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Moon in aries makes a person aggressive and go getter in his attitude. They can be violent if it is malefic or afflicted by malefics. They are action oriented and love taking actions. They do not take much time in making decisions and sometimes they are impulsive too. They are physically active and love to be in sports. As moon represents mother, it shows that mother is also active and mother encouraged the person for various physical activities. It also shows that mother is a strict disciplinarian.

The placement of Mars also effect the result of moon. If Mars is debilitated then it shows that you may have a huge palace to stay but the owner is in debt or bankrupted and you may get notice to vacate the Palace. You can never be at peace in Palace.

The nakshatra placement also influence moon. Moon in ashwini nakshatra will be impacted by position of ketu, in bharani nakshatra moon will be impacted by position of Venus. In Kritika nakshatra moon will be influenced by position of sun.

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