Transit of planets over planets in vedic astrology

Transits are continuous movement of planets from one sign to another in vedic astrology . In cosmos planets keeps on moving and they move to different signs within days, months and years. So, when a transit of planet takes place it plays an important role in triggering new actions in our lives. Here we will discuss transit of planets over planets in Vedic astrology.

Sun transit over planets in vedic astrology

Sun transits over itself (Sun)

When Sun transits over Sun, the native feels more confident about themselves and wants to do something creative and new.

Sun transits over moon

There is a great affinity for mother as moon brightens up and it will give an emotional connection with mother. They also will have clear thoughts and mind will get a proper direction. They may get many ideas.

Sun transits over mercury

The native become more communicative and detail oriented. They start focusing more siblings and friends.

Sun transits over Venus

There will be sudden urge for getting into relationship. The person will also feel creative. Whenever issues arises with spouse, they always want to solve issues with spouse .

Sun transits over Jupiter

The person can get benefits from government, teacher, Guru. They urge for solving issues with father or there may be issues with father . They want to learn something philosophically as well as religiously.

Sun transits over Saturn

They can face reality of life and can come across old wise person. They can see someone on TV preaching about God. Old things can be replaced by new things.

Sun transits over Rahu

They want to create something new or break free of something or taboo. During sleep they may get dream of ancestors. They can be more confident and can be diving deep into illusion or illuminate illusion in life.

Sun transits over ketu

They want to do something more creative in life, understand higher dimension and can dig deep in astrology, mysticism. There also want to be isolated.

Health can be affected if the ascendant lord is Saturn or Venus or if Sun transits over ketu.

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Jupiter transits over planets in vedic astrology

Jupiter transits over Sun:

When jupiter transits over sun, it brings optimism, confidence and hopes in personality. It can bring benefits from father.

Jupiter transits over Moon:

When Jupiter transits over moon, it shows shifting a new place or buying new home, new vehicles. Mother can get benefit if Jupiter transit over moon.

Jupiter transits over Mercury:

When Jupiter transit over mercury, it shows writing articles and reading books. They love to communicate or they want to increase knowledge for professional or personal gains.

The person will be in quick long distance travel, they will increase intelligence by communicating with people. Lot of activities in family and home.

Jupiter transits over Venus:

When Jupiter transit over Venus, it shows hope and optimism in relationship. They can go for dates or for male it can bring wife or marriage in life. It can bring comfortness in life.

If Jupiter rules 8th house can bring sudden romance when transit over Venus.

Jupiter transits over Mars:

When Jupiter transit over mars, it shows initiating something new or doing something good. They can be very aggressive in sports or can be too competitive.

The native can overpower others if Jupiter is well placed and transit over Mars. The native feels more competitive than before. They can engage with male siblings. A weak Jupiter transit over mars can give cuts and bruises.

Jupiter transits over Saturn:

When Jupiter transit over Saturn, it shows working to achieve goals and giving fruits of labor. The person sees their limitation when Jupiter transits over Saturn.

At the same time Jupiter gives hopes to overcome the limitation. they get help from servants.

Jupiter transits over Rahu:

When Jupiter transit over Rahu, it shows the native may miss the reality of things. The professional life can be good but personal life can suffer. the person may also comes across gurus.

Jupiter transits over Ketu:

When Jupiter transits over ketu, it shows the native will research on himself. They understand the spiritual side of life. the person can gain occult knowledge. Explosions may happen.

Saturn transit over planets in vedic astrology

Saturn transits over Sun

When Saturn transits Sun, it can bring responsibility to the self.

Saturn transits over moon

When Saturn transits moon, it shows more focus on balancing mind. It can bring stress and depression related to the activities the person is irresponsible.

Saturn transits over mercury

Saturn transits mercury can give unnecessary anxiety and fear. The nervous system can be highly impacted for the native. It can also give responsibility or issues towards siblings. The native becomes careful of the communication with other people.

Saturn transits over Venus

Transit of Saturn over Venus shows disturbed love life or romantic life. It can also show divorce or getting married to wrong person if the person gets married too early as per his or her birth chart.

Saturn transits over Mars

Transit of Saturn over mars can show issues or solving issues with siblings especially younger brother, friends, male friend. It can also make one lethergic or it can show the direction of your action.

Saturn transits over Jupiter

Saturn transit over Jupiter can give financial crisis and responsibility towards teachers and gurus. It can also give direction towards financial goals and savings, it can change philosophical and moral views of a person.

Saturn transits over Saturn

Transit of Saturn over Saturn makes one responsible and this phase comes between the age of 28 and 30. This is called Saturn return. The person becomes practical and more realistic after Saturn transit over Saturn.

Saturn transits over Rahu

Transit of Saturn over Rahu can clear all illusion and it can also show your failures and indicates to put more effort.

Saturn transits over ketu

Transit of Saturn over ketu shows major spiritual transformation. It can also shows direction to the native related to house ketu is ruling.

Mars transits over planets in Vedic astrology

When Mars transits over planets, it plays a major role as it energize or activates the planet. Here are the below details:

Mars transits over sun

Mars transiting over sun shows the native can take pride on their personality or the native can suffer from too much ego. They can suddenly gets boost in life.

