Jupiter transits in vedic astrology

Jupiter represents finance, family, guru, teacher, wisdom. Jupiter has both positive and negative impact. Transit of Jupiter in vedic astrology gives results related to the house Jupiter rules. It can also give bad result if it is debilitated in Capricorn or in dustana house or impacted by malefic but Jupiter does very good in fire sign. Transit of Jupiter in vedic astrology brings significant result. Jupiter is hot and so it does well in fire sign. Contrary to that, transit of Jupiter in fire sign gives hope to the individual. Transit of Jupiter in vedic astrology gives significant result especially when person runs through Jupiter mahadasha.

Jupiter transit over houses in vedic astrology

Jupiter transit on first house

When Jupiter transit in first house brings hope in life path and entire life of the individual. The person can get over indulgence in food and it can also bring good teacher in life.

Jupiter transit on second house

Jupiter transit in second house brings hopes and values in family. Even a functional malefic Jupiter can give neutral result but it will avoid itself from giving bad result.

Jupiter brings hopes to family, family lineage, family assets and values or priests can come to home.

Jupiter transit on third house

They can get great motivation through communication or travelling. It can improve relationship with cousins and it can bring great communication. Marriage can also be great with communication.

Jupiter transit on fourth house

Jupiter in 4th house transits over moon shows changing of houses or renovating houses. It can also bring the native closer to mother.

The person can also get benefit from mother or mother can give good advice that the native can benefit from. Mother can be like a counselor during that year.

The native can get interest in occult or it can make one travel to foreign place or spiritual ceremony and gathering.

Jupiter transit on fifth house

Jupiter transit in fifth house shows concentration in studies, creative expression or the children. Great hope from children or children does well in sports and education.

The native can also do well in competitive exam. If malefic it can give less results. They always want to learn higher philosophy, speculative gains. Jupiter in ascendant shows hopes and wishes in life path.

People may help by giving advice to the native.

Jupiter transit on sixth house

Jupiter transit in sixth house can give debts, peace among enemies or the native can defeat enemies. The native can also get pet.

Aspect of Jupiter can improve situation at work or bring improvement in career. It can also show spiritual belief that may bring good reputation in work field. The native can improve situation through service or getting a loan.

Jupiter transit on seventh house

When Jupiter transit over 7th house brings hopes , optimism in relationship and business, desires and hopes, it can protect from too much desire.

Jupiter transit on eighth house

Jupiter transit in 8th house shows interest in occult, mysticism. It aspects on 12th, 2nd and 4th house. It can also bring surgeries as Jupiter will try to protect you.

At the same time, one can go to hospital and help from family and mother is achieved. They can also seek emotional guidance from mother.

Jupiter transit on ninth house

Jupiter transit in 9th house shows interest in religion, philosophy, occult, the person can come across gurus. They can also expand horizon in religious views, cultures and ethnicity.

The native will connect with siblings and share his/her knowledge. Children will flourish, native will be going to pilgrimage, spiritual and historical places.

Jupiter transit on tenth house

When Jupiter transit in tenth house shows promotion, respect, admiration, higher level or can save the job of the native. Jupiter aspect on 2nd,4th and 6th house.

The native will concentrate on how to gain money or save money protect house or can attain debt so that it can expand the life.

Jupiter transit on eleventh house

Jupiter transit in 11th house shows fulfillment of hopes, wishes, desires. It can bring award, recognition in life.

It can also bring benefit from elder sibling or protect you from harm of elder siblings. They will have strong desire for romance, children, marriage, relationship, expressing creatively.

Jupiter transit on twelfth house

Jupiter transit in 12th house shows meeting gurus in foreign land and positive dreams.

Expansion and interest in foreign settlement, meeting foreign people. Aspect of Jupiter shows improvement of health, overcoming fear through spirituality.

Jupiter transit over planets in vedic astrology

jupiter transit over sun brings optimism, confidence and hopes in personality. It can bring benefits from father.

Jupiter transit over moon shows shifting a new place or buying new home, new vehicles. Mother can get benefit if Jupiter transit over moon.

Jupiter transit over mercury shows writing articles and reading books. They love to communicate or they want to increase knowledge for professional or personal gains.

The person will be in quick long distance travel, they will increase intelligence by communicating with people. Lot of activities in family and home.

Jupiter transit over venus shows hope and optimism in relationship. They can go for dates or for male it can bring wife or marriage in life. It can bring comfortness in life. If Jupiter rules 8th house can bring sudden romance when transit over Venus

Jupiter transit over mars shows initiating something new or doing something good. They can be very aggressive in sports or can be too competitive. The native can overpower others if Jupiter is well placed and transit over Mars. The native feels more competitive than before. They can engage with male siblings. A weak Jupiter transit over mars can give cuts and bruises.

Jupiter transit over saturn shows working to achieve goals and giving fruits of labor. The person sees their limitation when Jupiter transits over Saturn. At the same time Jupiter gives hopes to overcome the limitation. they get help from servants.

Jupiter transit over Rahu shows the native may miss the reality of things. The professional life can be good but personal life can suffer. the person may also comes across gurus.

Jupiter transit over ketu shows the native will research on himself. They understand the spiritual side of life. the person can gain occult knowledge. Explosions may happen.

Mars transit in vedic astrology

Jupiter transit as functional benefic or functional malefic

If Jupiter controls 6th house , Jupiter transit can increase debt or pay off debt. Debt can be either good or bad . If Jupiter transits 12th houses, can give a lot of expenses for renovation of house. Jupiter even being functional malefic always try to protect the individual. When Jupiter rules 2nd and 11th house of gains and transits through 4th house shows gains from property or mother. Also, Jupiter ruling 9th and 12th house transits through 5th house shows children may go to foreign land to learn something. Jupiter and Saturn double transit definitely shows something will happen. When Jupiter rules ascendant and transits through 10th house shows recognition in work due to detail oriented process. When Jupiter ruling 8th house and transits through 4th house shows sudden attention to heart and lungs.

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