Ketu in all houses of vedic astrology

Ketu is a planet of constant motion. It is a moving planet. Position of Ketu shows lingering desire regarding that house. Placement of Ketu or rahu with benefic planet decreases the benefic qualities of the planet and their placement with malefic increases the malefic qualities of planet.

Placement of Ketu in a house also shows some health related problem related to that house. For example: ketu in third house can give pain in neck, shoulder or hands. It also shows less communication with sibling.

The person can also be in travelling mode. Here is the detailed analysis of Ketu in all houses of vedic astrology.

Ketu means victory. So ketu has the power to rise one to the highest. It is also found that the qualities of planet placed before ketu decreases and one has to struggle to achieve the result of that planet.

The planet Ketu acts like mars and is an aggressive planet. Ketu in eleventh house is beneficial to the native.

Jupiter along with ketu can make ketu comfortable as it gives a shape to ketu. Ketu can also give good intuition and sixth sense. It can activate all the chakras of the body.

Then the Rahu energy diminishes and then awakening of chakra takes place. Tapsya, Brahmagyan, Shiva ganesh bhakti is Ketu. One must work hard to get the result of the house where Ketu is placed.

ketu in first House/ ketu in 1st House

Ketu in first house shows that the person keeps on seeking his identity as ketu separates the person from himself. He will be a finder about himself.

Ketu in first house also shows that the person is highly spiritual, mystical but he will have an emotional pain if moon is not well placed. Ketu in first house makes someone a good mystic and provides him excellent healing abilities.

Also shows that the person is very curious about education and higher education. He will dig deep to research in various subjects. It shows lingering desire of the person to fulfill something in life but their mind is always worried.

They always look for something else and they always have weird thoughts and mood.

ketu in second house/ ketu in 2nd house

In vedic astrology Ketu in second house isolates someone physically or emotionally from the family. He always enters in fight with family. The person will gain in abundance but he will be least bothered.

It also shows that the person will be good in finance and wealth related field. Ketu aspect in sixth house shows that the person should learn to deal with debt and enemies.

Aspect of ketu in tenth house shows that they need to do a lot of research in career field so that they can find the right direction in career. It shows there was a family curse , so once in life time such people can face huge losses and defamation.

Family especially elder people can also face physical disorder in body , the person always feels lack of love in family.

ketu in third house/ ketu in 3rd house

Ketu in third house in vedic astrology makes one less communicative. They just speak for the sake of communication. There can be lack of ego and the person can be lazy.

Ketu in third house also separates one from his younger sibling either physically or emotionally. They are always travelling for work and can also have transferring jobs.

ketu in fourth house/ ketu in 4th house

Ketu in fourth house in vedic astrology shows that one feels isolated or separated from family especially mother either physically or mentally. They feel a lack of nourishment from mother and always linger for love of mother .

They stay away from home or parents most of the time. If mother stays with them, most of the time the health of mother suffers. It also shows that the family is spiritual.

At the same time, Ketu in fourth house is in one of moksha mangal house and aspects the eighth and twelfth house which also deal with spirituality. This clearly shows that the person gain his peace of mind through spirituality. They can have lack of sleep.

ketu in fifth house/ ketu in 5th house

In vedic astrology, Ketu in fifth house separates a person from creativity, sports and entertainment. They feel isolated in education curriculum but at the same time they love to deep dig into subjects they are interested in.

They can do a lot of research in finance field and stock market. At the same time, they can be good scientist as they love research related activities. Ketu can also separate them from children either physically or emotionally.

As ketu aspect the ascendant and 9th house shows that the more they research about themselves and religion, the more they will know about it. It also shows some purva upasana left and they must worship the God or chant the matras of Nakshatra lord. They can have broken relationship in love life.

Ketu in sixth house/ ketu in 6th house

Ketu in sixth house in astrology shows that they always work on self improvement. They work on a social environment to improve themselves. They do not want any gain and also easily trust people.

At the same time, they just work but careless about the result. So, it also shows fighting for others and yourself. Ketu creates a confusion in daily life and career as it is a headless planet.

They may never get job satisfaction and may get delayed results in competitive exams. It also shows cheating and being deceived by others. They run behind enemies being unaware of how to tackle them.

They may be murderer but depends on the placement of mercury and moon.

Ketu aspect the tenth house which shows that the person needs to put effort about career. It also shows career as social worker, social service or dealing with dogs.

They can work without expecting result but at the same time, can also indulge in criminal activities as ketu aspect second house. They can suffer from mysterious diseases or intestinal diseases as sixth house represent intestine.

