Gaj Kesari yoga and Guru chandal yoga

Gaj Kesari yoga and Guru chandal yoga are few important yogas in astrology. This yogas are often talked about. So, let’s have a look into it.

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Gaj Kesari yoga

Gaaj kesari yoga is a yoga when Jupiter is in conjunction with moon or Jupiter and moon are four houses away from each other. For example moon is in fourth house and jupiter in seventh house or vice versa.

The conjunction bestows wealth, luxury, vehicles etc. But the impact will depend on various factors like if the planets are in friendly or own houses, degrees of planets or mahadasha antardasha of planets.

The conjunction works best when Jupiter and moon are in trikon (1, 5, 7) or kendra houses (1,4,7,10) unless Jupiter or moon are functional malefic as per the ascendant. The impact of the conjunction also reduces when moon is in 3rd and Jupiter in 6th house or vice versa.

Additionally, the conjunction gives excellent result in Aquarius sign.

The result of the conjunction is achieved during moon or Jupiter mahadasha.

Guru chandal yoga

Guru chandal yoga is formed when Jupiter and Rahu are in conjunction with each other. Though Jupiter can control Rahu in this conjunction but the impact of Jupiter as an individual benefic planet decreases. It gives some stress in workfield if the conjunction is in 10th house. So, wherever this conjunction is placed it will give some stress related to that house. However, if someone is going through Rahu mahadasha, the conjunction can be a blessing in certain ways. So, it can be one of the positive side of the conjunction.

On the other hand, as Jupiter represents faith and religion, rules and belief and Rahu represents outcast or rebellious nature, such people can compare their religion with other religion. They can also go against the established principles of society. At the same time, as Rahu is obsession, the person will also be obsessed with their religion. They can challenge the teachings of Guru and can even set their own tradition.

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