Kaal Sarp yoga and shrapit yoga

Kaal Sarp yoga

There are nine planets in astrology. When all the 7 planets (sun, moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, venus, mercury) are placed between Rahu and ketu, the yoga ia known as Kaal Sarp Yoga. The yoga is named as Kaal Sarp yoga as Rahu is considered the head of the snake and ketu, the tail of the snake. So, it is believed that all the planets are consumed by Rahu and the planets are unable to function to its fullest but only when there is a Rahu or Ketu mahadasha.

There is a remedy of kaal sarp dosa which one must perform if going through Rahu or ketu mahadasha. But, kaal sarp yoga always gives certain struggle especially in the personal life of the individual.

If there is conjunction of other planets with Rahu or ketu, when there is a kalsarpa dosha, it is better to do the remedy even when the dasha of conjunct planets are activated.

Shrapit yoga

When Rahu conjuncts Saturn in 10th house , it is known as Shrapit yoga. The yoga is considered cursed as there can be issues in career of the native and there can also be certain defamation. As 10th house is an upachya house, the result should improve with time as Saturn never denies. So, fame and career can be achieved but after 35 when Rahu is also with Saturn. At the same time, we can never deny the malefic impact of Saturn and Rahu. So struggle in reaching the path of success will be there.

Saturn Rahu conjunction in any house can give trouble related to that house. Saturn can delays the things related to that house and along with Rahu it can be more troublesome. But definitely, it is not a cursed yoga. The placement of malefic always causes few issues and if there are strong malefic like Rahu and Saturn together, it can give more issues. But nothing is cursed, its just one house of the horoscope got impacted with malefic but it never guarantees that one will lead miserable life. The dasha of the native will always matter too. After entire analysis only, conclusion can be drawn.

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