Paap kartari yoga and Shubh Kartari yoga

Paap Kartari yoga

Paap kartari yoga means when one house or planets in a house is hemmed within two malefic planet. The word paap Kartari means Paap= malefic and kartari means scissor. So the malefic planets acts as a scissor and lessen the benefic result of a house or planet sitting in that house. The malefic planets includes- Sun, saturn, Rahu, ketu and mars are malefic planets and these planets acts as scissor and reduces the benefic result of the hemmed house or planet sitting in the house.

However, the result of paap kartari yoga decreases when benefic like Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and waxing moon conjuncts the malefics.

In the below example, first, third and eleventh house is hemmed. Hemming of eleventh house shows issues in income, relationship with elder sibling and professional network circle can suffer. So, the person needs to work hard for income and need to be aware about relationships. Likewise whatever third and first house indicates, that will also get impacted. However, if benefic planet like Jupiter aspect or sits on the hemmed house, the malefic impact can be reduced.

Subh Kartari yoga

The subh Kartari yoga is opposite of paap kartari yoga. When a house is surrounded by benefic planet on either side of a house, it creates a subh kartari yoga. The benefic planets include Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and waxing moon. The subh kartari yoga increases the benefic impact of the house which is surrounded by benefic planets.

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