mercury in vedic astrology

Mercury in Pisces in all houses

Mercury represents speech, communication skills, marketing, logical and analytical thinking, younger siblings, hobbies, skills, intelligence, quick decision making, youthfulness. Jupiter rules Pisces the twelfth zodiac sign. Pisces is the sign of spirituality, imagination, isolated places, hidden ability and other dimension. It comprises of two and half nakshatras- Revati, Uttarbhadrapada and Purvabhadrapada nakshatra. Below is the …

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Mercury in Leo in all houses

Leo is the fifth sign of zodiac belt ruled by Sun. Leo is a sign of ego, self esteem, creativity, education, sports, hobbies, trading, romantic affairs etc. Wherever sign of Leo is placed it shows that you want authority related to the activities of the house provided there is no malefic impact.

Importance of Mercury in astrology

Mercury is nearest to the sun and it is also known as Budh in vedic astrology as it signifies cleverness, intelligence, wit and humor of a person. It is a benefic planet but in some situation it is malefic. Mercury in sixth, eighth and twelfth house fails to give good result. Mercury being the lord …

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