Venus in cancer in different houses in vedic astrology

Venus in cancer in different houses in vedic astrology

Venus is all about love and it also represents the highest manifestation of love also known as divine love. Venus is beauty, desire, love, liquid money. It is the indicator of marriage, wife and girlfriend for a man. Here is the detailed analysis of Venus in Cancer in different houses in vedic astrology

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Venus in Cancer

The person may not get the desired love of life and may feel frustrated in relationship. They can take care of people through medicines and healing. Spouse may work at home and take care of home responsibilities. The native can have a beautiful home and can go for interior decoration. But they may have certain dissatisfied in relationship. The position also shows that spouse can be motherly in nature.

In punarvasu nakshatra, Venus would be impacted by position of Jupiter. In pushyami nakshatra Venus would be impacted by position of Saturn. Mercury would impact Venus in Ashlesha nakshatra.

Now lets study Venus in Cancer in all houses

As 3rd,6th, 10th and 11th are upachya house, it improves with time

Venus in Cancer in first house/ Venus in Cancer in 1st house

They can be in medical/nursing field. They are very emotional about relationships. Wife can be homely and the native can gain from wife. The person is interested in interior decoration and designing.

Venus in Cancer in second house/ Venus in Cancer in 2nd house

They are emotional in speech and can earn wealth through creativity. They will also have love towards caring and nourishing people. The person can be involved in service and donations.

Venus in Cancer in third house/ Venus in Cancer in 3rd house

They can be very good singer. They have a pleasant way of communication. Wealth can also come through speech and communication. Love life may suffer in early parts of life but gets settled after 30. They can also have a career in nursing but at the same time they may need to deal with obstacles.

Venus in Cancer in fourth house/ Venus in Cancer in 4th house

Venus gets directional strength in 4th house and people are extremely creative in home. They love to decorate their home and can also be very good interior decorator and designers. They are beautiful, a man with this position should feel extremely lucky.

Venus in Cancer in fifth house/ Venus in Cancer in 5th house

Their love life is useless if there is no emotional connection. They love to follow a creative career and love writing romantic stories. They tend to have love marriage.

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Venus in Cancer in sixth house/Venus in Cancer in 6th house

Their relationship or marriage may end in disputes. They should be careful while dealing with woman as it can end in disputes. On the other hand, the wife of the native is in healing field.

Venus in Cancer in seventh house/ Venus in Cancer in 7th house

They can be in creative field like arts, theaters and cinema. They can also play emotional roles and can be emotional in relationships too. Their wealth can come from masses.

Venus in Cancer in eighth house/ Venus in Cancer in 8th house

They serve people in emergency and chaotic situation of life. They can be in business related to restauruant or in healing field.

Venus in Cancer in ninth house/ Venus in Cancer in 9th house

They are passionate about education, teaching, preaching and travelling. As Venus is in enemy sign, they may not get desired result of higher education. They can marry partner of different culture and background and can also meet their partner through online. They can always feel a disconnect in relationship though relationship will survive.

Venus in Cancer in tenth house/ Venus in Cancer in 10th house

They can be into emergency and taking care of others. They are mainly into services. At the same time, they can also be in counselling people who are facing issues in relationship.

Venus in Cancer in eleventh house/ Venus in Cancer in 11th house

They can use their higher education while taking care of people. They can be in medical field or in large organization or service related field.

Venus in Cancer in twelfth house/ Venus in cancer in 12th house

They can have a career in software or medicine in foreign land. They can also be movie director, writer or editor.

Any aspects or conjunction can alter the result.

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