Transit of planets over houses in astrology

Transits are continuous movement of planets from one sign to another in vedic astrology . Transit of planets over houses in astrology plays a major role in bringing changes in human life especially when the planets are related to dasha of an individual.

transit of planets over houses

Transit of Sun over houses

Sun transits over first house:

The native will always be attentive but conscious about oneself. They will either be involved in physical activities like gym or the native may want to gain recognition in job. The Sun will also carry the energies related to the house it rules as per the ascendant.

Sun transits over second house:

Expenses may rise due to family matters or Sun may give conflicts with family members.

Sun transits over third house:

The native will be more communicative with relative and friends but if there is a bad relationship, some issues may happen with relatives.

Sun transits over fourth house:

The native pay attention or interact more with mother or repair things in house and they may purchase a new furniture.

Sun transits over fifth house:

They will be focused in education, children , speculative business.,

Sun transits over sixth house:

The native focus on competitive exams, health and the hidden enemies will get exposed. The native can overcome obstacles and they can also get a small pet.

Sun transit in seventh house:

The native focus on business, partnership, spouse and relationship.

Sun transits in eighth house:

The native focus on mysticism, spirituality. Sun destroys fears of the native and helps to see the hidden things. They also may need surgery or may go to doctor.

Sun transits in ninth house:

The native focus on higher self, philosophy, higher learning, solve issues of father.

Sun transits in tenth house:

They may get good opportunity in job, deal with work issues of father. The native will also gain bold and confident attitude.

Sun transits in eleventh house:

They can contact friends, focus on fulfillment of desires. There can be opportunities and marriage proposal too. Spouse will be more focused in children.

Sun transits in twelfth house:

They want to stay secluded and isolated.

Mars transits over houses

Mars transits over ascendant

When mars transit through ascendant, it gives a certain will power to the native. Even a debilitated mars while transiting in ascendant gives immense will power, confidence and courage.

It also show one can incur wounds or injuries during that tenure.

Mars transits over second house

Mars transiting over second house shows fighting for values and family. It will energize the circulation of money but at the same time there can be more expenses.

Speech can be aggressive during that time.

Moreover, aspect of mars in 5th house from 2nd house shows strong romantic or passionate relationship.

Placement of Venus in fifth house strengthens the prediction. Fourth aspect also shows protectiveness and domination.

Mars transits over third house

Mars transiting through 3rd house shows one will find courage to do things. They can grab and collect information.

They will do a lot of technical work and at the same time they can also engage with male cousins, brothers.

Mars transits over fourth house

Mars transiting through 4th house shows they will try to discipline the things in house or they can run into arguments.

It can also give acquisition of lands or it can make one more patriotic about homeland. They can get indulge in relationship or can also focus on health.

Mars transits over fifth house

Mars transiting through 5th house shows lot of fun, physical activities and birth of child may take place if Jupiter, saturn also aspects 5th house.

It can also make one take risk in gambling or stock market. Students can be more competitive in studies and can encourage children.

Mars transits over sixth house

Mars transiting in 6th house shows clearing of debts. The native can also face and fight against enemies.

The person can be competitive while attaining job, or Mars can also give good result of competitive exams.

They can be interested in attaining pets, if mars is not in good dignity the native can also get in car accident.

Mars transits over seventh house

Mars transiting in 7th house shows romantic relationship or the native can encounter a lot of people in life. It can bring power struggle in marriage.

Mars can also be protection for spouse. It can give chances of promotion to higher management if Jupiter, Saturn aspects 7th house and mars transit 7th house.

Mars transits over eighth house

Mars gives inner strength and shows sexual relationship. While transit in 8th house also shows assets and gains in relationship.

It gives courage to fight or may give sudden surgery, sudden movement from one place to another.

Mars transits over ninth house

Mars transiting in 9th house shows power struggle with father, teacher. The native can challenge authoritative figures.

Mars can make one disciplined in religion and spiritual practices. They can also fight for higher case.

