it can give expenses in life. They love to deal with foreign government.

Children can be one of their male grandparents. Creative self expression comes through finding pleasure in travelling , publishing, studying higher philosophy etc. But if malefic are present with Sun, father can be greedy and give suffering to the native.

Sun in tenth house/ Sun in 10th house for Virgo ascendant

The native needs an authoritative position in the field of communication and can deal with foreign people , government and foreign land etc. They can also be greatly interested in writing romantic novels and can also get into romantic affair in foreign land.

They can be head of PR farm. At the same time, they can help others with communication. If Sun is with mercury they can be great author. They need skills of hands to be successful in life. Sun with mars and ketu in this position can make one surgeon.

Sun in eleventh house/ Sun in 11th house for Virgo ascendant

They are very humble and do not like to show their ego. Their ego develops when they can connect with certain group of people. Elder sibling can get foreign opportunities.

Father can give away wealth tohis younger siblings. The native wants mental stability from network circle and friends but they may not find the required stability and rather can be emotionally hurt especially when Sun is aspected by malefic.

At the same time, Sun with malefic can also show they can be depressing to others. While positive aspect of Jupiter shows one can seek help from friend for mental support.

Sun in twelfth house/ Sun in 12th house for Virgo ascendant

Their ego develops in foreign land and father can also be working in foreign land. They are confident, very creative and have dynamic self expression. They get recognition in foreign land but they are powerful behind the scene.

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