Mars transits over moon

Moon represents home, comfort. They can be very stubborn. It can give cut, burnt and bruises.

However, they can be very physically active or they can have a lot of thought processes. They can also fix something at home or can involve in work at home.

Mars transits over mercury

They can have aggressive speech and communication. In professional field, they can be aggressive.

They can get into arguments with siblings or friends. They can manage their communication very well if mars is exalted but they can have authoritative tone.

Mars transits over Venus

The native can get into relationship and can also get creative ideas. As Venus also represents vehicles, mars in bad dignity can also give accidents.

Mars transits over mars

They are ready for actions and can fight for ideology, moral cause.

Mars transits over Jupiter

They can get into arguments with guru, teacher, father if mars is not in good dignity. It can give entrepreneur energy.

Mars transits over Saturn

They want to organize life- personal and professional. It can also show wars, arguments, old people. They can even injure legs or feet. Machines may create problem.

Mars transits over Rahu

Emotions, passions gets activated during that phase. Mars transiting over rahu activates Rahu.

Mars transits over ketu

They get disciplined with spiritual life. The cons is the native can take irrational actions.

Rahu transits over planets in vedic astrology

Rahu transits over sun

The personality and ego of the native is overblown. The person feels that he can achieve anything in life. The ego of father can also rise.

The native can acquire authoritative position in society or authorities can use the native to achieve their work .

When Rahu transits over exalted sun, it can give one ability to take good decisions that can make one famous among masses.

Rahu transits over moon

When Rahu transits over moon, it can give ability to be creative and imaginative. The person can also experience dark world depending on the dignity of moon. It can also impact mind of mother.

Rahu transits over mercury

When Rahu transits over mercury, it can give good intellect and enhances business abilities. It can also give interest towards foreign or software languages.

Rahu transits over Venus

When Rahu transits over Venus, it can bring relationship with foreign people. It can also bring sudden fame and recognition. The person can be passionate about relationships.

Rahu transits over Mars

When Rahu transits over Mars, it shows anger or disputes with male siblings. It can also shows ability to win over competitors if both planets are in good dignity.

Rahu transits over Jupiter

When Rahu transits over Jupiter, it can give devotion towards gurus or person can be over confident about their spiritual beliefs.

It can make one come across foreign gurus. They can be too much focused on gaining wealth and children during that time period.

Rahu transits over Saturn

When Rahu transits over Saturn, it shows the person will feel lethergic during that time period. But when saturn is exalted or in friendly sign it can make one more organized at work.

They can achieve high administrative status in society.

Rahu transits over Rahu

When Rahu transit over rahu, it can remove the illusion of the native and the native becomes more realistic.

Rahu transits over Ketu

When Rahu transits over ketu, it shows the person will be more into spirituality. The person also wants to be centre of attraction.

Ketu transits over planets in vedic astrology

Ketu transits over Sun:

The ego of the person can be hurt. Father can take some spiritual pilgrimage and will also have inclination to spirituality. It can also give spiritual authority that can reshape their ego.

Ketu transits over moon:

Moon is mother, emotion, comfort, psychic sense, mother’s nourishment. The mind can feel separated from soul. They can have erratic, unconventional dreams and visions.

It can also lead to unusual imagination or depression or mood change. Ketu transits over moon can bring divine mother in your life. However, it can increase intuition and intuitive work.

Ketu transits over mercury

The person can take random or irrational decision. Also, the person may not be able to concentrate or comprehend thing. At the same time, they can be extremely focused.

The communication with near and dear ones can be restrictive or there can be obstacles while communicating with relatives and dear ones.

But if it is a spiritual communication, than it is a good transit for mercury. they can explain outer world through words and speech.

Ketu transits over Venus

It can bring unusual relationships or situation with women or they need to be distant from women. It can also show sudden spiritual realization towards relationship or love, It can also make one suddenly break their commitment.

Ketu transits over Mars

It can give great fight with brothers, friends. It can also lead to unusual situation with man. The person can also be too aggressive and it can hurt one mentally or physically.

Actions can lead to great technical discovery or it can hurt other people. Research can lead to great technical endeavors.

Ketu transits over Jupiter

One can meet their spiritual Guru or one can come across an unusual Guru. One can be highly enthusiastic about spirituality. There can be disconnection with material world. Ketu transits can also bring new people who are connected to you in past life.

Ketu transit over Saturn

It can make one lethargic but can bring spirituality in life. It can bring discipline in spirituality. The person can understand life in practical way .

At the same time, the person may not function properly in their work. Machines can also work in unusual way. Senior and old people will be coming across and they can teach lesson in unusual way.

Ketu transit over Rahu

It can shadow the illusion and all hopes, desires can go for a toss if they are too imaginative.

Ketu transits over Ketu

It can give past life lessons and it can gives precise idea about the house.

Transit of Venus, mercury, moon

Venus, mercury and moon transit Planets with longer orbit have a substantial impact during transit. Mercury transit will always help to communicate with the activities related to the house.

It relays a message and negative mercury can give arguments. While Venus transit will bring love and joy in relationship if it transits through a friendly sign.

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