Mars transits over tenth house

Mars transiting in 10th house shows high will power or courage. The reputation will be hard core and courageous.

Mars transits over eleventh house

Mars transiting in 11th house energize the house of gains. They may have encounter with elder siblings.

Mars can also give achievement and recognition due to courage and ability to face challenges. It can give power struggles with network circle or elder sibling.

Mars transits over twelfth house

Mars transiting in 12th house shows foreign travel. or they can join yoga. When transit over Venus shows hidden bed pleasure.

Mars aspect 4th , 7th and 8th from itself. Aspect of mars will also trigger the houses it aspects. It will also bring qualities of the house it rules in horoscope.

Jupiter transits over houses

Jupiter transits on first house

When Jupiter transit in first house brings hope in life path and entire life of the individual. The person can get over indulgence in food and it can also bring good teacher in life.

Jupiter transits on second house

Jupiter transit in second house brings hopes and values in family. Even a functional malefic Jupiter can give neutral result but it will avoid itself from giving bad result.

Jupiter brings hopes to family, family lineage, family assets and values or priests can come to home.

Jupiter transits on third house

They can get great motivation through communication or travelling. It can improve relationship with cousins and it can bring great communication. Marriage can also be great with communication.

Jupiter transits on fourth house

Jupiter in 4th house transits over moon shows changing of houses or renovating houses. It can also bring the native closer to mother.

The person can also get benefit from mother or mother can give good advice that the native can benefit from.

Mother can be like a counselor during that year. The native can get interest in occult or it can make one travel to foreign place or spiritual ceremony and gathering.

Jupiter transits on fifth house

Jupiter transit in fifth house shows concentration in studies, creative expression or the children. Great hope from children or children does well in sports and education.

The native can also do well in competitive exam. If malefic it can give less results.

They always want to learn higher philosophy, speculative gains. Jupiter in ascendant shows hopes and wishes in life path. People may help by giving advice to the native.

Jupiter transits on sixth house

Jupiter transit in sixth house can give debts, peace among enemies or the native can defeat enemies. The native can also get pet.

Aspect of Jupiter can improve situation at work or bring improvement in career.

It can also show spiritual belief that may bring good reputation in work field. The native can improve situation through service or getting a loan.

Jupiter transits on seventh house

When Jupiter transit over 7th house brings hopes , optimism in relationship and business, desires and hopes, it can protect from too much desire.

Jupiter transits on eighth house

Jupiter transit in 8th house shows interest in occult, mysticism. It aspects on 12th, 2nd and 4th house. It can also bring surgeries as Jupiter will try to protect you.

At the same time, one can go to hospital and help from family and mother is achieved. They can also seek emotional guidance from mother.

Jupiter transits on ninth house

Jupiter transit in 9th house shows interest in religion, philosophy, occult, the person can come across gurus. They can also expand horizon in religious views, cultures and ethnicity.

The native will connect with siblings and share his/her knowledge. Children will flourish, native will be going to pilgrimage, spiritual and historical places.

Jupiter transits on tenth house

When Jupiter transit in tenth house shows promotion, respect, admiration, higher level or can save the job of the native. Jupiter aspect on 2nd,4th and 6th house.

The native will concentrate on how to gain money or save money protect house or can attain debt so that it can expand the life.

Jupiter transits on eleventh house

Jupiter transit in 11th house shows fulfillment of hopes, wishes, desires. It can bring award, recognition in life. It can also bring benefit from elder sibling or protect you from harm of elder siblings.

They will have strong desire for romance, children, marriage, relationship, expressing creatively.

Jupiter transits on twelfth house

Jupiter transit in 12th house shows meeting gurus in foreign land and positive dreams.

Expansion and interest in foreign settlement, meeting foreign people. Aspect of Jupiter shows improvement of health, overcoming fear through spirituality.

Saturn transits over houses

Saturn transits in first house

When Saturn transits over first house can bring some health issues to the native.

