Parivartan Yoga

Parivartan yoga is when two planets exchange and sit in each other’s sign. So, when the two planets exchange each other’s house, they becomes friendly to each other and starts giving good result. For example: If Jupiter is in Aries ruled by Mars and Mars is in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter then they become good friends. However, it is not the same always.


Parivartan yoga is good when two natural friendly planets exchange each other’s house. For example: Moon-Jupiter, Venus-Mercury, Jupiter-Mars. These type of parivartan yoga makes both the planets strong and capable of giving best result.

The yoga is also helpful when both planets are natural benefic irrespective of their relationship with each other. For example, Jupiter-Venus, Venus-Moon and Jupiter-Mercury parivartan yoga. As they are natural benefic, they will avoid to give bad result. If we consider Jupiter Venus parivartan yoga, it indicates that the native will achieve higher education and knowledge. However, the native will be in tug-of-war in experiencing the momentary pleasure (Venus indicates) or the higher goals of life (Jupiter indicates)

The intensity of Parivartan yoga decreases when the yoga takes place between enemy planets and if one is malefic. For example: Mars-Mercury, Mars- moon Parivartan yoga. In Mars moon parivartan yoga, if moon is in Scorpio and Mars is in Cancer, both the planets are debilitated, hence we can expect negligible result though there is a Parivartan yoga. So we have to consider the basic rules before we conclude Parivartan yoga.

The intensity of Parivartan yoga can be challenging when the yoga takes place between enemy planets and if both are malefic. For example: Mars-Saturn or Sun-Saturn Parivartan yoga. As Sun Saturn both represent government, the Sun Saturn Parivartan yoga can make one disciplined and interest in law field. However, there will always be issues in son-father relationship and lack of benefits from authority. So, even though the Parivartan yoga took place, the native will face difficulties.

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