On the other hand, they can also have lingering desire for maternal relative. They must be good to maternal families. It shows in some birth they had a clash with hidden enemies and some loans were pending.

ketu in seventh house/ ketu in 7th house

Ketu in seventh house shows that the person feels separated or isolated from spouse. It shows in past life the person already had a good relationship with spouse but currently, they are never satisfied with spouse. They may criticize their spouse too.

At the same time, Ketu also gives extreme desire for perfect partner. On the other hand, spouse can have certain mood swing and spouse can also be quarrelsome. One may get into too many relationship and lastly may feel separated.

Seventh house is one of the kama house so the person had desire of sex but still they remain separated or isolated physically or mentally from spouse. The way to take care of this situation is to live with other person without marriage or just be loyal and caring to spouse whoever he/she is. They should not involve in partnership business.

Ketu aspect 11th house shows that one feel isolated/ separated from gains, income, hopes and wishes.

Ketu aspect 3rd house shows separation from siblings and your immediate environment. It blocks the communication skills and creates anxiety and fear in efforts.

ketu in eighth house/ ketu in 8th house

Ketu in eighth house shows that in past life one got a lot of benefits from other resources. The karmic cycle shows that presently one just need to be a self made man. No one will help them to create wealth.

Ketu in eighth house shows difficulty in creating joint asset with spouse. On the other hand, such people can easily acquire occult knowledge. Ketu has the ability to foresee future.

Such individuals have great healing ability and can research on topics they are interested in for long hours. They can also make honest politician and can go through sudden changes in early life and later they realize that sudden events are just part of life.

The eighth house is the house of moksha and liberation so ketu in eighth house can lead a person to moksha and liberation. Ketu can give sudden result of any disease and related organs may suffer suddenly.

It can also give problem to urinary tract, kidneys and lower umbilical part. The person can have some pending desire connected to in laws, family or forefather, so the native suffers from ancestral or forefather gains.

As ketu aspects twelfth house, it shows isolation from charity and losses, but deep research on occult science.

Ketu aspects fourth house that shows that the person may question the nourishment of mother though mother will put all her efforts.

ketu in ninth house/ ketu in 9th house

Position of ketu in ninth house shows that they start following religion at early age but then they start questioning about spirituality and religion. They have conflict with gurus or teaching of father.

They may also adopt different religion and can go for higher philosophical studies. Ketu in ninth house takes people to long distance travel where he feels isolated or separated. It can also take one to pilgrimage. They can have good healing ability. On the other hand, they have a distant relationship with father.

Ketu aspect first house shows seeking truth and connection with religion.

Ketu aspect fifth house shows that they will do good research in academic learning. At the same time, they have tremendous creative ability.

ketu in tenth house/ ketu in 10th house

Ketu in tenth house shows that lots of up and down in career. It shows isolation/ separation from authority. So, it is always better to dig deep in research work for self purpose rather than working under authority.

They can be spiritual leader but their reputation can be tarnished as a spiritual leader. They can be good writers and researchers too. Scientific research work is one of the best career for ketu in tenth house.

They can get weird employer and can change profession many times. It shows that they have done their karmas by cheating others. As ketu is a headless planet shows that they may have trouble with government. They can create a lot of enemies.

Ketu aspect second house shows that isolation or separation from family. They love non veg food and alcohol. On the other hand, such people are very honest.

ketu aspect sixth house shows that they can have enemies, litigation or they may suffer from mysterious diseases. They can also have career related issues.

ketu in eleventh house/ ketu in 11th house

Ketu in eleventh house shows that the person has huge amount of money but the person feel separated or isolated from money. They do not care about money. Ketu in eleventh house shows that the person also has selective friends or network circle and they feel isolated from network circle.

Ketu in eleventh house shows limited connection with elder sibling or feeling of detachments from elder siblings and younger sibling. It also shows that the person has tremendous courage as it aspects the third house of courage.

They love to take risk in business, media related matter. As ketu aspect the seventh house of marriage and relationship they often run into wrong relationships. They are unsatisfied with their partner.

ketu in twelfth house/ ketu in 12th house

If ketu is in twelfth house, the person tries to do meditation, occult but they can lack basic intuition. It shows in past life, they have broken relationship with elder uncle or brother or may have broken any meditation cycle.

Ketu in twelfth house can make a person question about religion and spirituality in early stages of life. Ketu in twelfth house can also give physical or mental troubles.

The first half of life is mainly in materialistic gain or struggle to get material things. They realize their spirituality at later stages of life generally after 43 and from then on there is no looking back.

They can be spiritual guru and mystics As ketu aspect the fourth and eighth house and as these are moksha houses too it shows that the person can get salvation or liberation in this life.

As ketu is a malefic planet and if it is in conjunction with any malefic planet or if the Lord of the twelfth house is in sixth or eighth house it can land people in jail.

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