Saturn transits in second house

Transit in second house can bring financial problems if the person is not responsible enough in terms of finance in his life.

Saturn transits in third house

Transit in third house can bring responsibility towards siblings and if one is a writer it can either promote them as writer or deny publishing.

For Sagittarius ascendant, Saturn in third house will give good result and the person will be more inclined to business and creative skills.


Saturn transits in fourth house

Saturn transit in 4th/fourth house can bring responsibility of home and mother.

For Saturn transiting through 4th house for Sagittarius ascendant can also show that the native can be away from home or can go for travel for certain time.

Saturn transits in fifth house

Saturn transit in 5th/fifth house shows responsibility towards children and education.

For Sagittarius ascendant, 5th house is ruled by Saturn where it is debilitated so the person may need to work more to get desired result.

Saturn transits in sixth house

Saturn does well in 6th/sixth house so the transit of Saturn would clear all the disputes and hidden enemies may get exposed. The native can suddenly diagnosed with a disease.

For example for Sagittarius ascendant, transit of Saturn in 6th house can clear conflicts among family members and may give diagnosis of disease among family members if the native is running through a bad dasha.

Saturn transits in seventh house

Saturn transits in seventh/seventh house can show responsibility of spouse. For Sagittarius ascendant the native may put lot of effort in work or business.

They can have restricted communication with spouse and other people. They can also go for long distance travel. If Saturn is not in good position in chart, the person can also face arguments with spouse and in job field.

Saturn transits in eighth house

Saturn transit in 8th/eighth house shows certain transformation in life. It can also shows gain from inlaws or ancestral property.

Saturn transits in ninth house

When Saturn transits through 9th/ninth house shows transformation in faith and beliefs and the perception of the native towards father and gurus will change.

Saturn transits in tenth house

When Saturn transit through 10th/tenth house, it can impact on reputation of the native either in good or bad ways.

Saturn transits in eleventh house

When Saturn transit through 11th/eleventh house, it shows putting effort on yourself to earn money or you may get an opportunity in large organization. Suddenly the native can get separated from network circle. Elder siblings may suffer.

Saturn transits in twelfth house

Saturn transit through 12th/twelfth house can take you to foreign land or realise your spiritual being or can put you in jail.

Transit of Saturn through fire signs can clear long time disputes or struggle related to the activities of the house.

Rahu transits over houses

Rahu transits over first house

When Rahu transit over first house boost ego, personality of the person. The person can be over confident about oneself.

Rahu can give food poisoning or snake bites when it transit over enemy sign like scorpio, cancer etc. The person can be rebellious and break taboos

Rahu transits over second house

Rahu can make one filthy rich in second house so when Rahu transit over second house it can over blow one’s bank account. Second house is the house of values and assets so our values can be an illusion as rahu is an illusion.

The native values more material side of second house than family and relationship. When Rahu is debilitated the person can be in debt as he will always try to show him rich infront of others. Rahu can give ego to the native.

Rahu transits over third house

When Rahu transit over third house shows great need to communicate with the world. They can be good salesman during that period.

There can be unusual situations occurring with family members. When Rahu transiting over bad signs in third house shows arguments and fights with siblings.

Rahu transits over fourth house

When Rahu transits over fourth house shows sudden expansion or renovation of property. They can also go for foreign trip during that period or foreign people may come to their house.

There can also be arguments and fights with mother. It can also give property in foreign land.

Rahu transits over fifth house

Rahu transit over fifth house shows great time to adopt child or go for ivf treatment. It shows gaining child through unusual ways. People can even have twins.

They can have a profound way of expressing themselves. They can have romantic encounter with people of different religion and culture.

It can give study and research in computer, software or hardware related field. They can also do well in sports.

Rahu transits over sixth house

Rahu transits over 6th House shows defeating the enemies and defeat the competitors. It can also give illness, diseases or food poisoning.

Rahu can give debts or wipe out all the debts. It can also show beginning of disputes.

