Mars in Aries in all houses

Mars in Aries in all houses

Mars represents courage, will power, ability to fight, action, aggressive nature, fighting ability, male friend, soldier, athlete, real estate. Aries is the first zodiac sign in astrology and shows aggression, individuality, action and competitive ability. Mars rules Aries and the sign, Aries comprises of three nakshatra: Ashwini, Kritika and Bharani. The sign is all about self and personality. Here is the detailed analysis of Mars in Aries in all houses in Vedic astrology

Mars in Aries

Aries is the moolatrikona sign of Mars so Mars is very comfortable in the sign. Aries and mars both represent same element which is fire. Mars works well in aries than scorpio. Mars in aries shows the native is aggressive in nature. At the same he will try to protect or defend himself as Mars is in its own house and it will try to protect his house. The native is action oriented and always active. The native always justifies their action when the native is questioned about an act which is the basic nature of Mars.

On the other hand, the native may defend their action by physical force and aggression that can land them in trouble and the position may hurt family life. This is a great position for achievement in career as the native is always active. The native can be in services like policeman, athlete, soldier etc where direct physical action is required.

In Ashwini nakshatra, the position of Ketu will impact Mars. In Bharani nakshatra the position of Venus will impact Mars. While in Krittika nakshatra, position of Sun will impact Mars.

Now I will discuss Mars in Aries for all houses. As third, sixth, tenth and eleventh are upachya house, the result improves with time.

Mars in Aries in first house/ Mars in Aries in 1st house

The native is action oriented, head strong and strong willed. Such native are ready to take orders and finish them as early as possible. They are courageous and can win over the problems of life. Sudden events may also impact their life but they can go through all the traumas and win over challenging situations.

Mars in Aries in second house /Mars in Aries in 2nd house

The position shows arguments at home for wealth and asset. At the same time, the native is protective about home and family.

Mars in Aries in third house/Mars in Aries in 3rd house

The native is brave and courageous but can face problem with sibling mainly due to aggressive communication. They are all about competition and sports. At the same time, they are highly self willed and action oriented individual.

Mars in Aries in fourth house/Mars in Aries in 4th house

There can be arguments at home with brother/mother though the native is protective about his home and mother. The position also shows lot of real estates and property.

Mars in Aries in fifth house /Mars in Aries in 5th house

They are competitive in sports and education and teach the same to kids. They are better sportsman who always wants to defeat others.

Mars in Aries in sixth house /Mars in Aries in 6th house

The native can be a sportsperson who is determined to beat the competitors. It also represents medical profession. The native can sense disputes and can kill it before it arises.

Mars in Aries in seventh house /Mars in Aries in 7th house

The spouse will be dominating and has great will power. It is also a position of defending a relation. The native can be in police or army.

Mars in Aries in eighth house/Mars in Aries in 8th house

The native can be very strong mentally and can easily go through beating the turmoil of life. The native has very strong will power and can also be physicians or soldier.

Mars in Aries in ninth house/Mars in Aries in 9th house

The native has strict religious belief and can also dominate or argue with teachers. At the same time, the native has strong will power for higher learning and can bring individuality in higher learning.

Mars in tenth house/Mars in 10th house

The native has strong will power for achieving new heights in career. Native can be in field related to defense and security. It can also show a government lawyer.

Mars in eleventh house/Mars in 11th house

The native is protective towards friends and network circle. The position also shows good income but less savings. Native can be in security and defense or can be a government or lawyer.

Mars in twelfth house/Mars in 12th house

The native has strict religious belief and also have individuality in spirituality. At the same time, they love to travel to foreign land and can also be soldier or athlete.

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