Rahu transits over seventh house

Rahu in seventh house shows obsession with relationship. They will want to do business and business partnership.

Rahu can bring sudden fame in good or bad way depending on the sign it is transiting. They want to seek gratification of other people.

It can give arguments with spouse. Or spouse may want to go for certain transformation during that transit.

Rahu transits over eighth house

Rahu transit in 8th House shows interest in research and occult. It shows attaining profit through in laws and spouse. The person may want to gain suddenly through gambling or wining lottery.

Rahu transits over ninth house

Rahu transit over 9th House shows foreign or long distance trips. The person may want to go to foreign universities or foreign places.

They can have weird or unusual belief systems. They can achieve degree from foreign university. It can also give arguments with father and gurus and interest in spirituality.

Rahu transits over tenth house

Rahu transit over tenth House shows fame and recognition in work. They may get recognition or perform actions to gain recognition. It can give sudden recognition.

They can be more outgoing and talk to bosses. Rahu can also bring foreign opportunities.

Rahu transits over eleventh house

When Rahu transits over 11th house shows gains from network circle and friends. It can give interest in creating new friends during that time period Hopes, desires and wishes can come true but it may be an illusion too.

Rahu transits over twelfth house

Rahu transit over 12th house can give weird dream. It can take one to foreign places and foreign land. It can also give encounter to foreign spiritual gurus or many sexual encounter.

The person can be in isolated or secluded place or they can be in jail.

Ketu transits over houses

Ketu transits over first house

When Ketu transits over first house, it gives inclination to spirituality. The person wants to know abot themselves and they may experience unusual things about oneself.

Ketu transits over second house

Ketu transits over second house shows less concentration on material wealth and more focus on spirituality.

It will keep one away from family issues. The person can be more interested on occult, mysticism and other people asset.

Ketu transits over third house

When Ketu transits in third house, it shows limited communication with other, the native gains love for preaching.

Ketu transits over fourth house

When Ketu transits over fourth house shows the person may suddenly move to a new house or different house. One may feel separate from home.

There can be split in property. One will focus more on career, fame and reputation.

Ketu transits over fifth house

When Ketu transits is in fifth house, it shows research related work or studies. They can also go for higher education.

The person can be less romantic and focus less on children. Jupiter aspect on 5th house along with ketu can give birth to boy. They are not into their creative side.

Ketu transits over sixth house

Ketu transit over 6th House can bring problems due to enemies or it may help you escape your enemies.

It also helps to meet foreign land, foreign people. It can give diseases that only doctor can detect. Ketu can also give pets.

Ketu transits over seventh house

When Ketu transits over seventh house, it can creates problems in marriage.

The person can feel separated from spouse emotionally or the person can get separated from spouse physically.

Ketu transits over eighth house

Ketu in 8th House makes a person know more about how to utilise resources or attain wealth and they want to know less of occult, mysticism etc.

But incase ketu transit over ketu than the person will be more interested in occult and mysticism and it will help them know about themselves.

This will help them to attain wealth. At the same time, they will not care much about in-laws. It can also help to encounter other worldly entities.

Ketu transits over ninth house

Ketu transit in 9th House can bring across very spiritual people. They also want to attain all worldly information through spirituality.

Ketu transits over tenth house

Ketu transit in tenth house shows the person is less caring about their job profile and more focused on home. The person can get fame and recognition but s/he will be least bothered about it.

Ketu transits over eleventh house

Ketu transit over 11th house shows that the person is less focused on making friends. But they will be more creative and concerned about romantic life.

Ketu transits over twelfth house

Ketu transit over 12th house shows connection to astral dreams and subconscious mind. At the same time, the person will be more focused on wining over enemies and daily routines.

Venus, mercury, moon transits

Venus, mercury and moon transit Planets with longer orbit have a substantial impact during transit. Mercury transit will always help to communicate with the activities related to the house.

It relays a message and negative mercury can give arguments. While Venus transit will bring love and joy in relationship if it transits through a friendly sign.

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